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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (13) – unedited

“How can you manage to get home”

When Evan’s fingers touched between her legs her underwear was already soaked.

He could tell how tight her clitoris had swelled over her underwear.

Right away, he wanted to kiss her on the nape of her neck and leave a mark that she belonged to him, but the audience could see above Aris’s chin.

‘You can’t show that to other people.’

He wanted to show it to everyone and declare that she was his, but Aris was too precious to be noticed by others.

So Evan came down from his seat and entered Aris’s dress.

“Bro, brother!”


Aris tried calling Evan in a hurry, but Evan had already pushed her underwear aside, sticking out his tongue, and licking the sweet love fluid that was flowing from between her legs.


Aris bent over and hugged his head.

It might be seen by others, so she shouldn’t do this, but why was she getting more excited

The lower audience was still concentrating on the stage, yet she was so engrossed in the pleasure that she could only care about Evan.

Evan skillfully led her to pleasure, worried that her voice might leak, but her breathing, growing louder, was overshadowed by the singing towards the climax.

“Hhkk, brother, uht, go, good, huuht!”

Yes, it was this feeling.

A touch of a strong man’s finger, that scrapes the irritation point deep inside, not her thin ones.

And the lips warmly wrapped around her clitoris and sucking.

“Huwaahk, just a little bit more, just a little bit more! Uuhkk!”

Now really is the climax she’s been waiting for, just as she thought so suddenly Evan came out of her dress.

Then he sat down next to her as if nothing had happened.

“Bro, brother”

“I am afraid that others will notice your sweet voice.”


Aris, who was disturbed just before reaching her climax, became very uncomfortable.

Others’ eyes were not important to her now.

Of course it was very important, but right now, pleasure, that was all she could see.

‘Well, this is revenge, then right’

Older brother must experience it at least once.

So he knows how difficult this is.

Aris licked her lips and took off Evan’s belt, who smiled bewitchingly.

Evan was startled by her sudden counterattack.

Here, Evan intends to frighten Aris that she will be caught in her pleasure.

In other words, it is him who is tormenting her, and Aris is the one who feels the thrill and pursues pleasure.

But he never thought Aris would pull his underpants down.

Aris sat on her knees in front of him.

Now, in the box seat, where only Aris could be seen before, only Evan could be seen.

Before Aris could even gently rub the genitals over his pants, her brother’s thing had already hardened with excitement.

Aris smiled, trying to pretend that she was relaxed, and lowered the pants, and the cock bounced off standing right in front of her.

As Aris had done to Leon and Evan several times in the past, she gently grabbed her brother’s cock and rocked it up and down.

Even that alone put a lot of strength in Evan’s thighs.

“How can you manage to get home”

She repeats the words he says to her, and he puts his glans to her lips.

Since she had never put her mouth on her brother’s thing, her brother grabbed her head in surprise.

“Ar, Aris!”

But Aris didn’t care, and she remembered the words that Leon had said.

He told her to hide her teeth, being careful not to bite, and suck it up with her tongue.


She held the pillar in her hand, which she couldn’t even put in her mouth and shook it.

She put the cock up to her throat then pulled it up to the glans, repeatedly licking the urethra with her tongue.

Every time it happened, it was fun to see her brother hold back his moans with all his strength.

It was a pretty good revenge for before.

“A, Aris, stop it…….”

Aris said to herself, ‘No! Why should I’ and she went up and down eagerly.

Then she felt his penis swell to ejaculate.

It was late, but if she took it out now, it would surely be on her face, just like when Leon had ejaculated before.

‘More than getting it in the face…….’

How can I go home with my face drenched It was at home then, but now we are out.

No matter how much I wiped it, it couldn’t be the same as washing it with water.

When she finally decided not to slow down and sucked up the glans, impatient Evan grabbed her head and shook his waist lightly, and his penis was helplessly squeezing its back in anticipation that others might see him.

He climaxed in her mouth.

Evan, who had been distracted by the fact that Aris had caressed his thing, caught his breath and trembled in pleasure, and then he belatedly regained his senses.

Reluctant to say anything, he let go of her head he was holding in his hand.

“A, Aris! Spit it out!”

He took out a handkerchief as neat as him, which he had always carried, and put it to her mouth.

But Aris was beyond his expectations.



“It doesn’t taste good.”

“Aris, you really.”

Evan, who was wiping his face, raised one hand and brushed her hair back.

The eyes that met Aris while arranging her hair revealed his true nature.

“Older Brother”

When Aris unwittingly pushed her body back, it touched Evan’s heart.

Evan, who had arranged her dress, immediately grabbed Aris by the wrist and left the box seat.

He lightly ignored the waiter and passed by.

There was no time to worry about them.

When Aris couldn’t walk quickly because of her shoes, Evan, who was in a hurry, hugged her.


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