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Chapter 3299: Who Wouldnt Be Willing To Get A Few More GlancesTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“They came all the way here.

How could I let them sleep in a tent” Wu Mosen said, “Since they are your coworkers, I trust them.

You all already have a lot of information.

I am sure mine is not needed.”

“I also believe that they wont tell the public about what happens in this movie.” Wu Mosen said, “In addition, what is there to talk about You all have even more important information.

What I have here is not important to you all…”

Would the members of the Mount Lan Compound care about what was going on with his movie

This type of information wasnt important to them.

They had to have seen so much more.

As such, Wu Mosen was not worried at all.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Director Wu was too enthusiastic.

He even wanted to bring those people in here.

Wu Mosen had no idea of how scary those people were!

Clearly, Wu Mosen hadnt seen much of this world just yet!

Wu Mosen was about to drag Wei Wucai outside.

But he saw that Yan Zhiqing had come out of the dressing room, he immediately smiled and said, “Zhiqing, congratulations!”

“Hahahaha! That is awesome.” Wu Mosen said with a smile, “I was previously looking forward to you two being together.

I didnt expect you two to actually get together.”

“Congratulations! Congratulations!” Wu Mosen said.

He was laughing so hard that it almost seemed as though he had forgotten he was going to meet the members of the Mount Lan Compound.

Yan Zhiqing felt very happy and embarrassed.

She walked to Wei Wucais side and asked Wu Mosen, “Director Wu, us being in a relationship wont affect the filming of our movie, right”


Of course not.

How could it” Wu Mosen said, “In addition, I had been thinking that you two were a very good match.

I first saw you two arguing a lot, and then your relationship started to get better and better.”

“I just thought it would be a shame if you two didnt get together.” Wu Mosen smiled and said.

Hearing what he said, Yan Zhiqing felt embarrassed.

Then, she heard Wu Mosen ask, “By the way, are you two going to…”

Wu Mosen didnt know how he should ask this question.

Yan Zhiqing was a celebrity.

He knew that many celebrities would keep their relationship a secret and wouldnt dare to announce it to the public.

Of course, there were also people willing to announce their relationship to boost their popularity.

Anyway, there were different reasons why…

But usually, the celebrities willing to announce their relationship were either at the top, or they didnt care about their popularity…

Or they werent famous and had to boost their popularity.

Usually, in a situation like this, both celebrities in the relationship werent very popular.

So, they became a couple to use their relationship for more exposure.

They would then seize the opportunities to participate in some reality TV shows, and they would publicly show there how much they love each other.

As for Yan Zhiqing, she wasnt considered one of the best, but she was very popular.

Wu Mosen couldnt figure out if she were willing to announce this relationship.

Wu Mosen himself really liked Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai was a handsome young fellow.

Who wouldnt want to get a few more glances at his face

The more you looked at his face, the more comfortable your eyes would feel, right

It would put you in a good mood!

In Wu Mosens opinion, it would be a shame for Wei Wucai if they didnt go public with this relationship.

Wei Wucai was such a nice fella.

Although Wu Mosen didnt actually ask the question, Yan Zhiqing knew what Wu Mosen was about to say.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “We have both discussed it and decided to release a public announcement at 8 pm tonight.”



Alright.” When Wu Mosen heard this, he was very happy to know that Yan Zhiqing was so straightforward without even considering keeping the relationship a secret.

He loved straightforward and honest people.

And because of this, he found Yan Zhiqing to be more likable.

And initially, Wu Mosen hadnt realized it.

But while he was smiling, he suddenly understood why Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai had decided to release a public statement at 8 pm tonight.

The two could have announced this last night.

Obviously, the two didnt start dating this morning, right

The two didnt seem this intimate during day time yesterday.

And Yan Zhiqing barely gave Wei Wucai any attention.

It had only been a night, and everything had already changed.

They obviously got together last night.

“Are you two waiting until tonight to announce the news because of our movie” Wu Mosen asked.

Wei Wucai nodded and took the initiative to explain in Yan Zhiqings stead.

“Because of what happened to Chen Zeqing, Zhiqing discussed with the manager and thought that it would be more suitable to release the public statement tonight as it will help the film crew.

The news about us being in a relationship will serve as a way to distract the netizens.”

Wei Wucai remained placid even as he said this.

It was as though he had completely forgotten that he had been the one who did all that to Chen Zeqing.

When Wu Mosen said this, Wu Mosen felt touched; his emotions were revealed on his face.

“This…” At this moment, Wu Mosen didnt know what to say.

He felt so emotional that he couldnt organize his thoughts into words.

“You… This…” Eventually, Wu Mosens words came out as a sigh.


No matter what, I will remember this favor.”

“Honestly, when I found out about what happened to Chen Zeqing last night, I couldnt sleep.

I was so worried.

Its easy to just fire Chen Zeqing, but its not so easy to erase the damage he had done to the film.”

Wu Mosen shook his head and sighed as he muttered, “What are we going to do…”

Wei Wucai took the chance and asked, “What do you intend to do about it”

Wu Mosen really liked Wei Wucai, so he only thought it was right for Wei Wucai to ask this question.

“Anyway, our official team will announce today.

I wont keep it a secret from you.

Let me just tell you frankly.” Wu Mosen said.

“We had an overnight meeting at midnight yesterday to discuss it.” Wu Mosen said, “Eventually, we decided to fire Chen Zeqing.”

“The production crew will have to deal with some stress and be called ruthless by people.” Wu Mosen said.

After all, many people were bound to have so many different thoughts.

Some people would blame the production crew for what happened to Chen Zeqing.

If they saw that the production crew had fired Chen Zeqing, they might think that the film crew was being too practical as they disengaged from Chen Zeqing the moment Chen Zeqing had gotten into trouble.

No matter what you do, people could still pick on your flaws.

As such, Wu Mosen could only choose to ignore a small group of people.

Therefore, he chose the solution that would minimize their losses.

“We did a comparison and realized that despite some stress we would have to deal with, this decision would minimize our potential losses.” Wu Mosen said.

“I will tell Chen Zeqing when he arrives later, and the film crew will release an announcement through the official Weibo account.” Wu Mosen said.

“If you announce your relationship at 8 PM tonight, you can help us divert the attention away.” Wu Mosen said.

“I know why you chose this time.

You must have done it to distract the netizens attention from our crew.”

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