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Chapter 32: Fight



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Enraged, Liu Xu’er charged ahead like a bull! The unprepared Wang Pin was bowled over by her!


However, Liu Xu’er’s target was not him! Her eyes red, her teeth clenched, she rushed toward Liu Yun’er with her fists raised. 

“Waaa! Jiejie!” As if seeing his savior, Liu Sen cried desperately. 

Because Wang Pin had blocked Liu Xu’er’s advance, that gave Liu Yun’er some time to prepare.

When Liu Yun’er saw Liu Xu’er’s fire-breathing appearance, she was shocked into backpedaling.

Dodging Liu Xu’er’s initial lunge, she immediately stood still thereafter and shouted impressively, “What do you think you’re doing!”

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Teeth clenched, Liu Xu’er ran over.

How could she allow her to flee so easily! She rushed over and knocked Liu Yun’er flat on the ground! 


Without waiting for Liu Yun’er to get up, Liu Xu’er had given her two hard kicks to the stomach! After that she realized that her strength was just too minute – her kicks didn’t hurt at all! Liu Yun’er was still able to get up!

Liu Xu’er immediately changed her strategy.

She stretched out a hand from behind and grabbed hold of Liu Yun’er’s hair.

Then she gave it a good yank!

Liu Yun’er immediately screamed! Her head tilted backward with that pull!

Liu Xu’er was so angry her eyes had gone red.

She was angry enough to kill her! Without loosening her grip and using all of her strength she continued to pull at her hair!

Liu Yun’er started to cry, “Ah! That hurts!” Her entire body was pulled in the direction of the tug, she was desperate to try to relieve the pain. 

Liu Xu’er just knew that she wanted to cause her pain! One hand was not enough so she reached out with her other hand as well, pulling her hair in two different directions!

Liu Yun’er started to wail!

After dealing with Wang Pin, Shi Cheng wanted to go over to assist Liu Xu’er.

But on seeing that, it seemed clear that his help was not required.

So he went over to Liu Sen and checked him all over.

Liu Sen was still crying loudly, but his eyes watched the fight intently.

Shi Cheng used his sleeve to rub Liu Sen’s face of his tears.

His sleeve had just touched the swollen face when Liu Sen immediately cried out, “Pain!” That scared Shi Cheng into not daring to try any further. 

“Ok, ok, ok, ge won’t touch it.

Don’t cry anymore.

Let’s watch your sister avenge you by hitting your erjie ok!”

Liu Sen kept crying, but his eyes remained fixed on his sister.

The scene of Liu Sen being hit just now made Liu Xu’er want to spit blood! Right now, she even had the heart to kill Liu Yun’er! Her hands had a deathgrip on her hair; it was as though she couldn’t hear Liu Yun’er’s squeals for mercy!


It was only when she had used too much strength, that she suddenly felt her grip loosen.

Without the tension, she lost her balance suddenly and fell heavily on her bum. 

Liu Yun’er was squealing like a stuck pig, crying.

Without daring to look back, she covered her head with her hands and ran off!

Liu Xu’er’s bum hurt, but that was nothing compared to the fury she felt at seeing Liu Yun’er run off! She struggled up and wanted to chase her, but Shi Cheng shouted from behind her, “Don’t chase her! Look at your hands!”

It was only then that the red haze of rage started to dissipate.

Lowering her head to look at her hand, Liu Xu’er was shocked!

In both her hands were bunches of hair! And there seemed to be some blood and matter seeping….

 Liu Xu’er was so disgusted, she nearly vomited! She desperately shook her hands off, trying to get rid of all the hair. 

“Jie, sniff, jie….” Liu Sen was still crying. 

Liu Xu’er quickly turned to run toward him.

Carrying him up to have a good look, she saw that Liu Sen’s cheeks were red and swollen from the beating.

Again, her rage built.

In a trembling voice, she asked “Senzi, did she hit you anywhere else Where else did Liu Yun’er hit you”

But Liu Sen was exhausted from all his crying.

In a flash, he threw himself into her embrace and just said, “I’m scared, jie, I’m scared!”

Liu Xu’er carried him up.

“It’s ok, Senzi, don’t be scared. Jie is here. Jie will carry you home.” After all the excitement of the day, combined with the furious fight with Liu Yun’er, it was difficult to carry Senzi.

Her legs were trembling, and her vision threatened to turn black. 

Shi Cheng wanted to help her with him, but she refused.

Carrying Liu Sen, she headed home.

Her tears kept rolling off her face. 

Shi Cheng was upset and anxious.

Just before the slope, he pulled her to a stop.”If you don’t want to roll down the slope with Senzi, then let me help you carry him!”


It was only then that Liu Xu’er released her hold.

Shi Cheng carefully carried Senzi.

He asked Liu Xu’er to support him by the arm before gingerly making his way down the slope.

