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For a time, [Greetings.

Smart Eldercare AI Model 8564, at your service] was the meme du jour quoted by everyone online.

It is what the AI robot in the story said when it was first turned on by its owner, and also what it first said when it was transported back in time.

Once again, rich fans bought out advertising space to show this single sentence on loop, for a whole day.

There is even news that a few insectoids tried to emotionally connect with their AI, but they’ve been quite roundly discouraged by the AI’s cold, metallic, unemotional responses.

“Why would I use the mecha for writing material” Cheng Zhaoci is looking at Zhou Luoluo like he just suggested something outrageous, “I already know so many shemale soldiers.

Why don’t I just go see Wei-ge‘s and ask him about it”

Wei Zhuo’s mecha is definitely a high-performance one; he didn’t even buy it, because the Federation custom-built one that’s suited to him.

“I really don’t like the way to speak,” replies a disgusted Zhou Luoluo, “especially when it involves Wing Commander Wei,” because it feels like a big boast, and it just sours the conversation.

“He’s a Group Captain now,” rectifies Chneg Zhaoci, “and, believe me, it’s not good to be jealous.”

Jealous what! Zhou Luoluo almost rolls his eyes at him.

Jealous that he has a gentle dad Who doesn’t find his talkativeness annoying … Well, yes.

What else! His older brother making him a mecha His older brothers all being on really good terms with him That he’s in love, and both of them love each other oh–so–much

What, jealous of these Surely not.

“You look awful.

Are you not feeling well” Cheng Zhaoci puts his hand on Zhou Luoluo’s forehead, seeing how contorted his face is, “do you need the medical pod”

Zhou Luoluo swipes the hand away, grits his teeth and says, “I’m fine!”

When males come of age, they get their aptitude tested.

It happens on the birthday, sharp, so Cheng Zhaoci already skipped an update online, telling his readers he’ll be off this week for business.

On his birthday, his dad and Wei Zhuo both took some days off to come with him.

Xiao Ji and He Huaijian also took a family day.

The very important Grand Marshal just strolled right into the room nonchalantly with the rest of them.

If they weren’t all packed into one vehicle the entire way, he suspects the entire group would draw lots of curious gazes from passers-by.

The testing facility is smack in the middle of the main city on the Capital planet.

It spans twenty floors of an entire building, and is heavily fortified.

The vehicle only drops them off inside, without offering any opportunity for outside opportunists to get in contact.

The lobby area is serviced by an older male who already has wrinkles and white bangs.

This only adds to an imposing aura, in steep contrast to his male identity.

He looks like a, let’s say, last boss in a game.

The aura is further reinforced by the two rows of soldiers in front of him.

He’s heavily guarded.

Lu Yao is smiling at the male though, “yo I see the President is getting impatient, is he”

“The President!” The others all yell out simultaneously, except Cheng Jin and Wei Zhuo, but they look equally shocked nonetheless.

The President – who is rumoured to be a mere puppet of the Chairman of Chief Command!

“I’m no puppet, you see,” Bai Jiawen says.

He can’t read minds, but every single time he introduces himself, everyone has the same questions.

He knows exactly what they’re going to ask, “the Chairman is my cijun.

We work alongside each other.”

“That’s not even the half of it.

Two of the four Grand Marshals are his concubines,” adds Lu Yao.

The dangerous-looking Bai Jiawen makes an awkward cough, before turning his attention to Cheng Zhaoci, “you must be Mr Cheng Zhaoci.

This way, please.”

Cheng Zhaoci is still entirely in shock, and Lu Yao has to give him a push to shake him back to reality… What the **ing hell! Isn’t he just getting an aptitude test Why is the President here! And, is he not here for Lu Yao, but for him!

Is he getting arrested for smearing the image of males Is he in danger of being disappeared right here and now!

And if he’s the xiongzhu of the Chairman of Chief Command, that must make him the father of Bai Jun.

Is it too late for him to send a message to Bai Jun to come save his hide

The conspiracy theories come and go in an instant.

Lu Yao doesn’t seem nervous at all, so, well, it looks like, maybe… He’s not destined to die yet

Bai Jiawen leads the group on to the site for testing.

“You see, because Mr Cheng Zhaoci has an acute mind and such an appearance, we suspect him of being a rare grade S male,” says Bai Jiawen, as he pushes buttons on a half-transparent hologram UI.

In front of them is a large white plaza, in the middle of this empty plaza, accompanied by a beep, is a blue ring slowly rising out of the ground.

It is a test chamber, a cylindrical capsule about 2.5m high.

A transparent door slides open automatically.

Cheng Zhaoci knows his ‘acute mind’ is simply his having the memories of his past life! He can’t possibly be some unheard-of grade S male! And compared to Bai Jun, and even He Huaijian, they’re the geniuses to his dulled mind.

He can’t possibly be a grade S male!

“Grade S males are too important to our society, that’s why I came in person.

There are things I must explain to Mr Cheng Zhaoci directly,” adds Bai Jiawen, seemingly already certain Cheng Zhaoci is grade S.

The rest of the insectoids are also looking at Cheng Zhaoci now.

Cheng Zhaoci “…”

What in the world Grade S Who Him Grade what Surely, you jest.

No way.

His academic performance was abysmal enough his teachers must have wanted to crack his head open to see if he has a bowl of water instead of a brain.

If he’s grade S, then could Bai Jun be an SSR Extra, Ultra Rare.

Surely not grade S…

“Um, if I might, is there possibly a misunderstanding about this grade S thing”

Bai Jiawen does not explain anymore, but says, “the testing will reveal whether it’s a misunderstanding or not.”

True, the testing will reveal everything.

Cheng Zhaoci asked Xiao Ji how it felt before he came here, and he said it was a simulated fighting arena.

He felt like all his strength has been amplified to the maximum, and he was beating goons up left and right.

It was amazingly fun.

Most importantly, it was painless.

Cheng Zhaoci could hazard in his mind that males would undergo a different test to shemales and demis.

Of course, given the value of males in the society, he expects males’ test to be a much simpler, painless test.


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