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Chapter 128.2: Lu Yue’s information.

The document was very thin, just a few sheets of paper, and Shen Yuanye read it carefully.

It listed Lu Yue’s life experience from childhood to adulthood in detail.

It included her school photos, how many awards she had won, and even noted down any quarrels she had with boys.

After elementary school, she was taken away from her original living place.

She didn’t return to Beijing until after college.

Just like ordinary college students, all her experiences were nothing special.

Sun Ai nodded: “The middle and high schools areas are blank.

You probably don’t know what I mean by that.

Her middle and high schools are indicated on the document.

It seems normal, but the person I had go research her asked people from her middle and high schools, but no one remembered Lu Yue.


This blank was not a blank on the surface.

This was very strange.

It was okay if her middle school classmates couldn’t remember her, but no one in high school could remember

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But for what reason, Sun Ai herself didn’t know.


Shen Yuanye put down the file: “I don’t feel at ease if I don’t figure it out.”

Sun Ai nodded, but still comforted her: “Don’t be too nervous, I will continue to help you investigate, the information can’t be hidden forever.”

She didn’t want Shen Yuanye to be in a bad mood, so she changed the topic.

Shen Yuanye had something on her mind, so she was naturally absent-minded.

A few hours later, the two separated.

When she returned to the hotel that night, she naturally saw Lu Yue again.

Liu Li was telling her about the upcoming itinerary and the points that need attention.

Although she was listening, she focused on Lu Yue out of the corner of her eye.

Lu Yue still had that indifferent look.

It seemed to be the same as before, and the picture of her in the file was also very similar.

Shen Yuanye silently sighed in her heart.

The next day, she was sent to the rehearsal.

Anna arrived earlier than her.

She had already changed into her first dress and was receiving touch-ups.

Seeing her, Anna blinked.


After the makeup was finished, Shen Yuanye sat there and had her makeup done by the stylist: “Anna, have you still been painting face masks recently”

When it came to facial masks, Anna’s interest was much higher.

She blinked: “Of course, I’ll show you my latest achievement!”

She took out her phone, and there was a new photo in the album.

The background of the photo was in a hotel.

A vibrant opera face mask was painted on her face.

She posed with scissors hands to the camera, smiling brightly.

Shen Yuanye paused when she saw it for the first time.

The face in this photo was exactly the same as the face painted on the mask that appeared in the video of the death.

Even the lines under the corners of the eyes were the same.


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