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Wang Qi helped Old Master Wang sit before glancing at Lin Yun.

“She was invited by my grandfather.

Why Do you have a problem with that”

When Lin Yu heard that Lin Yun was invited by Old Master Wang, her face darkened.

She looked at Lin Yun and said coldly, “Hes sick.

Whats the use of her coming!”

“Could it be that she knows medicine”

“Its no wonder.

She was raised as the daughter of the Lin family.

Its probably not new for her to fly over roofs and walk on walls!”

Hearing Lin Yus words, Old Master Wang couldnt help but frown.

Wang Qi glared at Lin Yu angrily.

“Youre so mean.

You dont behave like a young lady at all!”

“Even if you return to the Lin family, you still reek of bad manners!”

Lin Yus expression became even angrier.

Her face was red, and one could tell that Wang Qi had stabbed her in the sore spot.

Lin Yu glared at Wang Qi fiercely.

“Thats right! Im just ill-mannered! Ive been carried off by the wrong people since I was young.

I should have been born into a family with no worries about food and clothing, but I can only sleep in the open with a family of fishermen!”

“Thats my bad luck! I admit it!”

“After returning to the Lin family, I still have to face people like you! If you cant tolerate me, Ill leave!” The more Lin Yu spoke, the more aggrieved she became.

Tears flowed down her face.

Seeing this, Old Master Wang hurriedly comforted her.

“Xiaoyu, dont be sad.

Come, come to Grandpa.”

Lin Yu immediately leaned over, her face covered in tears as she leaned against Old Master Wang.

Wang Qi curled her lips in disdain.

Old Master Wang patted Lin Yus back as if comforting her.

He looked at Wang Qi unhappily.

“When can you change your sharp tongue Anyone would be happy if they were scolded by you!”

Wang Qi rolled her eyes, clearly not taking Old Master Wangs scolding to heart.

“Grandpa, Im doing this for your own good.

You just woke up.

If you faint again because of some ulterior motives, the hospital wont have enough resources!”

When Old Master Wang heard Wang Qis words, he immediately became angry.

“What do you mean! Is Grandpa not going to be saved when hes about to die”

Wang Qi stuck out her tongue and said, “How would I dare! If Grandpa really cant be saved, wont he come to haunt and scold me every night I wont be able to stand it.

Its better to let you scold me in broad daylight!”

Hearing Wang Qis words, Old Master Wang couldnt help but smile.

“Seriously! I dont know what your brain is thinking all day long!” Old Master Wang couldnt help but shake his head and sigh helplessly.

“You and Xiao Yun have been different since you were young.

She has always been silent and does things quietly.”

“You! You really have to study hard! How can I hand the Wang Consortium to you if you are so rash!”

With Old Master Wangs words, Lin Yus expression changed.

Lin Yun and Wang Qi naturally noticed the change in Lin Yus expression, but the two of them tacitly remained calm.

Old Master Wang naturally felt the body in his arms stiffen.

The smile on his face deepened.

“You guys are Grandpas favorites.

Grandpa likes every one of you!”

“Dont be so noisy in front of Grandpa in the future!”

After Old Master Wang finished speaking, Lin Yun and Wang Qi nodded again and agreed.

Although Lin Yu was unwilling, she replied gloomily.

At this moment, the nurse came in to check on Old Master Wangs medicine and instructed him not to have too many people in the ward.

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