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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (3)

However, Evanstein’s hardened face soon brightened and smiled brightly.

Seeing that face, Leonhardt felt dirty even before Evanstein’s mouth opened.

What else was he trying to say

“You swallowed older brother’s, but it must have been difficult for Leon’s.”

After saying those words, Evan sat down and held Aris in his arms.

And then, he pierced his hardened cock again.

Leon couldn’t just ignore Evan’s obvious quarrel.

Besides, his sister was swallowing his brother’s cock and moaning in his arms

“Ha, hahk! What, uuht”

The white liquid leaked out with Evan’s thrusting.

There, Leon pricked one of his fingers.

It felt like there was nowhere else to go, but when his fingers slipped in, it was crazy.

“Sister started it first, so shouldn’t you be responsible”


Leon gently pressed Aris’s shoulder, and Evan, who was holding her, fell over the bed with her.

Then he put another finger into Aris’s vagina and went back and forth, scraping her walls.

When his fingertips touched the inside, which was thought to be already full, Aris was thrilled with pleasure, yet somehow fear took over.

“Ha, haht! Leon, uhk! Get your finger out! That’s, that’s too much!”

“What is too much, you should get mine too.”

“What do you mean”

“You have to take responsibility.”

Leonhardt was quickly filled with anger when Evansstein started a fight, ignoring his heart’s preparation.

And that anger was replaced by a desire to stand on an equal footing with Evan.

As Leon pulled out his finger, he pressed his glans.

“Leon! Don’t do it! No!”

“When you and older brother mixed bodies, you should have expected something like this.”

Evan was not sure what to expect, but something else that wasn’t his really started creeping into Aris’s vagina.

He didn’t expect Leonhardt to be sucking his finger while looking at her, but at best he thought Leon was going to put it in her mouth.

Of course, that alone made him feel worse.

“Ha, hahk! Le, Leon! Uugh!”

Evan, who heard Aris’ voice, couldn’t help but notice.

Her voice, calling out Leon’s name, was filled with pleasure, not pain.

Leon, who spoke as if his eyes had turned, put his own cock in her, and then moved slowly so as not to be too much for Aris.

Still, it felt incomparable to when Aris was alone with him.

‘I’d rather Leon move at a haphazard pace and get Aris’ hatred.’

Evan lay under Aris and rubbed her clitoris as he pounded his waist.

And Leon pinched her nipples while turning his waist softly behind Aris.

“Hahk! Uhk! Le, Leon, brotheer, stop, stop!”

As Aris twisted her body in the plethora of pleasure, the two cocks that entangled in her vagina, scratched the walls and gave her greater pleasure.

As Aris shivered and clung to Evan, Leon, who didn’t like it, pistoned even harder.

Evan tried to prevent Leon from entering by sticking his own cock in the spot where Leon had escaped, but the same ignorant man’s penis took its place while he was leaving.

However, how could the timing be so precise every time

Once in a while Leon and Evan came in scratching her vaginal wall at the same time and poked different spots!

And stabbed it several times.

Perhaps, they were occupying their place and deliberately took out their thing at a different time so that no one else could come in, the other person also pushed up his own without backing down.

“Huaaaht! Uhhh!”

Aris seemed to be crazy about the previous pleasures, but the pleasure the two of them give now made it really hard to breathe and even to stay awake.

In addition, Evan rubbed her breasts and Leon constantly stimulated her clitoris with his fingers, and Aris became more and more engrossed in the pleasure in such a competitive caress.

“Ahht, uhh, uhhk…….”

Aris gasped in moans.

Then, when she finally reached her climax, she trembled and drooped.

Evan, noticing that she had fainted from the great pleasure, whispered in her ear.

“Aris, when you wake up.

You will have to explain very precisely what the situation is now, so that this older brother can understand it.”

…… She didn’t want to open her eyes again.

When Aris passed out like that, the air in the room suddenly dropped as if frozen.

The brothers, who pulled each of their pillars out of her, laid Aris down on the bed.

Evan put on his robe, and Leon wore his own clothes too.

Leon wiped Aris’ body with a wet towel while Evan called the maid to change her bed linen.

And the time passed with no one speaking first.

“…… ”

Evan sat next to Aris and covered her with the duvet.

Leon saw this and sat down opposite Aris.

“Why are you sitting here”

Evan asked, puzzled.

First of all, this was his bedroom and the bed in which he slept.

But, was he going to get on the bed with the clothes he wore from going out

Not even Aris but Leonhard Verdick.

Maybe Leonhardt was wearing such clothes that he might have sweated while practicing swordsmanship in, or that another woman might have touched him in it.

“…… Sister is here.”

“That’s Aris.”

You are Leonhard Verdick.

Evan spoke his words to Leon, who was about to sneak in.

“There will be a lot to talk about.”


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