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Chapter 2: I'm Her Good Advisor

“Areh, Chinatsu-chan You stayed until this late”

At the entrance, I bumped into Chinatsu-chan… and tried to pretend.

Chinatsu-chan showed me a look of defenseless surprise, perhaps thinking that no one was there.

It was the time for club activities, and halfway through the day, if you were in the going home club, you would have gone home by now.

There were only two people at this entrance, me and her.


The hanging eyes, which were usually a little sharp, were perfectly round.

Just seeing Chinatsu-chan’s rare expression was enough to make my heart flutter.

Her lightly colored red hair hung down to her shoulders.

She had a clear double-layered face, a straight nose, and plump moist lips.

She had big b*****s that could be seen through her school uniform, and yet she was well proportioned.

She was a beautiful girl for sure.

How dare Osako abuse her like that In a way, I was impressed.

“What’s up Were you running some errands”

She didn’t seem to be suspicious of my nonchalant attitude.

That’s right.

I don’t think she could afford to do that right now.

“Ah, no, it’s …… nothing ……”

As expected, no meaningful words came out.

Why not just tell a random lie She was so clumsy and straight-forward that such a thing never occurred to her.

“Or did something happen with Osako again”

I pretended not to know, but got to the heart of the matter at once.

“W-Why ……”

Unaware that I had witnessed the shuraba scene, Chinatsu-chan was surprised to hear this.

It was hard to keep my loose lips from tightening as I watched her flail about in surprise.

“I’m aware of that.

We’ve been friends since middle school, right Moreover, ….”

I pointed to her eyes.

“Your eyes are swollen.”


Chinatsu-san hurriedly turned around.

It was too late to hide it now, though.

“Hey, I’ll listen if you want to talk”

She was conscious of my kind words and expressions.

Chinatsu-chan, who was stealing glances at me, seemed to have let her guard down.



She then gave me a nod of approval.


Here I would have to explain the relationship between Masataka Sano,me, and Chinatsu Sugito.

Chinatsu-chan and I came into contact when we became classmates in middle school.

She was a beautiful girl with her charming points being, her strong will, almond-shaped eyes.

I was in puberty when I started to become interested in the opposite s*x, and I had become curious about the girl named Chinatsu Sugito.

“What are you looking at Can you not stare at me”

But she was as guarded as ever.

She would use harsh words to silence any boy who looked at her.

But that didn’t mean she would relax her attitude when dealing with girls.

Because of her aggressive impression, there were not many people who got along with Chinatsu-chan.

To be honest, she was sometimes disliked.

“Hey, Kentaro! Pull yourself together!”

“Wait, Chinatsu.

I understand, don’t pull me away.”

But there was an exception.

That was Kentaro Osako.

Kentaro Osako was the only man Chinatsu-chan had allowed herself to befriend since she was born.

I couldn’t believe she liked him so much just because he was her childhood friend even though he was so gloomy…..To be honest, when I first learned of their relationship, I was jealous.

But at the same time I thought there might still be a chance.

Chinatsu Sugito and Kentaro Osako were childhood friends but not lovers.

“Leave me alone.

I can do it by myself without your help.”


Then don’t come crying to me when you can’t do it, I don’t care anymore!” She told Osako,

She was taking care of Osako in a very devoted manner.

I approached her as she seemed to be spinning out of control.

“Hey, hey, Sugito-san, are you in some kind of trouble”

“…… Nothing.

I’m not having any trouble at all.”

At first, I was treated coldly.

Still, I was undeterred and continued to talk to her.

I tried not to be persistent, but if she was annoyed by Osako, I would always talk to her.

I didn’t just talk to her, I also tried to be the guy she was comfortable talking to.

She was not just a beautiful girl.

She was a super beautiful girl who excelled in academics and sports.

I also tried to catch up with her.

I wasn’t very good at either sports or academics, but I did my best.

Then I tried to be fashionable.

I couldn’t say that I was as good as her, but I studied to make myself look as good as possible.

That’s how I fell in love with Chinatsu-chan and gradually became a better man.

“Sugito-san Did something happen with Osako again”

“Listen to me, Sano-kun! Kentaro, he’s making excuses all the time”

The result of my efforts came in the spring of my third year of middle school.

After that, whenever Chinatsu-chan wanted to complain, she would tell me.

She had been very guarded, but in front of me, she began to let her guard down.

Of course, all she talked about was Osako.

The jealousy would not subside.

But it was also thanks to that Osako that I became friends with her.

Because of him, Chinatsu-chan didn’t see me as the opposite s*x.

That’s why I could be her only male friend.

“I’m sure your feelings will reach Osako.

Good luck in high school.”


Thank you, Sano-kun.

But you are going to the same high school as me, right Don’t make it sound like this is goodbye.”


Feel free to complain to me when you’re in high school.

I’ll be waiting for you twenty-four hours a day, ready to listen anytime.”

“Mou~, That means you think I fight with Kentaro all the time.”

“You don’t”

“No, I don’t! …… maybe.”

By the time I graduated from middle school, Chinatsu-chan no longer even tried to hide her fondness for Osako in front of me.

I guess she thought of me as friendly enough to not be offended when I called her by her name.

It was precisely because of this trust I gained over the years that she was willing to consult with me this time as well.

She only thought of me as her only male friend and a good advisor.

If so, I was happy.

— It was because of this trust that I was able to be alone with Chinatsu-chan in a closed karaoke room with the intention of consulting.


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