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Chapter 33: Confrontation



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The household was still in chaos when Liu Shu and Liu Lin returned from foraging for animal feed.

Frightened, they wanted to know what had happened.

Unwilling to agitate the people in the household any further, Shi Cheng brought them both out into the courtyard and outlined the general situation.

He didn’t dare to give them too much detail. 


Both of them were still incensed! Liu Lin turned and ran out, while Liu Shu hurried back to the house to have a look at Liu Sen.

He then asked if a doctor was needed To make sure everything was alright

Reminded by that, Liu Changgeng quickly instructed Liu Shu to look for a doctor.

Liu Shu had just run out the door when he was chased down by Shi Cheng, “Where are you going to search for a doctor The nearest doctor is the one at Wang Family village.

That’s over 10 li away! Don’t worry about this, I will get someone to go to town to look for a doctor.

You stay with your family and don’t run about….

Comfort them, see if they can cool off a bit.”

Liu Shu himself was angry enough that he was shaking with it.

Gritting his teeth, he agreed.

Then he added, “Shi Cheng, thank you.”

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Liu Xu’er had already calmed down.

Looking at Liu Changqi, she asked, “Dabo, what grudge does Liu Yun’er have toward my family How on earth did my family members offend her When she was hitting Senzi, I heard her say that because of our family, your family couldn’t move to town before the New Year! I want to ask, who said this to her! If no one told her this, how would she know that the reason your family cannot move to town is because of mine!”


Liu Changqi’s face turned gloomy.

With a dark expression, he looked at the crying Liu Sen. 

Liu Gao shi raged, “What a cruel person! She’s cruel herself, so she taught her children to be cruel too!”

Old Man Liu looked at Liu Sen who hadn’t stopped shaking with tears, terrified out of his wits.

Turning, he shouted at Liu Changqi, “Come out with me!” Before saying to Liu Xu’er in a gentler voice, “Xu’er, you too.”

Saying this, he swept out of the room. 

Liu Changqi followed behind, along with Liu Xu’er, Liu Changshi and Liu Gao shi.

Old Man Liu asked Liu Xu’er, “Can you tell yeye exactly what happened However, I must make this clear, you are not to embellish the truth!”

Liu Xu’er nodded.

She explained what happened again before finally adding, “Ye, I didn’t embellish anything.

You can ask nai and sishu.

Because I was too angry to speak when we came back, it was Shi Cheng who explained everything.

You can check if what Shi Cheng and I said was the same.

And you can’t say that both Shi Cheng and I decided beforehand what to say….

Senzi is so small! When I saw he was beaten I… I couldn’t run home fast enough.

I wouldn’t even be able to make up facts with Shi Cheng….”

After saying this, she paused.

She couldn’t choke out anymore words.

Liu Gao shi said, “The child is definitely not lying! What Shi Cheng and Xu’er said were exactly the same! When the two of them carried Senzi home, their faces were white as a sheet! They are only five, why would you think that they are making this up They definitely wouldn’t have the presence of mind to do so!”

Old Man Liu sighed, “Oh! Don’t you start! I didn’t say that the child was lying, I was just worried that in her anger, she may embellish….

Never mind, never mind.

I know what happened now!”

Liu Xu’er said again, “Ye, if you really aren’t sure if I am telling the truth, you can go and call Liu Yun’er over.

Along with her helper Wang Pin! And see whether Wang Pin’s head is bleeding, and whether Liu Yun’er has lost two bunches of hair!”

Liu Changqi stood there, face black, unable to say a single word. 


After what Liu Xu’er said, the entire courtyard fell silent. 

There was a knock on the door.

Liu Hong entered holding onto Liu Lin.

When Liu Xu’er turned back again, she saw that Liu Shu was supporting Liu Changgeng to enter the courtyard.

She quickly went to grab the small stool at the doorway while Liu Changshi supported Liu Changgeng to sit down. 

“First, the matter has already been made clear.

No one has wronged your child, and I see that you’ve nothing to say! Now, what do you think we should do! I must say, both Senzi and Yun’er are my grandchildren! I am not being biased here, nor am I the kind of person who would favor males over females! But Yun’er was very violent, hitting her younger brother so badly! He’s only a little over a year old, how could he bear something like that He doesn’t have the strength to defend himself! Now, tell me, what can be done to make it up to Second’s family!”

Liu Changqi paused for a moment.

Looking at Liu Xu’er, he said, “Yun’er was also beaten – two clumps of hair were pulled out along with some of the skin! It was bleeding….”

“Dage!” Liu Changshi couldn’t help but interrupt, “If Yun’er didn’t hit Senzi, would Xu’er have fought her! Furthermore, how old is Yun’er How old is Xu’er! Shi Cheng said very clearly – When Xu’er confronted Yun’er for hitting Senzi, she wasn’t even a little bit scared.

