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Inside the study.

Fang Xian lay on the soft chair, reading quietly.

After a long time, he suddenly put down the book, tapped on the armchair with his right hand, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes: “Xiaohu…still haven’t given up.”

This Yu Xiaohu once wanted to worship him.

After all, who doesn’t know the myth of ‘the white tiger kills seven and dominates the world’

If anyone can get the White Tiger Immortal Monarch to impart divine skills, he may be the next White Tiger Immortal Monarch!

Unfortunately, Fang Xian never accepted it.

After all, he only had friendship with Jade Dragon Beauty, not the Yu family.

In addition, the new “White Tiger Seven Killing Evil Art” has been revised by him and incorporates the essence of “Dragon Tiger Vigorous King Kong Indestructible Magical Powers”.

It has been called the world’s first unique skill. 

If it spreads out and falls into the hands of people with bad hearts, it may not be a good thing.

As for waiting for him to die, it will become an absolute sound, regrets of the martial arts, etc., it is none of his business

Fang Xian rested for a while, then got up and came to the desk.

On the table, yellow paper, scissors, cinnabar, brushes, and other items are neatly placed.

He kept his mind, holding a writing brush, dipped in cinnabar, and drew a talisman on yellow paper.

After some strokes of his brush, a strange symbol appeared on the yellow paper, and it was completed in one go.

Fang Xian let out a long breath, folded the yellow paper, and cut out the shape of a small sword with scissors.


Immediately, his mind moved, his spirit poured into the yellow paper, and a yellow light flashed in the void.

The yellow paper talisman sword flew out, plunged into the red sandalwood cabinet in front of him, and penetrated an inch.

This is ‘Swordsmanship’!

The secret biography of Qingyuan Palace is like a magical technique!

Fang Xian scoured the world for secret books and found that only the inheritance of the two Brahma Dao families can barely catch his eye.

’Dragon Tiger Powerful King Kong Indestructible Magical Power’ and ‘White Tiger Seven Killing Evil Art’ have a slight overlap, and the one he devoted the most to is this ‘Swordsmanship’!

According to the scriptures, there are three levels of true ‘Sword Mastery’, which must be practiced in the realm of a great master, who is in harmony with the heavens and the earth!

Among them, the first level is ‘Cut paper as soldiers, talismans as swords’!

Using the essence and blood to mix cinnabar, special yellow paper, and matching talismans, it is made into a flying sword, which can be controlled by the mind and can take a person’s head within a hundred steps.

The second level is ‘Grass and wood as swords’.

It is necessary to plant a single plant, with a unique formula every day, plus irrigation with painstaking efforts, and it is necessary to achieve mutual understanding.

After decades, it will be made into a wooden sword, which will come and go, and will be invincible.

The original swordsman was like this.

It’s just these two levels, when the flying sword is cast, it will inevitably involve most of the mental energy, causing the caster to be unable to move, which is a big flaw.

The final third level is to use one’s own blood to refine a ‘refine a steel sword with blood’, and at the same time practice the method of ‘one heart and two uses’, so that he can use the flying sword and act at the same time.

The day when the sword is completed can be called invincible in the world!

”This craft has not fallen…”

Fang Xian cleaned up the traces and smiled slowly.

Half a year passed quickly.

Fang Xian was dying of old age.

The fear of death tormented him day and night.

He has never been so weak for a moment, because after death, no one can guarantee whether he will be reincarnated again!

Maybe this time the death is really dead!

”So…this is how much I want to…live!”

Fang Xian walked out of the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building, looking at the sky and the earth wrapped in silver, stepping onto a carriage.

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He had some thoughts of falling leaves returning to their roots, and he wanted to return to Yaofeng County.

Of course, the funeral should be prepared early, first let someone burn himself into ashes, and then scatter the ashes into the Daqingshan, and first crush his own bones and ashes, to ensure that no one else can whip him to the body.

”Xiaohu, go back, no need to send me!”

