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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (7)

If they were done with this, she could change her words later, so they thought they would make it so Aris wouldn’t be able to change it.

In a way that Aris would never claim at all that they were ‘normal siblings’.

“Older Brother, lie down.”

Evan had no intention of listening to Leon.

But he was also thinking in heart.

If it wasn’t his fingers that were in Aris’s pussy now, but his own cock.

As he pulled his fingers out of Aris’ pussy, Aris felt an endless loss from her climax.

No matter how much she reached the climax by stimulating the clitoris and vagina at the same time, it felt very different from the climax she achieved by an inserted penis.

Of course, this was good too, but it felt like something was missing.

That’s why Aris immediately wanted to beg her older brother or younger brother to put a cock in her pussy, pretending that she couldn’t win, if only her older brother or her younger brother would do it.

“Haa, noo…….”

But her head, already soaked in pleasure, was only spewing out unclear words, mixed with moans.

As Evan lay down on the bed, Leon held Aris’ leg and laid it down on his older brother’s body.

As the already ferocious cock touched her vagina, Aris unknowingly shook her back, longing for the pleasure.

“What do you mean it’s something you don’t want to do when you eat my dick like that”

Despite Leon’s scolding mixed with laughter, Aris couldn’t think about stopping, but instead put her hands on her older brother’s belly and shook her body, hoping to get more pleasure.

‘A little more, a little more… … !’

Her older brother’s cock filled her own pussy, but something was missing from it.


That something.

It felt like tears were about to burst.

What is it that was lacking

“Sister, take it easy.”

At that time, Leon gently pressed Aris on the back and made her fall down on Evan’s body.

One hole was swallowing a cock, and the other hole was closed with a pink crease.

Leon covered his fingers with an aphrodisiac gel he had brought last night and gently pushed it into her back hole.


When Aris looked back, startled by the sudden foreign body sensation, she saw Leon, whose cock up had raised to his belly button.

And then she realized that.

She knew that what he wanted was not mere physical pleasure.

That sense of immorality to wallow in bed with her older brother and her younger brother.

A sense of satisfaction of hanging on the two men’s neck, the envy of all noble women.

And Aris had no choice but to admit it.

That she had the anticipation that one day she might become like this while mingling with her older brother and her younger brother respectively.

So even the moment she climbed on her older brother, she must have been excited to see her younger brother poke his finger through another hole.

“The, there…….”

She also knew that just because she said no, it wouldn’t stop Leon from shoving his dick into her.

But she was afraid that her younger brother would stop, so she couldn’t even pretend to be meek, and just trembled in anticipation of the pleasure to come.

Now it wasn’t enough for my brother to hit her from below.

No, it would have been if it had been her younger brother Leon, rather than her older brother, Evan, who was lying beneath her.

The forbidden fruit, which had already been tasted once, was too sweet to give up.

“It’s not your first time anyway”

It was the first time she accepted a pillar instead of a finger.

But maybe it was because of the aphrodisiac, or maybe it was because Leon had loosened up enough muscles, he pushed his cock slowly and it went in.

Tears filled Aris’ eyes at the pleasure of accepting her younger brother’s cock behind and with her older brother’s cock in front.


Leon couldn’t stand Aris, who was biting his cock tightly.

His movements were so unfamiliar, but strangely, she didn’t feel hurt.

Rather, she wished her older brother, lying under her, would move quickly…….

“Bro, brother.”

Aris didn’t say anything and just called him.

Looking at him with her eyes filled with tears.

Evan couldn’t figure out what that meant.

Ever since Leon put his finger in her anal a while ago, he has been feeling Aris’s pounding and her insides are tightened tremendously.

So while he was worried that Aris would find it too hard, he wanted to satisfy her.

If he didn’t satisfy her here, he felt like he would lose to Leon.


As Evan moved his waist up little by little, Aris melted into the pleasures from both holes.

The brothers, who had grown accustomed to moving between her, couldn’t stand it any longer and moved wildly.

Cocks full in her front and back came in trying to occupy each other’s place, scratching and squeezing both where she felt the pleasure.

As such, she became more and more confused by the insane pleasure that was different from what she had ever felt before.

Moreover, the brothers wanted Aris to become accustomed to the pleasure in being with them rather than their own pleasure.

“Sister, from now on…… Don’t say to pretend that it never happened.”

Aris just nodded her head, not even thinking properly.

She would say yes to anything, she just wanted this crazy pleasure to end.

Satisfied with her answer, Leon pushed his cock further.

And when his cock stimulated deep inside, Evan went in, scratching Aris’ inner wall relentlessly in line with it.

“Maybe it’s better.”

If they had been late, Aris would have been taken from their arms without them ever holding her in their arms.

Even if Evan didn’t have to say anything, Leon agreed with him.

The brother sighed in relief and pushed Aris further.

The inner walls shook violently at the endless climax that came one after another, and the two dug deep within her.

Waiting for one day to come inside her when her finger was without a ring on it.

Thus, an imperfect peace came.


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