She even wanted to hit Xu’er! If it weren’t that she tripped and fell, allowing Xu’er to grab hold of her hair, who knows who would have been badly beaten!”

Liu Gao shi added angrily, “I was just wondering why Yun’er was so different today.

When I said I wanted to go to Second’s place, she insisted on coming along, saying that she missed Senzi.

She’s never shown that she likes Senzi! When she told me she wanted to bring Senzi out to play, at first Second’s wife didn’t want to.

It was me who said that it’s alright, and let her do it!”

After saying this, Liu Gao shi was both stunned and angry.

Tapping her leg, she exclaimed, “Now that I think about it, my whole body is shivering! She is only eight-years-old, but she has already learnt how to scheme against others! She had already planned it when she approached me this morning! This girl….

Is she really my Liu family’s child What kind of malicious mother does she have to bring up such a malicious child!”

Old Man Liu raised his voice at Liu Changqi.

“Now is not the time for you to settle accounts with others! There is a cause and consequence of actions.

Would Xu’er have just gone to hit Yun’er out of the blue! If you want to settle the issue of the hair, then let’s go back and settle older accounts first! It was said that Yun’er felt that the reason your family couldn’t move to town was because of Second’s family Who told this to Yun’er! Let’s start from this issue!”

“I was the one who said it, what about it!” An angry voice suddenly came from the doorway.

Everyone turned to look.

They saw Ma shi come in with a dark expression, holding onto the disheveled, tragic looking Liu Yun’er.

Liu Yun’er was still crying.

Although there were no obvious bald patches on her head, the loss was still noticeable.

It looked as though her head had been divided into two levels, with a missing middle layer of hair.

And this wasn’t just on one side, it was on both sides of her head.

Liu Yun’er was crying piteously.

Her body was covered in dirt and mud, and her face seemed like it had been abraded – there was even a little blood.

She looked a fright; the shock factor seeing her was no less than Liu Sen’s.


When Ma shi entered, she threw Liu Yun’er into the crowd! The pain caused Liu Yun’er to shriek!

Everyone subconsciously moved to try and catch her, but it was Liu Changqi who managed to steady Liu Yun’er.

“What fit are you throwing now!” Liu Changqi roared angrily at Ma shi.

“I brought this evil creature for all of you to deal with! Go ahead and kill her if you want!” Ma shi immediately started to cry and howl.

Hand beating at her thigh, she said, “Old Heaven! Why is my life so bitter! Why did you give me such an evil child! My parents-in-law are very good! Even the money from the separation was all given to Second’s family! Even mentioning this matter is not allowed! If I say it, I’m evil! I have no way to live….”

Everyone in the courtyard was momentarily stunned.

No one spoke.

The main reason was that Liu Yun’er looked no better than Liu Sen, subduing all present.

Added to that, the instant that Ma shi  had entered, she had started crying and howling.

Whoever wanted to say anything had to first suppress that voice.

“Liu family’s grandpa, grandma, uncles and aunties.” Another voice came from the doorway.

Everyone turned to look and saw that it was Shi Cheng who had just come in from outside. 

As he came in, he looked at the crowd and said, “I’m young, so there’s a lot I don’t understand.

But I am still able to differentiate between what makes sense and what doesn’t.

What yeye said earlier made the most sense.

Everything has a cause and effect, if Liu Yun’er didn’t hit Senzi, none of this would have happened! Similarly, if no one had incited Liu Yun’er, this also wouldn’t have happened! Now because the instigator feels that her child not only didn’t manage to get anything, and instead seems to have lost out a lot, she comes to settle accounts! I just don’t understand how someone who instigated the whole affair can be so righteous!”

“What did you say, you brat!” Ma shi turned and scolded Shi Cheng.

Shi Cheng didn’t get angry, and he refused to engage with the shrewish woman.

Giving her a wide berth, he stood in front of Old Man Liu.

“If she had just been using her mouth to complain about the matter, then that action naturally cannot be called evil.

But whether or not Liu Yun’er’s actions are evil, you just have to look at Senzi’s face to know! And if there are still people who don’t believe me, they can go next door and ask Aunt Wu.”

As he was saying this, Shi Cheng kept his eyes on Liu Changqi, “Yesterday one of Second Uncle Liu’s family’s laying hens was tied up by someone and beaten to death!”

Everyone was shocked! Liu Gao shi stared hard at Liu Yun’er.


“Yesterday, Aunt Wu saw what happened clearly! It was just that she felt that this was a family matter, and she, as an outsider, shouldn’t say anything as otherwise it may seem as though she was trying to create a rift between brothers! So, if anyone doesn’t believe me, you can go and ask now!”

With that, Shi Cheng was done.

Without saying anything further, he looked at everyone. 


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