Fang Xian was covered with a thick silk quilt and said to Yu Xiaohu.


Yu Xiaohu knelt on the ground, sobbing.

Although he did not worship Fang Xian as his teacher, he also received a lot of advice.

In addition, the “White Tiger Seven Killing Evil Art” could not be passed on, and Fang Xian of other martial arts did not matter.

There was a lot of wind and snow, and there was only one carriage going on the official road.

Fang Xian felt that his life was like a candle in the wind, going to be extinguished at any time.

”There’s… no hope left.”

Once, he pinned his hopes on “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns”, but after only trying it once, he almost couldn’t control his mind and dared not continue.

After getting old, there is a greater chance of going crazy, even sudden death, and it is even more impossible to comprehend.

He also understands that even with the help of the attribute column, his realm is still too low to cross that threshold many times.

After all, after reaching enlightenment once, the difficulties he will face for the next time will become even greater!

Just as Fang Xian recalled, the carriage suddenly stopped.

”Bao Shenglong, please fight the White Tiger Immortal.”

Ahead, a young voice came, it was the new Grandmaster of the North!

”I’m old, I’m old, but now someone blocked the door…”

Fang Xian shook his head, walked out of the car door, and saw a figure with a straight back, like a javelin, standing in the snow.

He radiated heat, like a stove, clearing the surrounding snow.

”Cough cough…”

Fang Xian coughed: “This world belongs to you young people.

Why do you make trouble for an old man like me What’s more… I still have a little friendship with your ancestors.”

”I’ve been seeking martial arts all my life, how can I not challenge the supreme lord of martial arts Even if I die nine times, I don’t regret it!”

Bao Shenglong shouted loudly.

Affected by this, Fang Xian’s body was full of infuriating energy, and it seemed that he wanted to embody the white tiger’s evil spirit that shook the world.

But the airflow rolled, and it still didn’t work.

The appearance of the white tiger is a combination of essence, qi, and spirit.

If one can manifest, Fang Xian’s essence and qi are already insufficient.

He sighed faintly, his movement was like a glimpse of light, and he did not enter the dense forest beside the road.

Even if he wins, he is dying of old age, so what’s the use of a false name


In place, Bao Shenglong was stunned.

The supreme martial artist in the world, he ran away without a single move

Even with his grandmaster-level state of mind, he couldn’t help but fluctuate violently, and immediately chased after him: “The outcome is not yet determined, how can we go”

”He… ran away!”

In the same place, several figures appeared, and their bodies were full of energy: “Haha…Immortal White Tiger actually ran away I said, you are all cowardly like mice, and Bao Shenglong took a bargain…”

”It seems that, as rumored, this old thing is finally going to die!”

”Hey, with old age and frailty, the infuriating qi has diminished, how much of the fierceness of the White Tiger Immortal Monarch is left”

”My sect still has some unsettled revenge on you! I have to make a report today, chase it!”

These people were full of enthusiasm, had a sense of anticipation to break the myth, and chased into the jungle.

Immediately, they saw a scarlet rainbow!

The sky-shattering rainbow just flashed, and Bao Shenglong’s head fell off.

”Refine a steel sword with blood!”

A mysterious man screamed, turned and ran.

Too bad it’s too late.

The blood-colored rainbow stabbed down like it had eyes, and no matter what the grandmaster was, it was all killed with a single sword!

Outside the pool of blood, Fang Xian’s figure slowly emerged:

”Although the body is decayed, the spirit will not.

The lifespan of the soul is much longer than that of the physical body… It is really difficult to practice the method of making a steel sword with blood and using one heart and two minds.

Even a great master can’t practice it, but I can’t stand my golden fingers… “

He sighed, and suddenly chanted: “For two hundred years, the white tiger is the world’s most respected, old man has nothing to do and uses flying swords to behead people…”

The figure turned and disappeared into the jungle.

This is also the last time Fang Xian appeared in Jianghu…


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