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“I haven’t been to an amusement park in a long time.

I feel like I’m a kid again.”

“You’re right.

Masa-kun, you were so excited like a child.”

“Right back to you, Chinatsu-chan.”

On the way home from the amusement park, Chinatsu had Masataka walk her home.

Once she refused, but when he enthusiastically told her that taking her home was part of the fun of a date, she had no choice but to nod.

Despite her reserved attitude, Chinatsu felt safe in Masataka’s presence.

She also honestly wished she could have stayed with him a little longer.

(Masa-kun, you’re such a ….)

Chinatsu was pleased that Masataka cared for her as best as he could.

Entering a residential area.

Chinatsu’s house was close by.

“S-Speaking of which”

She began, pretending to be casual.

“The ferris wheel um, was kind of romantic, no”

The embarrassment still prevailed and she couldn’t clearly say “kiss” and said it in a roundabout way.

However, it would be understood by Masataka.

Chinatsu wished while sending her thoughts.

“I agree.

It was sparkling at sunset,…… like a shoujo manga, and Chinatsu-chan was even cuter than usual,…”

Chinatsu was aware of the heat gathering on her face.

Masataka would say “cute” to her at every opportunity.

Chinatsu was happy about that.

“T-thank you ….

Masa-kun was cool too.


“I’m so happy to be told I’m cool by you, Chinatsu-chan.

If you think I’m cooler than anyone else, it makes me feel great.”

Seeing a smile from the bottom of his heart, Chinatsu averted her gaze out of embarrassment.

Even if she praised him from her side, he made her feel embarrassed.

The innocent smile of Masataka made her heart flutter.

Turning a corner, they arrived at Chinatsu’s house.

Masataka stopped, and Chinatsu also stopped.

The area was dimly lit and there was no sign of anyone.



“Before I leave, I want to kiss you ….”

Chinatsu nodded slowly and clearly.

The reason why she went out of her way to mention the Ferris wheel was because Chinatsu also wanted to kiss Masataka before leaving.

The reason for this was that she had calculated that he would be the one to initiate the kiss.

She wished she could have said it honestly herself, and apologized to Masataka in her heart.


Her apologies to Masataka dissipated with his own lips.

“Ah, Nn~ …”

It wasn’t just their lips touching each other.

The two of them kissed a little more intimately.



When they separated their faces, they were both blushing.

Chinatsu’s heart was also thumping.

She was embarrassed.

She also wondered what would happen if the neighbors saw them after they kissed.

However, the heat and the excitement in her chest was really from a feeling of happiness.

Her face turned bright red from the excitement of being happy.

Chinatsu knew that.

So she took a slow breath, calmed her racing mind, and then said,

“–I love you, Masa-kun.”

(T/N: I melted)

Masataka’s eyes widened.

It was not from surprise.

He was so happy that even his eyes showed emotion.

Chinatsu thought from the bottom of her heart that she was glad she had summoned up the courage to do so.

“My house is just there, here is fine.

Thank you for accompanying me, Masa-kun.

See you later, good night.”

Saying quickly, Chinatsu rushed around the corner.

She couldn’t stop her expression from relaxing.

She was alternately happy and embarrassed, and her heart was in a state of confusion.

What would her parents say if they saw her loose face when she entered the house like this Chinatsu placed her hand on the gate of her house and took a deep breath, telling herself to calm down.

“Chinatsu …”

“Kya! K-Kentaro”

Chinatsu, who had not been paying attention to her surroundings, was surprised to hear a voice.

She looked and saw Kentaro.

She had not made up with Kentaro.

He had a girlfriend, and above all, he had not cleared up the misunderstanding about the bullying.

Although he was the person she once had feelings for, she honestly did not want to talk to him yet.

“W-What’s wrong with you At this hour…”

But She could not ignore him when he spoke to her.

Besides, there was something strange about him.

Chinatsu immediately noticed the unusual behavior of her childhood friend.

He approached like a ghost.

Chinatsu felt no small amount of fear from such a Kentaro.

“Hey, Chinatsu.

Apologize to me.”


“Just say you’re sorry to me.

I’ll forgive you if you do that.”

Kentaro weakly smiled at her, and Chinatsu had no idea what was going on.

The only reason to ask for an apology, she thought, was because of Kentaro’s bullying.

“Y-You know, Kentaro.

I told you before, but it really wasn’t me.

It’s just a misunderstanding.”

“Just apologize!!”

Kentaro’s attitude suddenly changed, as if he found Chinatsu’s explanation annoying.

Chinatsu had no choice but to cower at the sudden outburst of anger.

Kentaro laughed as if he had come to his senses with his own voice.

Chinatsu sensed that he was forcing himself to laugh because they were childhood friends.

“As long as you apologize, I’m willing to go out with you.”

“Wha Huh”

Chinatsu could not help but be confused by the meaningless words.

“I just remembered something.

I remember you used to say you were going to be my wife, right I thought I could make your dream come true.”

Chinatsu could not believe her childhood friend who said selfish things.

“What’s really wrong with you, Kentaro It’s strange.”

Kentaro did not react, as if Chinatsu’s voice had not reached his ears.

Instead, she was subjected to a disgusting male gaze that seemed to lick her body.

(T/N: Naofumi, you know how to deal with these sick fcks)

“Hey, stop it!”

With a feeling of utter disgust, Chinatsu hugged herself.

“…did something happen with Matsuyuki-san’

Even with such eyes on her, Chinatsu couldn’t help but worry about her childhood friend.

It was not love, but her genuine kindness.

Kentaro’s eyes widened with concern when she asked him.

“I don’t give a damn about that woman!!”

Seeing how distraught he was, She was convinced that something must have happened between Kentaro and Ayano.

Even so, he wouldn’t behave like this in the slightest.

Chinatsu guessed that there must have been something wrong with him.

“I don’t want a woman who would betray me so cruelly,….

But if it’s Chinatsu,…., even the reason you instructed them to bully me was because you wanted me to care about you, wasn’t it I understand.

I forgive you, Chinatsu.”


She was speechless at how much he had changed.

Even when Kentaro abused her, she didn’t think it was this bad.

Kentaro was gullible because of his honesty.

Chinatsu knew from experience that mistakes could be made.

But the Kentaro in front of her now was not part of Chinatsu’s experience with him.

“Everyone in the class is saying that Chinatsu has become cute.

But I knew it from the beginning.

I’ve been with you for a long time and we’ve been friends since childhood.



So, Chinatsu, be my girlfriend.”

Was the childhood friend in front of her really Kentaro Osako

His words were so selfish and arrogant that Chinatsu thought so.

She couldn’t believe that Kentaro would turn his bloodshot eyes on her, as she has always known him to be a timid boy.

“So, hurry up and apologize! As long as you apologize, everything will be fine!”


Kentaro, carelessly, reached out his hand to her.

Perhaps because of her fear, Chinatsu’s reaction was delayed.

Before she could run away, Kentaro attacked her.

“You, What are you doing”

Just as Kentaro was about to touch Chinatsu, he was stopped by a hand reaching out from the side.

The two turned their attention to the person who had suddenly appeared.

“I told you, Osako ….

that if you ever laid a hand on anyone I cared about –I would crush you.”

A grim-faced Masataka was holding Kentaro’s arm.


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