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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (9) – unedited

“Brother, there seems to be some misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding.”

“The reason I told you not to endure it was that you told me I don’t have to endure it if I want to …….”

“Want to cum”


This is what he said again, so she had nothing to answer.

It certainly seems like that’s what he meant, but it’s embarrassing to say that it’s right when he asks like that.

“Then tell me, you want me to cum in you.”

Of course, Evan was planning to cum in her even if Aris didn’t have to say that.

How many times.

Not only today, but also tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and at any time.



You should always be careful with your words.”

Evan again pressed his glans to the tiny hole between her legs.

“Because you don’t know what I’m enduring.”

“…… Aren’t you enduring it”

“It’s not just that.”


Evan shoved his own glans into her narrow vagina.

It gave him a sense of satisfaction that she tried to accept him even though she trembled while he dug to his roots.

“You should know one by one.

There is nothing to be in a hurry for.”

After securing the hand that was holding her, Evan weighed down on her back and lifted her back up.





Whenever flesh and flesh collided, love juice splashed out.

“Huhk, too, too deep, Brother.”

“Didn’t you tell me not to endure it”

“That, that……!”

He came in much deeper than when she lay down and received him, and his cock was stimulated by squeezing it down on places it had never touched before.

“Then I won’t endure it, so please take care of me.”

At the end of those words, Evan stabbed her mercilessly as if he had been really joking up until now.

Everywhere he touched became sensitive, and a coquettish voice came out of her mouth over and over again.

Her brother didn’t even give her a chance to argue.

“Hahk! Heuk! …… aht! Pl, please…….”

Just continued pleasure.

Her climax came one after another to Aris, who could not even breathe properly and was shaking her back.

Evan, who looked down at her with satisfaction, fell down on her and held Aris in his arms.


And several times, he hit his waist and dug deep inside her, filling her insides.

The bottom was oozing with how much he cummed with, which he thought was tightly intertwined.

Aris breathed in a rough breath.

Her brother finally cummed, so she thought it was over.

However, Evan hugged Aris’ body, whose expectations had been crumpled.

“Br, brother”

“Relax your legs.”

Aris slumped onto her knees.

“Just now…… Did you just do it inside”

“I did.

Isn’t it running down your legs now”

“But why…… ”

But why are you standing there looking not much different from before you came

Aris’ eyes were saying that.

Evan didn’t answer her, just smiled and grabbed Aris’s waist and pulled her down.


“My Aris.

There’s no way Brother can do it once, how can that be enough”

As he rolled his back round, Aris trembled at the pleasure she felt as the clitoris rubbed against his skin and clung to him.

“Oh, we only did it once yesterday.”

“Yesterday was your first time, so I endured it.”

“Then you’re going to endure it again today…….”

Aris said with hope.

Still, she was the first to ask her brother for help.

But after doing it twice, it didn’t hurt.

She couldn’t say ‘my curiosity has been satisfied, so I’m leaving,’.

And Evan shattered her expectations.

“It was you who told me not to endure it.”


With those words, Evan grabbed Aris’s shoulder tightly and tied her hard so that she could not escape, and raised his waist.

The only thing Aris could do was spit out moans.

Finally, Aris thought before losing her mind, unable to withstand the continued pleasure.

Before she talks to her brother, she has to think three times and clarify the subject, object, and description.

* * *

When Aris opened her eyes, the sun was setting.

Unlike yesterday, her body didn’t hurt.

And she must have sweated a lot before going to sleep, but she was strangely dry.

Besides, seeing that the slip she was wearing had also changed, it seemed that her brother had taken care of her.

‘…… I think the blanket has also changed’

It must have been that the blanket was wet with various liquids, but it was full of the smell of sunlight.

As Aris was burying her face in the blanket and taking in a deep breath, she heard the sound of paper fluttering in her ear.


“Are you awake”

When Aris turned her head, she saw Evan, who was sitting at the bedside and doing his work.

“Weren’t you on vacation”

“It doesn’t mean that the amount of work coming from the estate is decreasing just because it’s a vacation.”

“It’s your vacation!”

“Even if it is, it’s okay to just look at the work arranged by the lieutenants.”

Evan smiled and signed the papers in his hand, then put them down on the side table and picked up the other papers.

The number of documents piled up on the side table was considered to show how many cases had already been processed.

Seeing this, Aris felt more guilty.

She felt sorry for her older brother, who was not able to rest even though she had rested well.

“My brother works, but only I sleep…….”

“As long as you slept well.”

“Thank you as always, brother.”

Aris raised her arms and hugged his waist.

Evan raised one of his hands to cover his face.

She didn’t know what he was thinking, but he was red.

And he ran through Aris’s hair with his other hand.

“You can sleep more.”

“I can’t.

Leon will be here soon.”

Aris got her body up and stretched.

“…… Yes.”

Evan wanted to encourage Aris to move into the next room, but the timing was too early.

If he brought up the story now, there was a high possibility that Aris would reject him.

Evan was well aware that mixing with her body didn’t mean he won her heart.

He was just a substitute for a gigolo.


Aris’s face blushed and she looked at Evan.

She couldn’t even remember the great pain she had suffered yesterday.

All that was left in her mind was the immense pleasure that was flowing like a tide.

That’s why she thought everyone was talking about it at the tea party.

It was obviously hard and tiring.

And she thought she wanted her brother to stop.

But her body welcomed the rush of pleasure more than she could handle.

Rather, it would have been a pity if her brother had stopped.

Besides, it was nice to see her brother, who was always calm, sweating like crazy, and coveting her.

It was definitely a face that only she could see.

The figure of her brother who lost his reason like that and had no room to relax.

Just thinking about it, Aris felt like her bottom was already wet.

She wanted to see the face again and again.

However, it was time for Leon to come soon, so she had to make an appointment for the next one.


“Next…… Can I come again”

Evan grabbed Aris’s wrist and held her in his arms.

“It could be now, not next time.”

“No! Not today!”

“Then when”

“…… When can I come”

“Every day.

Whenever you want to come.

Day or night.”

“What are you going to do if I come when everyone else is around”

“I don’t care.”

It was Aris who was rather embarrassed when Evan spoke with a really casual face.

What was he going to do if they get caught

“Then I’ll come tomorrow.”

Evan, who received a satisfactory answer, was satisfied and let Aris go.

Aris raised her body, hesitating for a bit, and then she pressed Evan’s lips with a kiss.

She kissed him and ran out of the room.

Evan grabbed the pillow that Aris had been sleeping on and buried his face in it for no reason.

For some reason, he felt like he was going to fly away as he felt he had a relationship with her.

Immediately, the scent of perfume that she used permeated from the pillow he held in his arms instead of Aris.

Evan didn’t know when tomorrow would come and decided to go to bed early tonight.


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