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Chapter 1679: True Cultivation To World Sovereign

“There is indeed something off about him.” Yueyi nodded and looked at Ah Zhi.

“What do you plan to do”

“Lu Yun tells me that the Curse King is not the Curse King,” she responded meaningfully.

“What do you mean” Yueyi looked quizzical.

“There might’ve been a real Curse King in the unknown expanses sometime in the past, but the Curse King now is no longer who he once was,” Ah Zhi murmured.

“The same goes for Kun fish, he isn’t who he was before.

He turned into someone like the Curse King after he accessed sequence!

“If my guess is correct, Kun fish knows the truth about the Luminaries and the responsibility of Mount Astronomia, but he still wants to destroy the mountain!

“The fish of old wouldn’t do that, so the one now and the Curse King that we know come from the same place!” Ah Zhi’s gaze sharpened as a cutting killing intent rose from her body.

“You’ve entered the eighth door of sequence!” Yueyi gasped.

“My true self diligently cultivated in the worlds of the Central Hongmeng and faced death quite a few times.

After the tempering of my experiences, I’ve naturally set foot into the next level.” Ah Zhi paused and then mumbled, “Maybe I’m mistaken, but I feel like I saw Kun fishie in the world of immortals.”

Yueyi fell silent.

She knew that opportunities abounded in the Central Hongmeng, but she’d only entered the third realm and not the worlds proper that could be found deeper inside.

Regardless, her cultivation had still risen by a noticeable level.

“Let’s go raze Kunpeng Ocean right now! I’d like to see if two eighth level sequence experts are enough to stomp over a mere ocean!” Ah Zhi rose with formidable killing intent; there was no trace of her usual languidness to be found.

She’d once nursed friendship and more for the master of the Kunpeng Ocean—the Kun fish.

Whilst those feelings had been eroded by the passage of time, a faint image still lingered in her heart.

The presence of the Kun Sovereign King today, however, blew away that cherished image.

He was no more.

She would exact revenge for him!

Otherwise, if an internal demon developed, her Dream Sutra would become the Nightmare Sutra.

“Alright, I’ll go with you!” Yueyi took a deep breath and spoke no more about the Luminaries dissolving.

For current disciples, disbandment was the undisputed ideal choice.

Protecting the Boundless Planes and suppressing the land of darkness should be a burden for the Moon and Sun Sovereign Kings.

It was too cruel to expect the same out of ordinary beings who’d yet to reach even Void World King.



The World Star trembled as a pillar of profound light rose from a certain locale, taking the shape of a furled scroll.

It gradually solidified into something like a nascent spirit and drifted back down.

A pleasing fragrance wafted from the site and spread throughout the star.

Upon Divine Alchemist Mountain, the powerhouses still deriving formula dao stopped in unison.

“What was that” A startled Alchemist Sovereign and others paused, looking to the direction where the disturbance had come from.

“That’s junior brother—senior brother Feng Feifan’s residence.

Heavens, has he become a Nihil World Sovereign” Xing Lan asked dumbly.

“I remember that kid was a Nihil World Sovereign to begin with, but he concealed his cultivation before.

Can it be…” Xing Chen’s brow furrowed in thought before smoothing out.

Thunder tribulations usually accompanied a breakthrough to Nihil World Sovereign, but Lu Yun’s tribulation clouds vanished without a trace the second they appeared, like something had swallowed them.

“So this is the Nihil World Sovereign level.” Lu Yun stood in the middle of his residence and opened his arms to the ceiling, taking a deep breath.

“Even the air tastes sweeter at this cultivation level.”

“Pfft.” Qing Yu and the little fox rolled their eyes, the latter muttering, “What’s that word from the ancestral planet that describes how he is right now”

“Poser!” Qing Yu giggled.

“That’s right, he’s being such a poser,” the little fox harrumphed.

“Wasn’t he a Nihil World Sovereign before This is hardly new to him.”

“Ahem!” Lu Yun coughed awkwardly.

“My nascent spirit gave me that cultivation level.

This one’s the result of my own efforts!”

He’d used the Time Reincarnation combat art to craft a tiny boundary of time in his abode, accelerating time so that five hundred years passed by swiftly enough for him to reach Nihil World Sovereign anew.

Although five hundred years was a long period of time to Lu Yun, it was the snap of a finger in the boundless fourth realm.

Rising from Void World King to Nihil World Sovereign in just five hundred years was a flabbergasting feat.

Even the emperor of the original Hongmeng hadn’t attained Lu Yun’s cultivation speed.

Of course, in the latter’s era, cultivators didn’t refine the void and wouldn’t become Nihil World Sovereigns.

All the same, Lu Yun’s rate of improvement exceeded all of his forebears.

With Fairylands as his bulwark, any development in the vibrant immortal dao streamed into his body and enabled him to make tremendous progress in a single day.

The current Fairylands was similar to the initial hell that’d been accessible through the Tome of Life and Death.

The major difference was that hell had been fragmented and Fairylands was a complete world with immortal dao coursing through it—an immortal dao that encompassed three thousand great daos.

Lu Yun was an unknown number of times stronger than how he was before.

“Oh What are you doing here, martial granddaughter” Lu Yun turned back to see Yueyi and Ah Zhi appear in his residence.

Though he’d set up layers of formations around his accommodations, they wouldn’t stop eighth level sequence experts.

He couldn’t see the existence of sequence yet, so he was very far from accessing it.

“Greetings to my martial grandfather and martial mistresses,” Yueyi greeted the three with a rueful chuckle.

Ah Zhi proudly stuck her chest out, feeling much more senior to Yueyi.

“Mount Astronomia has been attacked by the darkness.

Yueyi is here to ask for help,” she said.

“I sent Jian Bu’er.

Well, he should be able to take care of it.”

After being taught a lesson by the Dao King, Jian Bu’er had headed to the Sword Clan to make trouble for Sword First.

He then stayed in the clan to teach and train his juniors.

In his eyes, everyone in the clan was his juniors, even the Sword Sovereign King.

The Sword Clan had long since joined the Star Sect and occupied one of the mountains on the World Star.

With Ah Zhi’s help, the Sword Sovereign recovered to his peak and became a sequence expert once more.

He was the second sequence expert to appear within the sect.

When Jian Bu’er heard of the happenings on Mount Astronomia, he rushed to the border with his rusty sword and the Demonic Vine in tow.

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I really like Ah Zhi's sentiments here.

So what if he didn't like me I wanted him to be happy.

I'll end whoever killed him!


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