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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (5)

Someone had asked Aris.

It would be difficult to meet other men because she had a handsome older brother and younger brother.

It was indeed true.

It seemed that no one could be more handsome than her older brother or younger brother, yet cared for her and gave her this kind of pleasure.

“Sister, is it good”

Aris couldn’t answer and nodded her head.

Aris was engrossed in the pleasure, which she learned later, unaware of the passing of time.

She realized that this was why Leon had been wallowing with courtesans.

Deep in her heart, she thought that she shouldn’t be doing this with her older brother or Leon, but the feeling of immorality felt so great and the body that was accustomed to the pleasures caused by them was not satisfied with just being **ed in front of her sleeping older brother.

“…… Do more.”

As Aris whispered to him in a very low voice, Leon pulled his older brother and Aris between them to his side.

“Did you hear that”

“…… yes.”

At that moment, the man in front of Aris lifted up his eyelids, and the piercing blue eyes met her.

Her older brother, who she thought was sleeping, was awake.

‘Are you awake! Since when have you been awake’

Aris was so embarrassed that she couldn’t even open her mouth.

Aris was swallowing a cock right in front of him, so he couldn’t help but wake up.

Even if Aris endured it, it was all in vain.

“…… Wa, wait a minute.”

Two pairs of eyes turned to Aris.

Aris wanted to faint right now and wake up after about 10 years or so.

Then they can all get married and talk about the present day with a smile like a memory…… There’s no way!

“Let me go for now.”

Leon, having achieved his desired purpose, let her go.

The reason he touched her as soon as she opened her eyes was to confirm Aris’ relationship with his older brother Evanstein, although he felt like his thing was going to explode.

Aris, who was able to move freely, wrapped herself in a blanket and sat down, breaking out of Leon and Evan.

“…… I don’t know where to start talking.”

Aris remembered what Evan had said last night just before she lost consciousness.

Those words meant for her to explain very accurately.


She was at a loss as to how to explain this here.

Really, in all honesty

All the stories that her older brother and Leon don’t know about each other

She tried to call a gigolo, but her older brother came, but he only put his finger and didn’t insert it

So, her younger brother, who came just in time, gave her a caress, and she was worried about contraception, so she decided to do it the next day.

And after that, she got drunk and confused her younger brother with her older brother and seduced him, and then did it with her brothers day and night

Which of these can she honestly say

Even though she was drunk and seduced him, that was not an excuse.

And she may have been drunk at the time, but since then she has been sober.

Very, perfectly.

Aris tried to call the gigolo that everyone else called, but she wondered what was going on that the whole world became resentful.

But no matter how much she resented it, it didn’t change things, and she was the cause of everything that happened.

It didn’t take her long before she finally came up with the answer that it was impossible to make amends for what she had done.

“…… I’m sorry.”

Aris got out of the bed and put on her robe instead of the blanket.

“Unintentionally, it has become such a relationship…… with the two of you.

I’m sorry.”


Of course, they were not convinced by this answer.

Aris said ‘unintentionally’.

Having said that, Leon and Evan were deliberately putting a lot of effort into having this kind of relationship with her, albeit eventually developing a deeper relationship with Aris than what they wished.

But that’s a matter with themselves, and they didn’t really want to imagine that anyone other than them would intervene.

No matter what they think, Aris, who seems to be the most disadvantaged person in the current situation, but has practically all the decision-making power, spoke up.

“I don’t think it’s okay for me to say things like this, the cause of this awkward atmosphere, but let’s pretend that never happened.”


“What did you say now”

“Of course it will be awkward at first.

I’m sorry for asking you this.”

There was no other way for Aris.

The older brother who loved her will be more blunt than before, and her younger brother, who occasionally flirts, will also distance himself from her.

But she had no idea what to do other than turn back time.

As Aris thought so and left the room, Leon quickly grabbed her wrist.

“Sister, I said I didn’t ask anything.”

Then he gently rubbed his cheek against the nape of her neck.

Evan’s expression hardened as Aris hesitated, and she stroked his head, as Leon had done in recent times.

“Are you willing to let it go”

“I thought it was wrong to do this between siblings.”

Leon rubbed his face against her, and his face turned cold.

That’s why he thought he should find his sister’s biological father quickly, and at least she wouldn’t have talked about being siblings.

He wanted to say to his sister right now, ‘what if we’re not siblings Is that okay’.

But he can’t bring it up now because he didn’t want his older brother to know about it.


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