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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (9) – unedited

“Did I come too soon”


I was hoping you would come.”

“Have you been waiting”

When Evan let out a pleasant laugh, the corners of the women’s lips who saw it rose automatically.

Aris rose from her seat and greeted Duchess Delantra, who was the party host and longtime childhood friend of hers.

“I’ll go first, sorry.”

“No, Aris.

You didn’t look very well, so go in and get some rest.”

“Aris, are you not feeling well”

“No, it’s okay.

Let’s go.”

She was just a little tired, but she was fine, but Evan treated him as if he was dealing with a patient who was about to collapse.

Evan put his own forehead on Aris’ forehead to make sure she didn’t have a fever, and her surroundings quietly let out screams.

“Duke…… !”

And then someone mustered up the courage to call him up.

Who was it, Lady Nadir, the daughter of Marquis Nadir

“Well, if you’re okay with it…… Please sit down for a while…….”

“I’m sorry.

I was worried about Aris’ physical condition.

Excuse me.”

“…… ah.”

Nadir seized him once more, who was about to turn his body and leave.


“…… ”

“I heard that my father put in a marriage talk…… If it’s okay with you, at the birthday banquet…… Can you…….escord…… ”

Nadir gathered all her courage and said, Her face was already blushing.

If it was a polite Duke, he wouldn’t do something that would embarrass her in front of so many.

She also brought out her words in such a calculation.

Of course, the story of asking him to drink tea in the first place was to bring up the story of being an escort.

She was inspired by the idea that a while ago, when someone else had asked Aris to invite the duke to drink tea.

The ladies watched with interest because they thought the Duke was escorting Aris to the Emperor’s birthday party.

It was more interesting because obviously the Duke was going to escort Aris.

“I’m sorry.

It seems that you haven’t heard from the Marquis’ my refusal to the marriage talk yet.”

What Nadir didn’t know was that Evansstein, Duke Verdict, had a greater dislike of showing this appearance to Aris than his reluctance to humiliate a woman.

Still, it was Aris, who was sweating profusely as eyes that seemed to ask, ‘Did you do that’ towards Evan.

“Bu, but…… I know that there are not many single women who fit the status of the Duke.”

So, Evan cut off Nadir’s words, who were asking him to give her a chance.

“You don’t have to worry about the identity of the person who will marry me.

Whether it’s a Duchy’s lady or a commoner.

And I will attend the Emperor’s birthday banquet with Aris, right”


“Do you have any prior agreements with someone else”

Others here could not have imagined it at all, but Evan’s current question was clearly aimed at Leon.

Therefore, Aris did not give a definitive answer.

In the past, of course, Leon would have come alone without escorting anyone, and would have had a drink with the knights he was close with and went back.

But this time she had a feeling it wouldn’t be the case.

She had a feeling that Leon would definitely be sad if she answered that she had no prior engagement.

When Aris hesitated for an answer, Evan asked again to get a definite answer.

“Didn’t Aris always go with…….

Older brother”

Aris cleverly didn’t mention Leon and blamed it on someone else.

“It is, but I’ve heard stories about you letting your brother go now.”

Evan’s expression suddenly turned cold.

“Who dares to …….”

The lady, who spoke those words first, turned to hesitate.

She then ran out of her way and grabbed Evan’s sleeve and appealed.

“It’s not like that, we were worried because the time for the Duke and Lady Aristasia to get married has passed…….”

Evan managed to hide his emotions and grabbed the lady’s hand and pulled it off the hem of his robe.

Then, after arranging his own sleeve, he took off his gloves and laid them neatly on the table.

“It’s an over-the-top meddling.

If you have nothing more to say, can I go I didn’t know this was going to happen because I didn’t bring extra gloves.”

No one there had the authority or justification to hold Evan.

There was an equal, Duchess Delantra, but she knew how ignorant it would be to hold him in the current situation.

Besides, to her, her best friend was Aristasia, not the other ladies who were aiming for Evan like Nadir.

In the end, when no answer came, Evan greeted them politely and took Aris’ hand.

It was always surprising to see the Duke, who immediately discarded his gloves even by making slight contact with others, grabbed Aris’s hand with his bare hands.

No matter how the women looked at him, Evan disappeared as he looked at Aris with a smiling face as he grabbed Aris’s hand and dragged her away.

Many thought that even the sense of disparity in which the duke, who had just refused another lady with a single blow, showed a smiling face only to his sister, was attractive.

‘Then why do you put in a marriage talk in the first place You deserved it.’

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s a Duchy’s lady or a commoner! Well, then I, a Barony’s lady, too… … ’

Duchess Delantra needed to sort out the current mood as a host.

Just in time, there’s a good prey.

“What should I do with Duke Verdick’s gloves”

The eyes of the hyenas looking for the prey turned to Delantra.


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