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Chapter 280 - Same day, same hotel (1)

Edited by: Lulu

Ning Zhi took a sip of her juice and waited for Shen Shanshan to start.

With the light from the fire in front of them, Shen Shanshan blatantly studied Ning Zhi.

She could still tell how delicate and alluring Ning Zhi was under the dim light.

Ning Zhi was leaning up against the chair languidly, holding a cup of fruit juice in her hand.

She looked calm and was very attractive in the dark.

Shen Shanshan was very rarely envious of others.

In fact, Ning Zhi was the first person to make her feel so.

She saw Sister Huang saying something to the young woman.

Seeing that they were busy, she then scooted closer to Ning Zhi such that the two were almost touching each other.

Ning Zhi bit down on the straw and gave her a look.

“I like Lu Jue,” said Shen Shanshan bluntly.

Ning Zhi raised her brows, “And”

“I was interested in him the very first time that I saw him.

I only found out that he was married today.” What a bummer.

Shen Shanshan’s hair was tied back.

She had a mature and pretty look and was very feminine.

“Don’t worry.

I am no longer interested.

I won’t touch any man that’s already taken.”

“Oh Why do you tell me then” Ning Zhi was curious.

“Can’t you tell I was trying to bond with you”

Shen Shanshan looked at her hopeless brother, who would glance over at them from time to time from afar, and said, “My little brother is fond of you.

He had confessed to you before, but it is obvious that you had already forgotten about him.”

Ning Zhi was taken aback a little.

Shen Shanshan’s words reminded her of a fair and shy young man stopping her on her way to school one day and professing his love to her.

And his name seemed to be…… to be Shen Kuo.

So that was him

No wonder she felt that he looked familiar and that she had seen him somewhere before.

“You remembered him now”

Shen Shanshan smiled.

“I am against him continuing to have feelings for you.

You are, after all, a married woman.

Nevertheless, you didn’t even remember his name.

That was so sad, so I must come and remind you.”

How could Shen Shanshan’s little brother be so pathetic Ning Zhi didn’t even remember his name or his face after he had professed his love to her!

Ning Zhi, “……”

She nodded perfunctorily and said, “Okay.

I’ve committed it to memory now.”

Shen Shanshan picked up the untouched beverage in front of her and took a couple of sips before she leaned into Ning Zhi again and said, “That being said, I am somewhat envious of you.

I’ve met many men, but this was the first time I’ve met someone like Lu Jue.”

Lu Jue was a man, but he still had a clean and innocent feel to him.

Although he had a permanent cold and haughty expression on his face, somehow he still seemed cute and milky.

Conflicting and deadly attractive.

That was the reason why he piqued her interest instantly.

Ning Zhi slowly looked over at Shen Shanshan.

Her voice had a warning tone in it.

“As good as Lu Jue is, he is still mine.

It’s all meant to be.

Being envious won’t do you any good.”

Shen Shanshan had a charming smile on her face.

“Don’t worry.

As I have already said, I’m a woman with a bottom line.

I would not make a move on a man that’s already taken.”

Ning Zhi studied Shen Shanshan, and the latter looked straight into her eyes openly.

“You haven’t done it with Lu Jue yet, have you” Shen Shanshan’s words were startling.

Even though Ning Zhi and Lu Jue were a couple, for someone who was as experienced as Shen Shanshan, she could tell right away the underlying awkwardness and shyness between the two of them.

They were close, but it seemed like there was still a barrier between the two of them.

From some of Lu Jue’s little habits, she could tell that he was too overly innocent.

Ning Zhi didn’t think that Shen Shanshan would ask about something like that in such a straightforward manner.

“I was right,” said Shen Shanshan with confidence.

She was envious and in disbelief at the same time.

“What a waste.”

Ning Zhi didn’t understand what she meant by that.

Shen Shanshan switched to a more comfortable position and said, “How could you have a little chick like Lu Jue in front of you and not devour him”


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