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Leonhardt would have gone to see courtesans after the banquet, but she knew now.

The reason she kept making eye contact with Leon at the banquet was that he was constantly looking at her.

And now that he likes to be with her much more than he does with courtesans.

‘Leon…… Older Brother…….’

Had it not been for the Crown Prince, she would have had a happy time with them.

It may not always be the case because if there are three people in a family not getting married, other people will find it strange.

But it would not have been this sudden and intentional.

“Lady Aristasia”


Surprised by the Crown Prince who suddenly called her name in her ear, Aris missed a step.

She would have been calm inside if she had stepped on the Crown Prince’s foot, but she almost fell because she stepped on her dress instead of his foot, and the Crown Prince caught her.

“Thank you.”


It was like she was embraced in the Crown Prince’s arms, but fortunately she was spared from having to sump on the floor in front of many eyes.

But it didn’t take seconds for Aris to get her body upright, and she realized she had a problem.

The height of her feet was not right, and the white shoes she was wearing today were lying next to her dress.


She may not be able to speak openly, but she probably thought she’d be in the public rumors for a while.

She made a mistake.

She feared that her older brother and even Leon would be blamed for her mistake.

As the Crown Prince paused as if the current situation was equally embarrassing, it was Evan who stepped out, not anyone else.

And Leon followed him naturally.

Evan leaned over and picked up the shoe.

And he casually knelt down in front of her and held out his hand.

To hand him her feet.

Leon stood next to Evan and held out his hand to support Aris so she could put on her shoes.

Because of that, Aris, who was leaning on the Crown Prince, got away from him and stood holding Leon’s hand.

And Aris put her feet on Evan’s hands.


“As expected, Duke Verdick…….”

“I knew Lord Leonhard was cool, but this…….”

The people who saw it couldn’t hide their exclamations.

Evanstein casually puts the shoe on her feet and then puts her feet down on the floor.

Since he was Duke Verdick who was reluctant to come into contact with others, the ripple effect of this sight of him kneeling on the floor and picking up ‘a shoe that had fallen on the floor’ on Aris’ ‘foot’ was enormous.

Besides, what about Leonhard As usual, he wore the Knights’ uniforms and stood admiringly as if he was protecting Aris with his strong body.

When the Knights Commander stood next to him and took Aris’s hand away from the Crown Prince, it even had the effect of making the Crown Prince look like a villain.

“Thank you.”

“I think your foot is hurt, so why not just go in and rest”

Although her shoe did come off, it didn’t hurt her feet.

However, as she continued to receive the attention of many people in the banquet hall, she did not want to be with the Crown Prince anymore, so Aris nodded her head.

As soon as she gave her permission, Leon hugged Aris, and Aris had to pretend that her foot hurts, so without a word she put her head on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry that we seem to have cut off the celebratory atmosphere.

We are going to go back first.”

“…… I see.”

As Duke Verdick was going, the Emperor could not stop him.

Because it was not polite to hold the sickly.

Some people would have come to the banquet with a sick body, but that won’t apply to Verdick.

However, the Crown Prince had a different opinion than the Emperor.

He could not miss this opportunity with all the nobles gathering.

“It’s a long way to the Duke’s residence, so why not take a break in the Imperial Palace”

“I appreciate the suggestion, but I think it would be better to go to the mansion where she can relax.”

“Soon Aristasia will be staying in the Imperial Palace, so there is no place for her to rest more comfortably than this spacious Imperial Palace.”

The mention that Aris was going to stay in the Imperial Palace gave more affirmation to the rumors attached to them.

For the people who gathered here, it was no different than admitting.

All that was left was when Aris would enter the Imperial Palace.

“It is not the right thing to do as the Crown Prince to say baseless things in front of other people.”

“You can ask Lady Aristasia.

What she wants to do.”

Of course, Aris wanted to go to the mansion.

She wanted to get away from that Crown Prince right now.

It was already too hard to pretend that she had one leg hurt.

It would have been nonsense if someone else had already asked to leave.

“…… I think it would be good to rest a little here and then go back to the mansion.”


“Leon, take me to a room where I can rest.”


“You thought well, Lady Aristasia.”

Those who were watching them with interest thought so.

Duke Verdick doesn’t want to marry off his sister, but he will have no choice but to send off the youngest daughter Aristasia, who is already in love with the Crown Prince.

If that happens, wouldn’t it be possible for another woman to squeeze into Duke Verdick’s heart, who is lonely after losing his sister, and maybe it could be themself or their daughter.


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