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“Chief Zhou Lin, I called you over this time mainly because I have a good thing to share with you,” the battalion commander said with a smile.

“Chief Hu Guo came over this time to tell you that you have been given an opportunity to work in the capital.

This transfer will last for a year and a half.

During this period, you can properly learn advanced military theory knowledge from the chiefs in the capital.”

The battalion commander said with a face full of envy.

He wished that the person who could immediately go to the capital to learn military theory knowledge was him.

“Why is it so sudden I have never received any news before!” Zhou Lin was very surprised.

For such a big change, the person involved should be told some relevant news.

Hu Guo came this time mainly to select some outstanding cadres to bring to the capital for training.

Before Hu Guo came, the candidates had not been appointed.

They needed to arrive at the destination to conduct research.

However, after arriving at the recruit camp, Hu Guo met her old acquaintance, Zhou Lin.

She also saw Zhou Lins wonderful performance in this match on the broadcast.

She immediately decided to bring Zhou Lin back to the capital.

“Chief Zhou Lin, what are you still hesitating for This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! After a year and a half of study, you can stay in the capital and take up a post.

Even if you are worried that your family members dont want to stay in the capital, with this learning experience, if you return to our place and take up a post, you will definitely be promoted by a few ranks.”

The battalion commanders words echoed in Zhou Lins ears.

Zhou Lin turned his head and glanced at Yun Xi.

Yun Xis expression did not have any fluctuations, but in fact, her heart was already surging with emotions.

Zhou Lins special occupation prevented the two of them from seeing each other every day like other couples.

Yun Xi could only wait until Zhou Lin had a holiday to see him.

However, they were still in the same city.

If Zhou Lin was transferred to the capital, it would be even more difficult for the two of them to see each other.

This year and a half would completely turn their relationship into a long-distance relationship.

It was still not like the 21st century, where mobile phones, airplanes, and other transportation and communication tools were developing at a particularly fast pace.

They could call and video call at any time.

Now, the only way for the two of them to contact each other was to mail letters.

In the past, letters were very slow, and there was only enough love for one person in a lifetime.

Zhou Lin was also worried about this.

Yun Xi was a very outstanding woman, and he himself believed that the relationship between him and Yun Xi was indestructible.

However, it was inevitable that when he was not around, there would be some damned men surrounding her.

Just thinking about these men made Zhou Lins heart ache with jealousy.

“Zhou Lin, dont tell me that you cant bear to part with your fiancée”

Hu Guo saw Zhou Lins concern and teased him.

Her raised tone contained some sincerity and some carelessness.

Zhou Lin did not speak, but he still tilted his head to look at Yun Xi.


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