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Counterattack (5)

Aris smiled at the two of them and held out her hand.

They took Aris’ hand and started kissing it as a signal.

Leon, who moved up her arms, kissed Aris’s lips, and Evan, who moved to the leg next to her hand that he kissed, spread her legs apart and licked the hidden clitoris.


Aris’ waist kept rising upward as the two’s affectionate caress.

Leon, still holding one of her hands, left his mark on her lips and the nape of her neck, clenching her breasts full in his hands and pinching the nipples, recalling the fond memories of her.

Evan took a spot between her legs as Aris’ waist continued to shake and he placed her thighs on his shoulders and held them firmly with both hands.

Then he licked from her secret place to her clitoris.

A considerable amount of love liquid flowed out every time he pricked his tongue inside her, but again, Aris’ favorite was when he licked the clitoris.

“Do you know how much I missed you”

“Huht, Brother, uuhh!”

“Sister, open your mouth a little more.”

“Haa, Leon.”

As he gently rubbed the sensitive areas underneath her tongue or on the roof of his mouth, she involuntarily dug into his tongue to receive it even deeper.

Meanwhile, her older brother, who was circling the clitoris with his tongue, brought one hand that was holding her thigh to her legs and stabbed it in the entrance.

As she was caressed by the brothers up and down, Aris reached her climax right away.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one who expected it.”

“But I haven’t done it for more than a week, so please loosen her properly, Brother.”


She was already swallowing two fingers without difficulty, but it was difficult to receive two cocks at once.

But Aris wanted to be embraced by the brothers right away.

Although she has reached her climax once, the pleasure they give when they caress her with their fingers and when they shoved themselves in and pistoned their cocks is as different as heaven and earth.

“Put it in, Brother.”

“You need to loosen up a little more.”


The desperate Aris’ hand gently stroked Leon’s cock.

Leon let out a low moan, wrinkles formed between his forehead.

Leon’s arm trembled finely as she rubbed his entire penis with the precum, which had started flowing from the tip.

That wasn’t enough, Aris spread her legs wide in front of her older brother who was licking her entrance, then took her other hand and spread her entrance wide with her index and middle fingers.

It was pouring out love liquid.

Evan groaned as he had expected to shove his dick in.

“Put it in.”

The two men, who were forced to fall for Aris’ seduction, turned her.

Evan shoved the blood-filled cock between her legs, and Leon pushed his dark-red cock between her soft lips.

Leon grabbed her head with both hands and moved his waist lightly as Aris spread her tongue wide and sucked him.

Evan also grabbed her butt with both hands and started shoving his weight.

It was only one now but there were two men who wanted her, so in order to ease the burden of the insertion, he put his fingertips in the love liquid flowing down from her vagina and shoved his finger in.

“I wanted you to be my own Aris, but this is troubling.”


“When I put my finger in her anal, she tightened it even more.”

“You know you can’t satisfy Sister with just one cock.”

“That’s right.”

But now the situation wasn’t too bad either.

Aris loved them, and she was not taken away by anyone else.

Even though they can’t monopolize her.

“Huu, goodd.”

What to do when their eyes were already heated up There is still a long night left.

The cock, which was a little stiff at first, was now able to move as easily as when they had been doing it before they got separated.

As Evan’s thrusting from the back became more intense, Aris had a hard time sucking Leon’s cock.

As Leon pulled himself out of his sister’s mouth, Evan sat down and placed Aris on his lap and shoved himself into her again.

Leon loosened her anal from behind.

His one finger that had entered, increased into two, and as soon as three went in smoothly, he put himself in earnest.

“Ha-ugh! Le, Leon, uht!”

“It’s okay, Sister.

Because it’s been a while.

You’ll get used to it soon.”

“Ugh…… it’s too, too much.”

“Are you thinking of only taking Brother Evan’s I’m sad.”

Even if he says he’s sad, he was already pushing his dick in and out and it was half way in.

Every time his cock went in, Aris’s walls rumbled, and Evan moved his waist to hold back from wanting to come.

If he moved his waist right now, he would put a lot of pressure on Aris.

Eventually, when all of Leon’s cock went in, the brothers started thrusting.

With every move they made, the harsh breathing of the three people heated up the room, and Aris couldn’t even make a groan, and embraced her older brother to receive the pleasure.

As Aris seemed to get used to it a bit, the two of them moved harder.

With each slapping sound, Aris’ vaginal muscles twitched and reached a light climax, and the climax came a little early for the brothers as she grudgingly grabbed onto their cocks.

“Huaa, save me…….”

“Don’t you know when you’ve done it so many times that you won’t die from this.”

“I think I’m going crazy…….”

“It’s right to be crazy after time goes by.”

It was only after Evan came that he discovered that the Bloody Red was not on Aris’s finger.

When he thought he had come while she wasn’t wearing the ring, he immediately stood up.

Evan took her hand and kissed it several times.

Leon, who had came in her anal, also noticed the situation when the place where the ring was supposed to be placed was empty.

Leon also kissed Aris on the nape of her neck and her shoulders and arms.





“…… I love you.

I’ve wanted to tell you before.

I love you.”

The brothers’ bodies that were kissing her stopped.

She had never said ‘I love you’ like this before, although she had said things like, ‘I love you Verdick’ or ‘My dear younger brother,’.

She, of course, had spoken words of love for the family a long time ago.

But she didn’t say she loves them as she does now, as a lover.


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