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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (7)


Evan looked at her with eyes full of anticipation.


As soon as Aris mentioned Leon’s name, the light disappeared from Evan’s eyes.

Even rabbits who leave their senses at home should know this.

If she says ‘I’ll call Leon’ here, it would mean she wouldn’t see anything good.

“…… Can I ask Brother a favor before Leon returns”

“Yes, you can ‘get out’ from ‘my room’.

There is no need to wait for Leon to enter the palace.”


Leon is also busy with work.”

Aris couldn’t help but look straight into his eyes and couldn’t speak, so she dug into his arms.

‘Did you just narrowly pass’

Aris was just trying to comfortably talk because she would ask her brother once again and she said that Leon would help her.

But when she saw Evan’s reaction, it seemed that she should never tell him what kind of conversation she had with Leon.


Aris rubbed her cheek against his chest where she was burying her face.

Evan had always pretended that he couldn’t win and accepted Aris’ request whenever Aris showed her cuteness like this.

Again today, Evan smiled and stroked her face.


“Thank you.”

Still, it was fortunate that her body was refreshed thanks to the effect of stretching in the morning.

And her brother did it yesterday too, and she believed he wouldn’t push her that far again today.

Aris closed her eyes with vain beliefs, and Evan came over her lips.

‘It shouldn’t be like this, but what if someone finds out’

It will be immediately burning in the social circles.

She couldn’t marry, and she didn’t know if her brother’s career path would be blocked.

But the timid feeling that she might be caught made her even more excited.

If she was really caught, it would only make matters worse, but in the corner of her heart she had the belief that she wouldn’t be caught because her brother said it was fine.

“Me too.”

The two took off each other’s clothes as they kissed each other.

Evan untied the ribbon of Aris’ indoor dress, and Aris undid the buttons on Evan’s shirt one by one.

Still, unlike Evan, who skillfully took off her dress at once, Aris had to unbutton with trembling hands, and it still took a long time after Evan made her naked.

“It’s my first time too, so I can do better next time.”

“Sure, try again next time.”

Aris nodded thoughtlessly, but Evan was thrilled with a sense of exaltation that he had received the promise that she would take his clothes off again after she was done.

There is no such thing as undoing a button and just ending it there.

“It’s done!”

Aris fluttered and smiled brightly as she boasted of his clothes she had successfully stripped off.

At the last moment Evan grabbed her lips and devoured them, and while Aris took his tongue while out of breath, he took off his clothes and threw them away.

Then he took one step at a time and made her take a step backwards.

Eventually, her legs got caught in the bed and there was no place for her to retreat, so Aris sat down on the edge of the bed.


Evan knelt in front of Aris, lifted one of her legs and climbed up to kiss her from her toes.

Aris flinched at the tickling feeling, but he didn’t stop, she was just adorable.

As Evan’s lips moved up the line of her legs, Aris’s soft legs brushed against his shoulder.

When he finally kissed her on her immaculate thigh, the love liquid was flowing from her, who had already been filled with expectations.

“Did you like doing it with my hands, or did you like it with my mouth”

“…… both.”

“You are greedy.”

Evan giggled at her and licked the love liquid that was flowing from her.

Then he shoved his index finger into the moist hole between her legs.

“Huhk, brother…….”

Aris unwittingly wrapped the leg that had climbed over Evan’s shoulder around his neck in a pleasure she had never gotten used to.

Evan’s tongue, wgo buried his face deeper between Aris’s legs, pressed against her clitoris, and her waist trembled.

“Ahhk, uhk, go, good.”

“It’s nice to be honest.”

Evan pokes one more finger in her as if giving her a prize.

Aris was more easily swayed by the pleasure because of her noble blonde brother, kneeling between her own legs.

Aris knew that there were countless women who wanted to kneel before her brother.

But Evan was kneeling between her legs.

No one would ever know that the ascetic duke licks his sister’s love liquid and strokes his cock.

“More, do more.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the fingers went deeper and crossed, stimulating different places.

Moreover, when he licked, sucked, and stimulated her clitoris at the same time, Aris could not withstand it.

Aris, who now had a gut feeling that she would reach her peak, waited for the pleasure to come before her, while bearing the pleasure Evan gave her.

“Huhk, br, brother”

However, contrary to her expectations, Evan withdrew his hand from the hole in which Aris’s love liquid was flowing.

And while he was waiting for her to be ready, he rubbed his cock into the entrance of the vagina and smeared her love liquid, which was dripping down, on his glans.

“Can I put it in”

“I didn’t bring my ring!”

“Don’t worry.”

Evan took the ring from the bedside table and placed it on her finger.

It fit right into Aris’ finger.

She thought she must have ordered more while buying her jewelry.


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