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Time of the Night He Does Not Know (15) – unedited

“Aris, I’ll come back later tonight.”

At Leon’s words, Aris’ mind flashed.

Does he want to do this again at night Even though he is called a Sword Master, isn’t his stamina level too different

“No! I’m okay!”

“Didn’t we agree to help each other”

Of course, for Leon, it was just an excuse.

“Oh, no, I’ll ask Older brother.”

“I’ve already told courtesans not to come to the duchess, so that’s fine.”


“Well, then, not tonight, but next time…….”

“How long are you going to leave me in this state”

Aris unknowingly lowered her gaze down to his waist, and, in shock, she immediately turned her eyes away.

Leon laughed at her reaction.

“It’s not like anything happened, so why”


It’s not like anything happened.

I shoved my dick into my sister and moved my back.”

“Don’t say that!”

“Still, I’m glad Sister isn’t trying to make it not happen.”

“…… If I asked you to, would you”


Leon said coldly with a firm expression.

Aris felt sad because she had no choice but to turn back time to make this situation unheard of.

“I don’t intend to make it didn’t happen for nothing.”


Aris couldn’t bear to say to him that he couldn’t because he was her younger brother.

This is because the person who she gave permission to before Leon was her older brother, Evanstein Verdick.

In the end, Aris couldn’t stand the silence and decided to change her topic.

“Yeah, but what was that”

“What do you mean”

“No, at the end…….”

“That’s what happens when you feel too much.”

“I’m ashamed.”

“What is there to be ashamed of, I cummed too.”


Aris thought it wasn’t common when she was with her older brother because she didn’t come that much.

In no book has she ever seen that when a woman is at her climax she spewed out a lot of love liquid.

However, Leon treated her casually as if it was nothing.

‘Leonhard, better than a gigolo, as expected…….’

While Aris was admiring him as she recalled the story floating around through rumors, Leon roughly put on his clothes and kissed her forehead.

“Then, Aris, see you later tonight.”


“Just now, while hugging me and calling my name…….”

“Aaaaah! stop! Do not say!”

“If you shout that loudly, all the employees will come running.”


Leon was sad, but now he slowly left her room, listening to the sound outside the door.

He had no choice but to avoid the fuss.

It’s too early to tell about the relationship with her yet.

Now when he was really about to leave, Aris called to him.



“Are you really coming back later tonight”

“Of course.”

“…… It’s hard.”

“I’ll be gentle.”

“What if you don’t”

Leon silently pointed to his lower body.

What happened was that it was swollen just like how she saw last night.

Like nothing happened last night.

“See you later, Aris.”

“Don’t call me by name, Leon.”

“You told me to call you by your name yesterday”

“Yesterday…… I’m drunk.

Don’t call me by name.”

Because, she thought it was her older brother and did it with him! Crazy, Aristasia Verdic.

She thought it was her older brother and yet she slept with her younger brother


“Leonhard Verdick.”

“Yes, Sister.”

Her mind was dizzy because she slept with her younger brother.

But what to do about the past Besides, no matter how drunk she was, it was the same as seducing Leonhardt, and now she was sorry! She misunderstood! She felt like she used him and threw him away.

‘I will be the only one who can use and throw away Leonhard Verdick.’

With such useless thoughts, Aris decided to go to sleep to escape reality.

Even with her eyes closed, all her thoughts caught on to her.

Evanstein Verdick and Leonhard Verdick.

What the two have in common is that they are perceived as unreachable by other ladies.

And again, they are people who have slept with her.

Obviously no one forced her, and she liked the pleasure she felt while doing it with them, but thinking back on the situation now, she sighed.

‘My older brother.

My younger brother.’

‘Even though they both don’t know that I slept with someone else, what should I do!’

‘Let’s say Leon is like that too.

He’s basically debauched! But what about Older brother What if Older brother finds out that I slept with Leon’

Aris took a deep breath and Leon, who was about to go outside, returned.


Aris was weak against Leon, who secretly spoke to her respectfully.

Maybe it’s because Leon, who has been tormenting her strangely since they were little, is cute when he behaves politely.

Leon, unaware of Aris’s frustrated feelings, stroked her forehead.

Like he really cares about her.

As she felt his body temperature, Aris’s eyes closed on their own.

She also thought it would be good for her to sleep, even to escape reality.

‘……You’re making me comply too.’

Leon’s face came closer and closer and he covered her lips.

It wasn’t the first time Leon had kissed her, but the feelings were very different.

As the tip of his tongue licked and tapped her lips, Aris, who had trouble thinking with her languid head, calmly opened her mouth.

Then, as if waiting, his tongue entangled Aris’s.

Somehow it felt like her whole body was entangled, not just her tongue.


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