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Chapter 2063: Your Presence Brings Light to My Humble DwellingTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Oh my, its supposed to be the capital of Shuntian Prefecture, yet I didnt see any large and spacious inns after walking so long.

Im so exhausted.” The Gingko Immortal waved her pink silk handkerchief in the air.

“Im not walking anymore.

Ill walk after drinking some tea.”

The men and women that came in after them were like immortals who had walked out of a painting.

Everybody practically couldnt tear their gazes from them.

The man dressed in red clothes flicked his sleeves and flitted past like a startled swan, while the man dressed in ink-colored garb had picturesque brows and was gentle like the breeze.

The little lady whose hand the man in ink-colored clothes was holding had an expressionless and frosty face.

Her eyes were illusory like the constellations in the dark night.

It was as if one glance was all she needed to suck a persons soul in.

This group of people who sauntered in promptly honored the humble room with their presence.

Everybody felt as if the class of this small, rundown teahouse had instantly jumped by many levels!

The waiter hastily ran over and wiped the chairs and stools once and then twice before beckoning for them to take a seat with a smile.

Qiao Mu sat by the window and propped up her chin as she watched the people come and go.

“Lian, say, will that child live well in the future”

“Of course.

Even though that peasant household isnt particularly well-off, the husband and wife are hard workers, and everybody who know them praises them for being kind people.” Mo Lian patted her head.

“Dont worry, that child will get better.”

Qiao Mu turned to nod at him.

There was not a single survivor in Clear Sky Gorges dungeon.

Surprisingly, the child they had rescued from the underground base previously had tenaciously survived.

After a period of nourishment, his body had also improved a lot.

When they sent him to the peasant household, the child was already able to speak again.

As long as he obediently took the pills she left him, he would become an active child again in less than half a year.

She hoped that the child could have a normal family and a normal life, without any more disaster in his life.

“Be good.

Ill send people to occasionally check up on that child later on.

There definitely wont be a problem.”

“Okay.” Qiao Mu nodded and took the tea he passed to her.

*Cling-clang.* The bell at the door rang once again.

When Qiao Mu looked up, she saw a familiar face, Xiao Huanghe, and her rude senior sister, Fairy Lingfei.

Lingfeis gaze landed resentfully on Qiao Mu and company in a split second.

Fairy Huanghe had already walked up and greeted Qiao Mu warmly.

“Little Savior, so you are also here!”

“Huanghe!” Fairy Lingfei shouted at her irritably and then turned to walk out the door.

“Were returning.”

Fairy Huanghe turned to glance at her senior sister, and then she grasped Qiao Mus hand and said, “Little Savior, where do you plan to stay I have to first return to see my master.

Tell me where youre staying so I can hang out with you tomorrow…”

“Huanghe!” Fairy Lingfeis furious shout caused Fairy Huanghes hands, which were grasping Qiao Mus hand, to shake.

Heavens, Senior Sister Lingfeis temper was too awful lately!

She just blew up at will.

It couldnt be that there was some mutation in her body…

“Youre not leaving yet!” Fairy Lingfei swept Fairy Huanghe a cold gaze before glancing contemptuously at Qiao Mu.

“Today the estate is hosting a feast to entertain numerous young sirs who have come from the Divine Province.

Master told us to return as soon as possible! Are you thinking of defying Masters orders”


Fairy Huanghe bit her handkerchief and reluctantly let go of Qiao Mus hand.

“Little Savior, then wait here for me tomorrow at this same time, okay!”

Would Fairy Huanghe please not act cute!

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