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Chapter 129: Are you nervous about going on stage

Shen Yuanye looked at Anna’s face and found that she had no other emotions besides being happy

Anna didn’t have a single clue of what was to happen in the future: “What do you think of this facial makeup, in China, this style is of a female character named Dan.

Have you heard of this”

Shen Yuanye naturally knew the division of these roles.

She stopped thinking about the death video, pretended to be nonchalant and said, “Very beautiful.”

Her words would have been more convincing if it wasn’t for the death video she saw.

This makeup style was indeed very beautiful, and she was the one that painted it on her face herself, but the one in the video…


Anna replied: “I think it’s beautiful too.”

The number of models backstage gradually decreased, and the noise became much lower.

Shen Yuanye changed into the clothes she was going to display this time.

This model catwalk did not have only one rotation of outfits.

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Shen Yuanye turned her head again, and looked to the side.

There were no clues there either.


Was the murderer going to prepare everything later on

During the rehearsal, there were going to be many models backstage.

There may be several people entering the bathroom at the same time.

The murderer really didn’t have enough time.

Shen Yuanye really wanted to know how the other party prepared the crime scene.

But it was still a bit early, maybe she could get more information as it got closer to the 9th.

Early September, Fashion Week kicks off.

At this moment, the backstage was overcrowded.

All kinds of voices and languages were jumbled together, making it very chaotic.

The models came and went, as if they were going to a fair together.

Except they were more glamorous and fashionable compared to normal people.

Shen Yuanye’s position was at the back, and she was not one of the people going for the first scene.

Both she and Anna were getting ready.

The stylist had already arranged the makeup  style and hair.

They were waiting for them to go on stage, and then come back to quickly touch up the makeup before continuing to go on stage.

All the faces were eagerly scanning and searching in the background… However, once they reached the entrance of the catwalk, their faces quickly turned into cold expressions.

They raised their heads and puffed out their chests, and stepped into the brightness of the light beams.

However, in such a chaotic situation, there were still reporters crowded inside.


Journalists from different countries crowded in the same backstage, looking for models they could interview.

In most cases, they were directly rejected because the models were in a hurry.

Shen Yuanye was closing her eyes slightly to adjust her eyelashes, when suddenly a reporter squeezed between her and Anna, “Hi, can I interview you”

She opened her eyes, and the other party suddenly took a few photos.

“You don’t look nervous at all… Um, are you a Chinese model Is this your first time participating in a fashion show” The reporter almost got stuck.

Looking from behind, he saw that the elegant neck of this model was abnormally fair.

He thought it was a Caucasian model, but he did not expect it to be a Chinese model.

Shen Yuanye nodded, “Yes, how could it be possible not to be nervous”

All models here, who was not nervous

Even those who had participated in fashion shows many times would definitely still  be nervous.

Each show was a new experience, and no one knew what would happen.

Take those supermodels who have made mistakes before as an example.

They were confident before they left, but they would never have expected such mistakes.

It was probably more tense afterwards.

The reporter laughed: “I couldn’t notice! But I look forward to your performance!”

He then put all his attention on Anna.

He was not very interested in a Chinese model who was participating in a fashion show for the first time.


Shen Yuanye didn’t have much of a response at all.

After sorting out her matters,, she nodded to Anna who was being interviewed, and strode to the entrance.

The director was already yelling over there.

Just a wall away, countless bigwigs in the fashion field, rich people from all over the world, were admiring these designs.

Shen Yuanye looked at the light, and her restless heart suddenly calmed down.

There was a saying that helped her calm down.

Treat the people below as carrots.

No matter what, they couldn’t come up on the stage to eat people.

She stood on the high ground, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

The models in front of her decrease one by one.

The show director gestured at her and directed her to go.

Shen Yuanye straightened her expression, raised her foot and walked up.

When the light came over, she took a deep breath.

Now life was getting better and better, but the pursuit of fashion was getting simpler and simpler.

Uncomplicated colors and styles have become the choice of more people, and as the four major fashion weeks, it was impossible to have so many exotic and bright clothes.

Shen Yuanye’s first dress was an irregularly cut dress.

The whole set of clothing was very three-dimensional, like the lines of those geometric figures, with a simple style.

Her makeup was not complicated.

Her beautiful face was undoubtedly displayed in front of the whole world, and her long hair was tied at the end, which looked very simple.


The steps that she practiced everyday came in handy at this moment.

The purpose of a model was not to show off herself to everyone in the audience, but to highlight the clothes as much as possible.

