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In the cave.

Fang Xian washed his blood-stained hands, looked at Yin Qiuxian who was unconscious next to him, his expression couldn’t help but be complicated, he said in a low voice, “This son was born with extraordinary talent, with a mind of the Tao, bone structure suited for swordsmanship, and has wisdom.

Once he entered the Shushan Sect, I dare say one sword from him will surely open the Heavenly gate”

He smiled bitterly: “Who would have thought that randomly catching a person who has a hatred for me, made me able to catch a big fish… This person turned out to be a candidate of the ‘Three Immortals and Two Heroes’ appointed by the Shushan Sword Sect! A little monster like me isn’t enough to catch his single sword…”

The prestige of the Shushan Sword Sect, even for wandering Taoist masters and apprentices are scattered, the Shushan Sword Sect’s name will resound in their ears like thunder.

Known as the authentic profound school, their mastery of the Flying Sword is number one!

They are definitely the leader of the righteous path, and there are countless unparalleled sects in the world!

The great power in the Shushan Gate, once calculated the future, left a letter, and wrote ‘Three Immortals and Two Heroes, The Great Luck of Shushan’, after the calculation of the next five hundred years, there will be five talents who will be born,  who will come under the tutelage of the Shushan Gate, coming from good families, and they have a chance to unlock righteousness and prosperity.

This Yin Qiuxian is one of the three immortals, and he’s even the head of the three immortals!

Fang Xian’s forehead couldn’t help being full of cold sweat when he thought that he was going to be the enemy of such a sect.

”People with such big destinies are used to turning bad luck into good luck, and turning disasters into auspiciousness…but he also met me, an unreasonable ‘out of the sky’, outside of calculations, that’s why I can cheat him…but his luck is also resisting me, so there may be a great power who can calculate this now…”

Fang Xian couldn’t help but rejoice.

He didn’t kill this person with a sword right at the beginning, there must also be a spiritual sense trying to guide and warn me in the dark.

Once killed, under the influence of the Qi movement, those Shushan Sword Immortals will immediately notice them!

”Kill but can’t kill, let go but can’t let go… It seems…”

His eyes narrowed slightly.

The only one who can fight against the rules of this world is the great supernatural power that he has learned from “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns”!

For example, the “Turtle Lined Blood Trigram”, Yin Qiuxian’s destiny was originally a hidden secret, and it will only be a few years before the great fortune will be revealed, so he is still an ordinary person at this time.

After some time he goes to study under the immortal sect, he will be nothing but a normal human.

Even an expert wouldn’t be able to discern what happened after this calculation!

Although the method of divination in this world is sharp, it is also entangled by fate and karma.

”For my plan today, I’ll be robbing his destiny!”

Fang Xian has made a decision to perform “The Secret Ritual of Shifting Destinies and Swapping Fates” on Yin Qiuxian!

In a moment of thought, boom!

Outside, there was a sudden sound of thunder.

Shushan Sword Sect, Jiange Peak.

Between heaven and earth, it seems that only this sword is standing, with an unparalleled sharpness.

Around the mountain peaks, one after another sword light can be seen faintly, each of which can destroy demons and demons.

A sword light flew from the sky and landed on the top of the peak, revealing a sword fairy in white.

He entered the main hall on his own, and asked, “I have a sudden feeling, the three immortals and two heroes, I’m afraid there will be a change!”

”Three immortals and two heroes, the Great Luck of Shushan.

This is the heaven’s secret left by the ancestors of Chimei when he became immortal, and it will never change!”

The real master of the Shushan faction has long eyebrows and fluttering, and has outstanding behavior as an immortal.

With one glance, everyone will know he is a master of Taoism: “I made a divination just now, and the evolution of heaven’s secrets seems to be related to one of the three immortals.

These five people have great luck, There is a great opportunity in their body, and they can make problems become auspicious, presumably one of them might have met some small obstacle, but it will not become a hindrance” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

”That being said…”

The Sword Immortal in white frowned, and suddenly there was a thunderstorm outside, which blocked his profound art, and his five qi were slightly scattered, giving rise to a feeling of trepidation.

”This is… I’ll make another divination!”

Sect Master Changmei was just about to start, when suddenly he came out of the hall on a whim: “Junior brother, look!”

