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Chapter 2062: A Fleeting SmileTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


“Boom, boom!” The sounds of several explosions subsequently followed.

Everywhere the explosion birds went, they blasted the entire beautiful and secluded Clear Sky Gorge into ruins.

Qiao Mu swept a glance around without a ripple in her gaze.

It didnt matter if this kind of evil and vile place got razed.

Beautiful as its scenery was, it could not cover up its rotten nature.

The entire Clear Sky Faction was swallowed up by fire.

The flames illuminated Qiao Mus tranquil expressions.

Her gaze was icy as she watched the buildings collapse due to the fire.

The past vanished like dreams and like smoke.

Everything that happened yesterday ended yesterday!

From now on, that “smiling big brother” no longer existed in this world.

She wished him a pleasant time in that bloody hell of terror.


Qiao Mu tugged the corner of her mouth, doing her best to show a smile.

In the light of those towering flames, she looked surpassingly beautiful.

Mo Lians palm cupped her petite face.

My Qiaoqiao, I hope that you will never be haunted by mental demons again and will be happy and healthy.


On Shuntian Prefectures busy Pingan Street.

Many shops had closed due to poor business caused by the changing ways of the world.

However, many stalls had popped up at the ends of the street, selling various kinds of curiosities.

This street was the busiest district in Shuntian Prefectures prefecture city.

Inside Xiancao Teahouse.

“Hey, have you guys heard”

“Yesterday, a gorge in Wuwang Mountain, located 50 kilometers outside the city, bizarrely caught fire.”

“Everybody says that someone angered a fire-spewing divine beast on Wuwang Mountain.

The divine beast was showing its might!!”

“Right, right, right.

I heard the prefecture lord issued a mission, dispatching a good many teams to Wuwang Mountain to investigate the matter.”

“Tut, tut.

This matter has blown up.”

“Hey, hey.

Say, is it possible that it is a fire-spewing divine beast”

“Who knows.

Whether it is a divine beast or not does not have much to do with us normal people.”

“Mhm, that is the case.”

“I also heard that something big happened yesterday in Willow Lane.”

“Yeah, thats right.

It seems like a female corpse was hanging at the entrance to Willow Lane.

It nearly scared the watchman out of his wits.”

“Did they find out who the culprit was”

“Hey, you really are naive.

What is the world like now A zombie might even jump out and bite you dead when youre just walking down the street.”

“Thats right.

Even when the world was at peace in the past, the deaths of one or two common people wouldnt prompt a big investigation.”

“I heard that the fourth manager of the prefecture lords family has ordered to cremate that female lest she turn into a zombie.”

“What a pity when shes still so young.

I heard that she was from a wealthy family.

I wonder if it is a case of robbing and killing.”

“Robbing and killing” One person scoffed.

“You all truly are naive.

I heard that female corpses mouth was plastered together with mud, with three soul-suppressing talismans stuck on her body! This is so that she cant voice her injustice even in the underworld.

Such heartlessness.

Killing someone is just chopping off their head, yet…”

“Chit-chat… chitter-chatter…”

Everybody reflexively turned toward the door at the sound of the bell welcoming new customers.

Their eyes nearly glazed over at this look.

The two females who entered were dressed in bright and resplendent colors, their bangles clinking as they moved.

Their fair and lustrous forearms were also exposed.

Their soft and white bosom rose and fell, and their exposed waists caused the onlookers eyeballs to nearly slide out of their sockets.

The sounds of people swallowing back their drool was heard nonstop.

Most of the men in the lobby were fixated on the two females.

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