Liu Xu’er was wiping her tears while grinding her teeth and saying, “Liu Yun’er! I won’t let her off! I want to kill her myself!”

Shi Cheng had walked a few paces before abruptly recalling Wang Pin.

Twisting his head around to look, he saw that Wang Pin had disappeared.

Who knew when he had run off. 

Liu Sen had quietened down significantly, but his sobs were still noticeable.

The instant they arrived in the courtyard, everyone could hear him.

Liu Gao shi came out and asked, “What’s wrong Senzi Why are you crying”

While Shi Cheng carried Liu Sen, Liu Xu’er dashed into the house.

Shouting angrily at her stunned parents, she asked, “Why did you pass Senzi to Liu Yun’er! Why did you allow her to carry Senzi away!”

He shi didn’t manage to answer when Liu Gao shi said, stunned, “I wanted to speak to your parents.

Yun’er said she would take Senzi out to play, so I agreed….

Oh no!” That last was said when she spotted Shi Cheng carrying Senzi.

In her dismay, even her pitch had changed, “What happened!”

Atop the kang, Liu Changgeng and He shi couldn’t see what had happened.

They both panicked, “What’s wrong with Senzi What happened to Senzi!”

It was only then that Shi Cheng carried Senzi into the house.

The instant he saw his parents, Senzi started to sob loudly again.

His whole body was trembling with his cries. 

He shi was so shocked, she nearly fainted! She tightly hugged Liu Sen and cried out in shock, “What happened Exactly how did this happen!”

Liu Changgeng had also lunged over for a look.

In a glance he saw on Liu Sen’s face the markings of a beating.

Shocked and enraged, he cried, “What happened!”

All her anger rushed up, overwhelming Liu Xu’er.

She sat down on the stool and started to cry in her rage and frustration!

Liu Gao shi almost fell onto the floor! Shi Cheng rushed to support her to sit on the edge of the kang, before explaining what had happened. 

When He shi heard, she was so angry she wanted to spit blood! Liu Gao shi  hit her head, hard, on the nearby wall!


Who would be able to tolerate their barely one-year-old being badly beaten! Liu Changgeng punched the kang in his rage!

Everyone was maddened with anger!

Through her tears, Liu Xu’er howled, “Nobody is ever allowed to say that they are our relatives! My family doesn’t have this kind of relatives!”

He shi was so angry she was crying as she cradled Liu Sen!

Liu Gao shi was so angry, her head spun.

She wanted to go and settle the matter with Liu Yun’er! But in that moment, her legs were as soft as cotton, and the instant she got up, her vision went black.

She nearly fell face down!

Luckily, Shi Cheng was at her side and his hand was still in her arm.

He quickly pulled her back, so Liu Gao shi fell back down on the kang instead.

She let out a loud cry, “What have I done! Did I raise a wolf! What an animal….”

The sight that greeted Liu Changshi when he went to fetch Liu Gao shi home was that of a house filled with people crying, screaming and angered pounding.

Shocked, he quickly rushed in and asked, “What happened! Did something happen”

But the house was filled with extremely upset people, and everyone ignored him. 

Seeing everyone crying and especially his mother collapsed on the kang sobbing, Liu Changshi panicked.

He didn’t even notice that He shi was cradling Liu Sen.

He went forward to support Liu Gao shi before asking in an alarmed voice, “What’s wrong! Exactly what happened Erge… Why is everyone behaving like this!”

Liu Changgeng was so angry he was shaking, he didn’t have the energy to explain!

In the end, Shi Cheng had no choice but to explain what happened again. 

Once Liu Changshi heard, he exploded with rage.

He reached out to try and take Liu Sen, but Liu Sen had just gone through a huge fright and refused to leave He shi.

He just turned his head to cry in Liu Changshi’s face!

Liu Changshi saw that Liu Sen’s little face had been badly beaten! It was frighteningly red! Liu Changshi’s vision darkened, and he nearly fainted from rage!

He turned and rushed out!

Liu Changgeng was also shifting, trying to get out of bed.

Even if there was a bone deep pain emanating from his leg, it didn’t stop him from trying to rush out in his rage!

Shi Cheng was scared into shouting, “Uncle! What are you trying to do! You can’t move your leg…..”

Liu Xu’er was at the side crying, while Shi Cheng couldn’t stop Liu Changgeng by himself.

Scared, he turned and said to Liu Xu’er, “Xu’er! Quickly come and help! If your dad keeps trying to do this, he might become lame!”

It was only then that Liu Xu’er came to assist.

Crying, she said, “Dad, what are you trying to do Sishu has already gone.

In a while, I will go and look for yeye.

We need to make sure that this situation is clearly explained! If anything were to happen to you, our family….

Our whole family….”

Sobbing, she couldn’t continue any further.

Liu Changgeng pulled his daughter into his embrace, his teeth tightly clenched. 


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