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A Woman’s Fragrance (13) - The irritability within surprisingly calmed down (2)

Li Ruo Shui, who had no idea that she was being treated like a pet, was a little confused.

She thought she was about to be punished by this maniac, but she didn't expect him to stop.

What has stimulated this person again

A chill ran down her back, but her instincts told her not to move, so Li Ruo Shui stiffened up and let him stroke her hair.

His cold fingers slid down the back of her head, and Li Ruo Shui thought to herself, “It's okay, it's okay, I'm still alive, and I don't need to brush my hair tomorrow.”.

The technique was too much like her stroking a cat.

In such gentle treatment, Li Ruo Shui's stiff spine loosened up, plus the warmth of Lu Zhi Yao's normal body temperature......

Forget it, knowing when to yield and when not to is her virtue.

Now is the time to yield, don't make trouble for herself.

Lu Fei Yue and Jiang Nian hurriedly took the quilt into the temple and stopped simultaneously when they looked at the posture of those two, but then Lu Fei Yue came forward with the quilt in her arms.

“Brother Lu, it's rainy and cold in this temple, it's better to cover up with the quilt.”

Sitting on the Buddhist altar with Li Ruo Shui in his arms, Lu Zhi Yao's quiet and gentle appearance resembled the half-faced Buddha statue behind him, warm and affectionate.

His closed eyelashes trembled slightly, as if he was somewhat displeased at being disturbed, but he nodded anyway.


Li Ruo Shui struggled to break free and turned her head to look at Lu Fei Yue even though she was encircled in his arms, her smile full of gratitude.

“Thank you, Sister Lu!”

The heroine was worthy of her name, she was beautiful and thoughtful.

Unable to resist a shiver, she hurriedly wrapped herself tightly with the quilt.

Lu Zhi Yao's body temperature was not very high, and for some reason, he started to use his internal energy to raise his body temperature, and the temperature under the quilt rose all of a sudden.

No matter what Li Ruo Shui thought of him before, but at this moment, he was the Bodhisattva descended to earth.

She patted this life-saving benefactor's shoulder, without the slightest inclination, without the slightest hint of strategy, but with great sincerity she said thanks.

“Thank you very much too, otherwise I don't know how I would have made it through tonight.”

The chill that rose from within, the way her palms could not be rubbed warm, the gradual stiffening of her entire body, the painful sensation of her bones being so cold that they seemed to freeze and shatter, were something she really did not want to experience again.

She was thankful that someone was doing this to warm her up.

Lu Zhi Yao did not say anything in return, but slowly ran his hands through her hair, from the roots to the ends, slowly stroking it back and forth, without a hint of teasing or ambiguity.

Jiang Nian glanced at the calm Lu Zhi Yao, intending to ask about this poison.

“Speaking of which, Brother Lu said he had also been poisoned by this poison, where it was, let's see if we can look for clues in it.”

Lu Zhi Yao was silent for a moment, as if he was recalling, and as if he did not want to pay attention to him, but finally he raised a smile in the usual way.

“Back then, I went with my master to steal a chicken for food and accidentally got poisoned, but I don't know where it was.

In short, it was a big manor.”


Li Ruo Shui recalled the plot in her mind, but she only thought of the words before his master’s tragic death, the rest of the information was not written down, not even what her name was.

After deliberating for a while, Li Ruo Shui still asked, “Is your master very good”

In Lu Zhi Yao's short life, there were two people who had deepest contact with him, one was his mother and the other was his master, and only by knowing these two could she learn about his past.

I already knew that his mother was an uncompromising sickly woman, what about his master

“Is my master very good” Lu Zhi Yao chuckled softly with a pleasant tone.

“She's got her arms and legs tendons ripped out, so she's a cripple, otherwise how would she look up to me, who is also cripple"

In other words, his master did not seem to be a good person either.

A scumbag father, a mad mother and a despised master, Li Ruo Shui wondered what kind of physique he was, as all he bumped into were evil people.

Jiang Nian was a little embarrassed to hear this, thinking he had uncovered someone else's scars, so he hurriedly waved his hand to explain.

“Who said that, Brother Lu is so good at martial arts, he is a rare martial arts genius.”

After the words were spoken, it was not easy for him to continue inquiring, and Lu Zhi Yao did not reply to him either.

The atmosphere was suddenly silent, except for the crackling of firewood.

Li Ruo Shui, who was huddled under the quilt sighed that Jiang Nian was still too young, he should have continued asking him while he was in a good mood.

When Lu Zhi Yao was in a good mood, he answered all the questions, and from what she had observed, he did not look like someone who would feel uncomfortable about such things, so she might have been able to ask him more if she went along with his words.

However, the topic had already been closed by Jiang Nian.

If she asked again, she would definitely attract Lu Zhi Yao's attention, so she could only find another opportunity.

“The rain is leaking and windy in this temple.

It’s a bit wet and cold.

Ruo Shui, why don't the two of you go and rest in the carriage”

Lu Fei Yue threw a thunderbolt into the silence, Li Ruo Shui and Jiang Nian blinked at her as if their tails had been stepped on, one in fear, the other in shock.

Lu Fei Yue was also startled by their reactions, and her originally decisive tone was tinged with a bit of hesitation.

“It is indeed cold here, going back to the carriage can be a lot warmer ......

isn't it”

Nobody knows how long this poison will last.

The only person here who could help Li Ruo Shui was Lu Zhi Yao.

Despite his strange temperament, he was not a vulgar person, and there was nothing wrong with this in order to save lives.

Lu Fei Yue had often been injured when she was out on missions before.

If she cared too much about those vain politenesses, who knew how many bowls of Meng Po soup she would have to drink.

(TL/N: According to Chinese mythology, Meng Po soup wipes the memory of the person so they can reincarnate into the next life without the burdens of the previous life.)


The physical pain overcame the psychological fear, Li Ruo Shui nodded quickly and agreed.

After all, pain relief was the most important thing now.

The temple was indeed so damp that a casual windblow could echo the poison in her body, making it even colder.

Lu Zhi Yao nodded slightly and leapt down from the Buddha's altar with her in his arms, walking lightly and dressed in white, like a little Bodhisattva walking out of the temple.

“Then thank you for your hard work.”


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