Otherwise, it was like putting the cart before the horse.

Which designer wanted his clothes to be contrasted against the model

When Shen Yuanye walked to the fixed point, it would be a time for a lot of photos.

Her heart that was nervous from the beginning and suddenly became calm.

After posing, she briskly followed the previous model back to the backstage.

But in less than a minute, she was walking and introduced internationally.

The show director was urging other models there, Shen Yuanye’s lips raised uncontrollably.

She went back backstage swiftly, found the clothes with her name on the hanger, and quickly changed into them.

Her palms were sweating.

The second set of clothes were a little different from the first set.

It had a long skirt, and the style was a bit exaggerated compared with the previous one.

The makeup was much thicker.

So her hair was let down and curled, and the beautiful ebony color was reflected in the background.

Even the reporter who interviewed a few words with her before couldn’t help but focus his camera on her.

There was a difference from the person who he had spoken to just now, and the reporter was a little surprised.

The first day of the show ended successfully.


Time flew, and the fashion show continued on for several days.

Whether it was domestic or foreign, basically everyone was discussing this fashion show.

The reporters spread the videos and photos of the fashion show to China, including some backstage snapshots.

Shen Yuanye and Zhou Lu naturally received the attention of the Chinese people.

As a newcomer to the International Fashion Week, Shen Yuanye naturally attracted more attention from others.

There were many points of attention.

“She looks pretty good, and the vibe is quite different from Weibo previously.

As expected, it’s different when you’re on stage.”

“I don’t know what it took for a small model to participate, but I know that several other people have no chance to go, haha.”

“I saw news from other countries on the Internet #photo# it’s cute sister Yuanye, it was such a success for the first time, congratulations!”

“Ah! The back figure of the previous street photo is her!”

The video of the fashion show showed a scene where her back was revealed.

The sharp-eyed netizens soon discovered that a back view that was popular on Weibo a few days ago was very similar to Shen Yuanye’s.

For a while, the topic that was once the number one hot search was brought up again.

Liu Li always paid attention to the domestic public opinion.

She was very calm at the beginning, pressing down on the company’s staff.

She didn’t reveal any information on whether Shen Yuanye was the owner of the back figure, just to wait for it to get to a certain point.

So now almost when this comment has some signs, the official blog immediately released the same series of previous street photos.

The central one was exactly the same as the back view.

Now, many people who were giving negative comments were silently slapped in the face.

With that first success, the following shows, it would be much easier for Shen Yuanye.

On the evening of the 7th, Liu Li prepared some food for her at the hotel, “I saw your show, it was very successful and beautiful.”

Shen Yuanye smiled lightly.

Liu Li said: “I think after this fashion show, your endorsements will reach a new level, and then you will be busy.

Your life was too comfortable before.”

The image of a model was naturally based on endorsements, covers, and catwalks.

A good cover was to have pictures in well-known magazines.

If the previous magazine was recognized as having the highest gold content in the fashion industry, then the status of the model would be much more stable.

Good endorsements were ones that were brands that were most favored in the fashion industry.

It was the pursuit of all models.

It was not uncommon to endorse one or two.

If a model could endorse them all, they would be remembered by everyone in the world.

So far, only one supermodel has endorsed all of the most favored brands in the fashion industry.

Shen Yuanye’s current cover was only domestic.

That was when she was not really well-known.

Now that she has the international fashion week under her belt, she would  definitely be on a much higher level.

“There are two days left tomorrow, and then I can go back to China after attending a dinner party.” Shen Yuanye massaged her shoulders.

Liu Li replied unhappily: “What are you doing going back so early Staying an extra day at Fashion Week means more experience.

Who knows how many people envy you, but you are in a hurry to go back.”

She said such things but did not interfere with Shen Yuanye’s time.

Shen Yuanye didn’t answer this matter, but thought about what would happen tomorrow night.

Tomorrow was going to be the 8th.

The murderer should reveal some clues by then.

Even if there wasn’t any, at the latest during the daytime of the 9th, there will definitely be something to show.

She took the time to check in the past two days, and the bathroom was still the same as before, nothing changed.

The murderer hadn’t started preparing yet.

As for Anna, Shen Yuanye felt that she could inquire again tomorrow.

After all, she was her first foreign friend.

She died inexplicably, while wearing a traditional Chinese opera face mask.

After discovering the scene, there will definitely be photos leaked out.

Linking to the country was always a bit bad.


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