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Chapter 1758: Destruction

The grand influence over the world perfectly concealed Chu Xingran’s grand curse.

Jiang Kui, the Corpse Refiners, and the other factions from the outside world were completely oblivious that something lurked in their environment.

Even if they knew, they wouldn’t be inclined to impart this information to someone else.

The great zombie that the Corpse Refiners had exhausted their efforts to send into the Land of Reincarnation was now imprisoned by their enemy.

Their losses were the heaviest on this venture, so if they were going to get the short end of the stick, they would make sure everyone else got it too.


“Well, I won’t stand on ceremony either since you’re all in such a hurry to die.” Lu Yun shook his head to see the outside cultivators fan out and furiously destroy any layouts they encountered throughout the tomb.

He had to ensure that he gave them a beating to remember and fear.

Otherwise, the primary worlds of the fourth realm would be in for a terrifying slaughter when Qing Buyi left after six hundred years.

Since they considered themselves far above others, the outside realm denizens didn’t consider the natives of the Land of Reincarnation as actual living beings.

The interment of heaven and earth and bronze palace started being affected as their layouts winked out.

The interment wasn’t a self-contained entity—it’d integrated into the environment around it and they mutually affected one another.

If the world changed around it, it ran the risk of falling apart.

Naturally, Lu Yun would never allow the outsiders a chance of success.

The Netherdark Talisman swiftly destroyed the bitterness within the doll and the demon of malice slowly morphed into Lu Qingtian instead.

He was only a mortal, so he would die the instant he appeared in a place like this.

But there was something else on him at the moment—a connate demon fetus.

The fetus could save his life, but at the same time, the will of a mortal couldn’t control such a terrifying demonic entity.

Lu Qingtian would eventually be corrupted by the fetus and become a berserk slaughter machine.

However, Lu Yun was well prepared in advance.

Lu Qingtian’s name appeared in the Tome of Life and Death the second he revived.

Beings with their name written in the book were second to only the Yama Kings and far superior to the Infernum.

Lu Qingtian understood the cause and effect of nearly everything the second he came back to life, but Lu Yun threw him into the Disordered Hell before he could speak.

Only the original connate demon fetus remained hovering quietly in front of Lu Yun.

It appeared to be a ball of black radiance that crackled with something like black lightning over its surface.

Lu Yun had seen this black lightning that nurtured the power of darkness before.

It was the same lightning that invaded the worlds of light!

This is the source of that black lightning!

The powerhouses from the outside realm agitated more strongly than before when they saw the actual form of the demon fetus.

A great opportunity was right in front of them! They surged madly toward it, deathly afraid of being one step too late to the prize.

“Time for real business now!” Lu Yun sneered and took one step forward.


The abyss trembled as black volcanoes rose from the ground.

They spewed grayish-black lava and filled the air with ash.

Gray lava giants clambered up from the volcanoes, accompanied by black dragons.

These were the dragons of the Abyssal Hell as summoned by the Dragonquake Scripture!

Lu Yun fully deployed the strongest power he could muster at his current level and made use of the entire Abyssal Hell and neighboring hells to bolster his strength to eighteen levels of sequence.

He’d gathered all of the dragons from the earthen veins in the Abyssal Hell, just as that personage had once done in the original Hongmeng.

The Abyssal Tomb that he’d sealed away before slowly revealed itself, clashing with the bronze palace he’d set up.

As both of them were grand influences over the world, they possessed incredibly vast power.

The Dragonquake Scripture directed them to clash with each other and generate enough energy to destroy a world.

Enveloped by the layout of burial from two grand influences, the order of opposition filtered through the Abyssal Hell.

“What, what’s going on!” The outsiders looked around wildly.

A trace of horror finally crept into their hearts.

The destructive power resulting from the clash forced by the order of opposition was sufficient to destroy everything here—everything alive, the zombies, and the two tombs.

“There!” Someone pointed at Lu Yun’s position and yelled, “Lu Yun stands in the only safe spot in this entire place! We can live if we make our way there!”

He was a feng shui master and immediately saw that Lu Yun stood at the blind spot of the two clashing tombs.

Although he could identify it, everyone was finding movement difficult amid the raging destructive power.

“Don’t be afraid!” someone snarled.

“These are just projections of our will, our primary bodies are outside! It’s just losing a tiny bit of soul force if our projections are destroyed—”


The speaker exploded into a cloud of dust.

“I see death… he’s dead! His primary body is dead too!!”

“A curse!”

Panic swept through the crowd; they had no idea what was going on.

What kind of curse could kill their primary bodies through a projection of their will

“We need to act together!” the feng shui master roared.

“We need to jointly cut through the destructive force and head to the blind spot or we’ll all die!”

The frantic outsiders quickly calmed down.

As ferocious as the power was, it couldn’t kill them all at the same time.

It could only eliminate them one by one.

They had a chance of survival if they acted in concert, but death was certain if they didn’t!

Nearly ten thousand outsiders looked at each other and combined their strength.

Even their aura formed a massive joint forcefield.

Chu Xingran’s curse couldn’t break it.

“There’s a tough enemy down there.” Aboard the hell battleship, Chu Xingran frowned at the surging outsiders.

He looked over at Lu Yun.

The Demonic Vine stood next to him, busily refining the connate demon fetus and absorbing the destructive power from the surroundings.

Demons were born of destruction and the strongest demon wielded destruction as its weapon.

When the demon of immortal dao created the era of demonic dao, all beings cultivated the power of destruction.

The vine possessed it too, but it was far too feeble compared to a clash between grand influences over the world.

Lu Yun watched the charging outsiders and took another step forward, pivoting toward the bronze palace.


Black dragon shadows circled around him as he operated the Dragonquake Scripture to its maximum.

It conveyed the power of the Abyssal Hell straight to Lu Yun.

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Lu Yun, the last person to do this blew everything up.

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