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Leaked Secret (2) – unedited

“Are you going to ask ‘that child’ to go together If you were to take ‘that child’, would you be able to keep ‘that child’ safe”

“Is there any way it would be dangerous with me as the Sword Master to go with ‘that child’”

“Wherever you go, you will be hunted by the Empire.

The war that has happened because of you, the greatest value of a Sword Master is demonstrated on the battlefield, so you can’t help but go out to war.

That way, while you are compelled to go on an expedition, the child will come home safely.”


“Yes, ‘that child’ will be safe by your side.

But what about after you go to war Will you still be able to protect ‘that child’ Or are you even going to take that child to the battlefield”

That’s why Leon didn’t want to turn his older brother into an enemy.

He also thought that he should kill his older brother by disguising it as an accident.

The older brother who declared, ‘If you take Aris with you, it will be war.’

“But, if it’s an escort for this birthday banquet, let me give it to you.”

“…… What are you thinking”

“Wouldn’t it be beneficial to give her another ring with the money that would start a war”

Then he wanted to ask what this expedition was, but Leon also knew the answer.

It’s because his older brother thought it was more profitable for him to get rid of Leon than to get one more ring on his younger sister.

His older brother, who has both money and power, was really difficult to deal with.

But he couldn’t lose like this.

After receiving confirmation from Evan, Leon requested a leave from the emperor.

Before he went out, he asked for a vacation, so it had to be accepted.

He was the younger brother of Duke Verdick, who provided significant funding for this expedition.

The problem of rearranging the military was to be left to the Commander of the Imperial Knights.

‘I’m going to go out on a mission, so I have to do that.’

When he returned home, his sister was away to attend tea time.

After hearing the story from the butler, Leon went to pick up Aris.

His appearance alone made the ladies chirp.

It was noisy.

But she didn’t expect him to come, and he was so happy to see his sister’s eyes widened and welcoming him.


I came to pick you up.

Shall we wait a little bit”

“What are you doing at this hour”

“I’m taking a vacation.”

Leon only said a few words, but as a handsome man with a rare and strong physique stood there, the ladies’ hearts trembled.

Last time, Duke Verdick came to pick her up, but this time even the commander of the Imperial Knights came.

For this reason, Lady Verdick was the number one invitee to the tea party.

Unlike Duke Verdick, who had an overly stoic impression, the decadent Imperial Knight Commander with a languid smile looked somewhat dangerous.

But isn’t he attractive


Leon said, ‘Excuse me for a moment.’ Then he picked a flower from the flower bed in the garden where the tea party was being held.

That figure looked like a painting, and while the ladies were holding their breath and watching, Leon came right in front of Aris, got down on his knees and held out a flower.

“Would you like to go to His Majesty’s birthday banquet with me”


It was customary for men to send a letter to a woman asking for an escort by offering a flower.

But now in front of them is a handsome man! Getting down on his knees! Even Leonhard Verdick, who has never escorted another woman!

If it were them, they would have bowed down and accepted it, but Aris looked troubled.

‘Duke Verdick asked for it before!’

“Leon, I think I should think about it for a bit because Brother invited me to go together with him before.”

“I told Brother that I would go with Sister.”

“What did Brother say”

“He said he would give in.”

“Brother…… ”

Aris couldn’t believe it.

He always escorted her.

In the end, Aris received the flowers from Leon, and the girls groaned with envy.

“Thank you.”

“It was nothing.”

Leon got up and whispered in her ear.

“There are so many things I want to do with Sister, do I have to wait a long time”

“…… no.”

Leon smiled softly.

He wanted to go right back to hold her in his arms, but he resisted.

He felt like he wanted to ask for the location of a vacant guest room, and he wanted to take Aris there right away.

And then he will shove his own cock into her pussy until she loses her mind.

But it wasn’t the time for that yet, so he just kindly reached out to his sister.

However, just the thought of doing so already made his lower body tense.

“Can we get up first”

The ladies looked at Leon’s radiant face and nodded their head without answering.

They looked at Aris’ back until she disappeared with Leon, and then someone spoke up.

“…… In my next life, I want to be born as Lady Aris.”

The other ladies who heard her quietly agreed with her.

Aris herself had a beautiful face, and her older brother had great power, wealth, and appearance.

Besides, her younger brother is a handsome sword master..…Just looking at it made them feel full.

“But in the end, the Duke and Sir Verdick will find another woman.”

“It is.

But I don’t think I will be the person they will meet, so I want to be born as Lady Aris.”

“…… And so is it.”

This time, there was nothing special to draw their attention, so the lingering impression of Leonhardt lingered among them.

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