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Dawang stalked his neck and did not speak, his handsome face full of rebelliousness.


Sanwang pursed his lips and rolled his eyes, but he showed a coquettish expression towards Lin Lan.


Lin Lan understood in a second— they were punished to stand.


Hahaha, so even you two will go through a day like this! Your mother can’t cure you, so naturally, I’ll leave it to another person of fate to deal with you.


Haha, let me laugh for a while.


Lin Lan’s undisguised laugh annoyed Dawang and Sanwang as the both of them looked at her.


At this time, there was a cold hum from the room and the two children were so frightened that their faces froze.

Their backs straightened immediately and they looked straight ahead with serious expressions.


Lin Lan pursed her lips and entered the room, “Erwang, Maisui, it smells really good.”


Xiaowang ran over, “Mother, I’ll play another one,” He immediately nodded with his little hand and began to play the flute.


Lin Lan said in surprise, “You’re an awesome kid! Mother really admires you!”


Xiaowang was even more excited.


Lin Lan went over to see that Han Qingsong had almost finished sewing the flower quilt.


“Oh, as expected of Director Han, that’s amazing!” She gave a thumbs up.


Xiaowang, “Mother, who is better between me and my father”


Lin Lan smiled and scratched the child’s little nose, “Of course, it’s you, child.

Your father probably wouldn’t be able to make a sound out of this.”


Xiaowang was happy and led Wangwang to see the duck brothers.

Well, actually the duck sisters.


During dinner, Lin Lan asked the two children to come over for dinner, but Han Qingsong said, “Let them be hungry.”


Lin Lan whispered, “Education will be education, but there is no need to starve them.

I don’t want them to go hungry.”


Han Qingsong, “Listen to whoever made the meal.

If you are not obedient, you don’t get to eat.”


Lin Lan nodded, noting nothing wrong in that sentence.


If a child were to eat yet curse their own mother, it was definitely contradictory.


It’s just that the child didn’t seem to be that much of a jerk.

Currently, he was just going through a rebellious phase like all children do.


But upon seeing Han Qingsong’s grim expression, she really didn’t dare to stroke the tiger’s whiskers.


Hence, two brothers, mother will be eating first.


In addition to the regular meals, Erwang also stewed a dish which was filled with eggs, shrimp skins and chopped green onions.

It was actually very good.


Lin Lan’s eyes lit up after eating, “Mm, it’s delicious! Erwang’s cooking skills are getting better and better.”


Erwang’s skills being better than his mother would be gratifying.

In the future, the kitchen could be left to him while Lin Lan would sit back and enjoy it, haha.


Erwang looked at Lin Lan with a proud expression and felt very happy in his heart, but he felt that his mother’s gaze was a bit calculated.


Lin Lan coughed and said sincerely, “I’m announcing a big event.”


Han Qingsong put down the chopsticks in his hand and the other children immediately put their utensils down when they saw this.

In the end, everyone ended up looking at her.


Lin Lan was a little embarrassed, “Don’t be so serious, it’s just that you all have to go to school starting tomorrow.”


Erwang and Maisui were already prepared, but Dawang and Sanwang were the wilted ones.


Dawang was silent.


Sanwang objected at the time, “Mother, I’m not old enough.

I’m only 7 years old.”


Lin Lan, “How young is 7 years old Liu Han sacrificed himself for the country at the age of fifteen.”


Sanwang, “If there are demons now, I’m not afraid of sacrificing myself either!”


Lin Lan slapped the table, “Why are you talking back so much” Ha, do you think that your own mother is unable to win your arguments


Han Qingsong snorted lightly, but Sanwang didn’t dare to make a sound.


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