Sword Immortal in White looked towards the sky and saw that the scattered cloud that were still layer upon layer a second ago suddenly dissipated.

”Haha… there is no danger, no disaster! This is a good omen! “

Sect Master Changmei laughed loudly: “Junior Brother, now you don’t have anything to worry about right Three Immortals and Two Heroes, with the protection of my Shushan, they can turn disasters into opportunity, they are abundant in luck.”

”Having said that, let’s not talk about the sidelines and the otherworldly demons.

Even in the orthodox Xuanmen, there are many people who don’t want to see my Shushan Sword Sect stand out.

It’s unavoidable, maybe… It’s time to start catching up.

.” The white-robed sword saint thought for a while.

”This… seems to be a few years earlier But what the younger brother said is also very reasonable.

Let’s start… Let’s start looking for those five people!”

The headmaster nodded lightly.

Inside the cave is a blood pool.

Around the blood pool, there are also a large number of formation rituals, decorated with bones, blood, and internal organs.

At first glance, people feel frightened and dizzy.

Fang Xian walked out of the blood pool naked, washed and put on a robe.

The original Yin Qiuxian had disappeared.

He walked out of the cave, and his pupils shrank suddenly.

He saw that on the top of the mountain, everything was scorched black, and it seemed that it had been robbed by thunder!

”Sure enough, there will be doomsday if you change your life against the sky! But it doesn’t seem to affect me.

Is this also the magical power of “The Secret Ritual of Shifting Destinies and Swapping Fates” ”

It is not advisable to stay here for a long time, Fang Xian cleaned up the traces, lifted his feet and left.

Casting mana again, using qingong, and found that the access to qi is smoother than before.

Even walking in this heaven and earth, he felt that a lot of vitality in the void is swarming into his body, as if he’s the legitimate child of the Heavens, Fang Xian can’t help but secretly sigh: “Sure enough, my qualifications have improved… If I practice the official sect’s authentic mental methods, the benefits are even greater…”

”From today onwards, I am Fang Xian!”

This “Secret Ritual of Shifting Destinies and Swapping Fates” is really domineering and mysterious.

Not only has it captured Yin Qiuxian’s luck, fortune, talent… The most important thing is to modify it from the very foundations of karma!

That is to say, starting from today, if someone predicts or calculates for the leader of the Three Immortals and Two Heroes, they will only be pointed to Fang Xian, not Yin Qiuxian of the Yin family!

Those opportunities that should have belonged to Yin Qiuxian will also recognize Fang Xian one after another!

The ability to defy the heavens and change one’s life is called a great supernatural power!

”Thinking about this magical power, it’s really terrifying… in other words, “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns”, those giant eyes of the starry sky are too terrifying…”

”Turtle Lined Blood Trigram” can get rid of many interferences and directly calculate the truth.

I am afraid that the top powers in this world may not be able to compare.

And “The Secret Ritual of Shifting Destinies and Swapping Fates” is even more terrifying.

”It is not to confuse destinies, but to ‘graft’, no matter what kind of superior immortal they will not be able to find any traces, such as a female immortal, who is destined for three lives with someone, if I transfer that fate to a dog, no matter what superior Daoist tries to count, he can only calculate that the lady’s fated one is a dog!”

”Of course, hexagrams are fine, but people have big problems.”

”People with a slightly normal mind will think that something is wrong.

Anyway, it can only be used once, and it will be hidden in the future…”

Fang Xian walked happily, almost flying.

”From today onwards, the me in this world, is also a person with a background.

The Shushan Sword Sect is my biggest backer!”

As for getting started Why do you have to be bound by the sect’s rules when once he enters their sect

If he didn’t enter the sect, those Shushan Sword Immortals will do everything possible to convert him, afraid that he may enter other sects.

Maybe they would even take the initiative to send him some techniques and the like.

And those magic weapons that are related to Shushan will also automatically be surrendered to him.

Even if he gets into trouble, the Shushan Sword Sect has no choice but to wipe his ass, this is the treatment of the protagonist!

Even those demon sects who want to destroy the spirit of Shushan might even send some female demons and witches to win him over.

Thinking about it made him get a little excited! 


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