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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (1) – unedited

Aris woke up later than usual.

It was because she fell asleep after sunrise in the morning, but fortunately Evan thought she was suffering from a hangover.

So, as soon as Aris opened her eyes, with Evan’s consideration, various drinks and easily digestible food that were said to be good for hangovers were served comfortably in bed.

Even that was not enough, and Evan, who has mistaken her for suffering from a huge hangover, even called in a masseuse from an esthetician famous among the ladies so Aris can have a rest.

‘Will I be able to enjoy this luxury after I get married I don’t want more or less, so I just want to marry someone like Brother.’

Her brothers had driven out all the men who had come to court her before, but now that she thinks about it, they are all definitely worse than older brother or her younger brother.

It was quite difficult because her standards were already set on Evan and Leon.

Still, her older brother was taking care of her, so she was going to hold out without getting married as much as possible.

Aris was thinking about this and that, and when she, who was tired from going to bed early in the morning, took a good rest and better condition, it was time for dinner.

When she went to the dining room, Evan was already seated.

As if waiting for Aris to sit down, the maids brought food to the table.

“Older Brother! Thank you so much for today.”

“What do you mean”

“Everyone from the moment I opened my eyes until now!”

“Well, it doesn’t seem to be any different from usual.

It’s good that you like it.”

Evan spoke indifferently, but couldn’t stop the corners of his lips from raising gently.

Evan seemed to have no clue at all, that such a figure made Aris’ heart beat even more.

“I like that Older Brother takes care of me like this.”

“Really I love taking care of you.”

“Older Brother…… !”

How can he only says things that will impress her!

Aris was moved by Evan’s words, and unwittingly covered her mouth.

Many of the ladies had a crush on Evan for his looks, title, and wealth, but Aris believed that his true charm was within him.

“Then, is your body okay now”

“Yes! Thanks to you!”

At her bright reply, Evan’s darkened gaze turned to Aris.

“Then why don’t you come to my room tonight”

“…… Tonight”

Evan nodded his head.

He was quietly waiting for her answer while Aris’s head was buzzing.

‘Tonight! Leon also said he was coming tonight! If I went to Older Brother’s room, Leon would know that my room was empty!’

‘If it’s Leon, of course he’ll find me, and he’ll find out I’m in Older brother’s bedroom…’… !’

It was only natural for Leon to notice her and his older brother.

No matter how debauched Leon was, she didn’t want him to find out about it.

Besides, she couldn’t even imagine what would happen to Leon if he knew that his opponent was his older brother and no one else.

“Oh no! I want to rest a little today!”

“…… Is that so I get it.

If you are tired, there is nothing I can do.

But tomorrow, you have to spend time with Older Brother in the daytime.”


“Yes, let’s get some rest and go see an opera.”

“Yes, I’ll look forward to it!”

Opera, it was a typical date course.

But to watch an opera with her older brother, doesn’t it feel like they’ve become lovers In reality, they were not lovers or anything, but just siblings, but Aris’ heart had already inflated with anticipation for the future.

After enjoying their meal, Aris was escorted by Evan and arrived at her own room.

Before parting, he kissed Aris with regret.

“Bro, brother! What if someone sees it!”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Aris shook her head violently.

Leon had yet to return home, but she did not know when he would return.

In addition, she thought that the fact that the employees were noticing the relationship between the two and actually seeing it were two different things.

So she wanted to be as careful as possible.

“Shall we go into the room then”

“…… I don’t think that’s going to end there.”

“You caught me.”

Aris’ laughter burst out at Evan’s natural remarks.

“I wish you could pretend you didn’t know and let me in.”

“How can I pretend I don’t know when it’s so obvious”

“I think it would have been better if you were even a little bit ignorant.

Or maybe it would have been better if you were a little quick-witted.”

“I understand that it’s good to be ignorant, but why with being quick-witted”

“…… think about it.

Why I don’t want to tell you right now.”

Why What

Evan opened the door for Aris in front of him, who was curious.

“Have some rest.

You have to spend it all for me tomorrow, so you should get a good rest.”

“…… that’s what that means, right”

Her brother’s gaze, tone, and gestures.

It was clear that it was never meant to rest in the purest sense.

Because from him dark feelings, selfishness and desires overflowed.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“No, I think you know.”

“Yes, it’s good to have some sense of humor.”

“I supposed.”

“But one knows, but the other doesn’t.

If so, shouldn’t we be resting now for tomorrow”

“It’s embarrassing to go in when Older brother says that!”

“Then, should this Older brother put you to sleep”

At this point, it was clear that he was doing it on purpose.

Aris was afraid that her older brother would come into her room, so she said goodbye quickly.

“Brother, sleep well! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Yes, sleep well.”

After waving her hand to say goodbye to her, Aris slammed the door shut.

She fanned the heat on her face with a hand fan.

Learning of pleasure late, she might not know when to stop and that’s exactly what her older brother said.

Her older brother, who was like a symbol of abstinence, became such a mass of desire.

But, thinking that she was the reason, she didn’t feel bad about it, but her laughter came out.


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