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Chapter 3300: Quite UnbotheredTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Deeply moved, Wu Mosen said, “Its truly all thanks to you this time.”

“Dont say that,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Its just a coincidence.

It just so happened to coincide with our matter this time.

I thought that since were going to make an announcement anyway, it wouldnt be any extra effort to do this.

Why not wait a while more It wouldnt be too late even if we made the announcement tonight.”

Wu Mosen nodded and pulled on Wei Wucais arm.

“Lets go, go, go.

Lets head to the entrance first and inform the young guys, get them all to come inside.

Whats the point in setting up tents at the entrance”

“After that, Ill go look for Chen Zeqing again and have a good talk with him to strive for an amicable parting, rather than to part with such unpleasant conflict,” Wu Mosen prattled on about his plan to Wei Wucai.

“After that, Ill quickly get someone to make an announcement.”

“Then you can make your announcement this evening without delay,” Wu Mosen said.

Wei Wucai did not expect that Wu Mosen actually hadnt forgotten about his intention to find that group of guys from Mount Lan Compound.

Initially, Wei Wucai thought that Wu Mosen would forget about it once the topic of conversation changed.

At this moment, Wu Mosen was dragging Wei Wucai outside.

It was unexpected that even the matter regarding Chen Zeqing wasnt being given priority.

Wu Mosen was truly… truly too naive!

While being dragged by Wu Mosen, Wei Wucai no longer resisted.

Instead, he just went with Wu Mosen.

Since Wu Mosen wasnt present, they obviously couldnt start filming.

So Yan Zhiqing thought she might as well go with him as well.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at them and thought there was going to be something exciting to watch.

She sent a signal to Han Zhuofeng with her eyes.

The two people then followed the others towards the entrance together.

As Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya had arrived here first, the guys from Mount Lan Compound only arrived after them.

That meant the guys from Mount Lan Compound had yet to set up the tents when the two women arrived.

So now, when the two of them headed out and saw the line of tents that had suddenly appeared at the entrance…

They were immediately shocked by the sight.

The display of tents was a little too spectacular.

Shi Xiaoya whispered to Yan Zhiqing, “This was the scene Director Wu saw when he arrived earlier”

“Director Wus mental endurance is truly pretty good.

After seeing these, he could actually calmly think that the entertainment reporters are preparing to settle down here,” Shi Xiaoya added softly.

However, this was not an attitude the entertainment reporters would have, no matter how you looked at it!

Yan Zhiqing nodded in agreement.

“Hes pretty stoic.”

At this time, the entrance door opened.

Wei Wucai and the others stepped outside.

He wouldnt be able to hide anymore once everyone from Mount Lan Compound saw him.

So, he took the initiative to step outside.

“This… Weve truly burdened them with too much.” When Wu Mosen saw that the people from Mount Lan Compound were all young, he felt that it had to be rather difficult for them to work like this.

“Not at all,” Wei Wucai said calmly.

This group of people was doing this deliberately for Wu Mosen to see.

Needless to say, Wu Mosen understood very little about this group of people from Mount Lan Compound.

If they truly didnt want Wu Mosen to know, he simply wouldnt have realized that there were suddenly so many people in the surrounding area.

They had plenty of ways to hide in places where no one would be able to notice them.

So the reason why this group of people had all these tents erected at the entrance of the cast and crews building in such a grand display was so that Wo Mosen would see them and feel very apologetic toward them.

When that happened, wouldnt he invite them inside then

This was all a trick.

Wei Wucai truly understood them too well.

As such, Wu Mosen could truly be considered too naive in this aspect.

“Team Leader Xiao Cai!” Liang Shibo called out as he ran over.

“Director Wu!”

Wu Mosen immediately held Liang Shibos hand.

“Earlier, I didnt know who you were.

I was so disrespectful.

I was so inconsiderate in my treatment toward you, I was very inconsiderate.”

“Its fine.

You dont need to be so polite,” Liang Shibo hurriedly said with a smile.

“To begin with, we were the ones who came without notifying you, and we even brought so many inconveniences with us,” Liang Shibo said very courteously.

“Moreover, our Team Leader Xiao Cai said that the cast and the crew should keep all internal matters secret from outsiders.

And you also dont permit unrelated personnel from entering the premises,” Liang Shibo said.

“Additionally, we were afraid of disturbing your normal filming processes.

There are so many of us after all.”

Liang Shibo even had an honest and sincere expression as he scratched his head in shame.

He had truly somewhat picked up the essence of Hao Donghuais honest, sincere, and guileless appearance.

However, was Hao Donghuai guileless

Was he honest and sincere

Not at all!

It was all fake; it was all a facade!

Those who believed him had been truly deceived!

It was unexpected that Liang Shibo, Wei Wucais deputy, had actually picked up that skill.

Wei Wucai raised the corners of his lips darkly, directing a sneer at Liang Shibo.

Liang Shibo didnt pick up the good habits of his own Team Leader and instead picked up the bad habits of another team leader.

Wei Wucai would remember this.

Liang Shibo suddenly quivered at the sight of Wei Wucais sneer.

He immediately felt that he would soon have a stroke of bad luck.

“You wont, you wont,” Wu Mosen said.

“I trust that you wont leak out any information.

If even you guys are unable to keep things confidential, then no one else would be trustworthy…”

Liang Shibo immediately nodded.

“Of course.

We definitely would not leak any information to the outside.”

Liu Yuhao walked over, patted his chest, and guaranteed.

“We of Mount Lan Compound are the best at doing confidential work!”

Wu Mosen was smiling so much that his eyes became narrow slits.

“Okay, okay, okay…”

“Come, come, come.

All of you, come in.

Ill have some people pack up this area for you.

If you want to rest or do whatever, you can do it all.”

Hu Xuming then said, “We definitely cant take up space inside.

Well help our team leader with his work.

If theres anything else that you need us to do, dont hesitate to tell us.”

“Thats right.

There are many of us, so well be highly efficient,” Liu Yuhao added.

“Well definitely have it all done for you clearly, happily, and swiftly.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He felt that this group of people had come here just to be free laborers for the cast and crew.

If Wen Ren were to find out about this, how would he feel about it

However, Wei Wucai didnt say much in the end.

He just watched as Wu Mosen invited everyone inside.

“Director Wu, is there anything we can help the crew with today Go ahead and tell us,” Liang Shibo said from beside Wu Mosen.


Since its rare to have such talents like you here, I definitely wont hold back,” Wu Mosen said.

“All right.

Ill let Han Zhuofeng escort you in.

I have to go find Chen Zeqing and talk to him for a bit,” Wu Mosen said.

The moment Chen Zeqing was mentioned, the group from Mount Lan Compound immediately understood the situation.

This was because they were the ones who had caused it in the first place.

It was impossible for anyone else to have a better understanding of it than them.

“Director Wu, I suppose youre looking for Chen Zeqing because of last nights matter” Liu Yuhao asked immediately.

The news was all over the internet last night, so Wu Mosen wasnt surprised that these guys from Mount Lan Compound knew about it.

As such, he didnt hide it when Liu Yuhao brought it up.

He directly told them, “Yes, its because the matter regarding Chen Zeqing got really big.

It greatly affected the cast and the crew in a negative way.”

“So, today, Im going to look for him and have a good talk with him,” Wu Mosen added.

“Then, if I may be so bold as to ask a question,” Hu Xuming said, “How are you planning to resolve Chen Zeqings matter”

Since this issue ended up being brought up, Wu Mosen simply decided not to hide it from them.

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