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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (6)

Her brother was a gifted person who graduated from the Academy with the highest grade.

Such a brother has a question, and he asks if she can help!

But Aris soon thought soberly.


Can I answer Brother’s questions”

“Of course.

Only you can answer it.”


“I want to ask you a few questions.”


Tell me.”

Evan passed his office as if it was too natural, opened the door to his bedroom, and brought Aris into his room.

She was surprised that Aris had entered her brother’s private space.

Evan was too conscious of Aris when she was a little taller, and had to bar her from entering.

“Usually, even if I wanted to go in, you wouldn’t allow me! What did you bring me here to ask”

Evan smiled and pulled Aris’s hand toward him to hold her in his arms.

Surprised by the sudden closeness, Aris unknowingly raised her head and looked at Evan.

Then Evan lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.


Aris didn’t answer, and looked at him.

Until yesterday, to satisfy her own curiosity, Brother Evan acted as if he was a gigolo, but now there was no need.

Evan looked into her eyes and closed the door with his back on it.

“The first question I would like to ask is yesterday…… Does it hurt”

“Um, well, that’s not it.

But it was very painful.”

“Yes So, the second question I would like to ask is, usually it hurts only the first time, but what do you think it will be like when the pain disappears”

Aris thought carefully.

When she was with Brother yesterday, it was terribly painful at first, but then felt better.


To the point where she wanted to lose her mind.

‘What if the pain disappears’

She thought about what she had done with her brother yesterday, from the beginning to the end.

Embarrassingly, it was incomparable to her fingers when her brother licked her.

She, of course, preferred to put his fingers inside to stimulate only the part she felt.

After that, there was a crazy pain when her brother came in, and every time he moved, there was a huge pain and a pleasure buried in her memory because the pain was so intense.

She remembered that she felt more pleasure when she climaxed with her brother’s thing than when she climaxed with the fingers.

But if she had to endure the pain again to feel the pleasure, she would be a little hesitant.

She had rushed to do it because she didn’t know before, but now she knew all too well.

‘But if there’s no pain…… ’

Without the pain as if she was split in half as if she was a firewood

Of course, if it has only pleasure left, it is normal to feel good, but not only pleasure, but also the guilt of mixing her body with her brother.

No matter how much he admired her brother, he was her brother.

Others might envy someone who would spend the night with her brother, but they were sure to point a finger if she said she did.

“I’m worried that other people will find out.”

“What do you mean”

“Brother and I…… to have done that.”

Evan almost laughed at Aris’s words.

Of course, he has no intention of letting Aris mix her body with a gigolo, but for her to speak with the assumption that she mixes her body with him as if it was natural .

“I will not let them know.”

Not yet.

Unless he’s done all the preparations.

“…… How are you so confident”

Evan smiled softly without saying anything.

On the contrary, it felt much more stable than if he gave a certain answer.

“If other people don’t know, I think it’d be nice if it didn’t hurt.”

What she did with her brother, and the act itself.

Because her brother was the nicest person he knew.

When she was young she had vowed several times that she would marry her brother without knowing anything.

“Yes, so I’m curious.

How will it feel when you do it the second time”

“…… What if it hurts”

“I’ve heard that a woman got hurt the first time, but I’ve never heard of a woman getting hurt the second time.

I’m sure there isn’t any at all.”

Aris also recalled her memories of talking with the young ladies.

It hurts at first, but that’s all.

But it hurts unless she does foreplay properly or when she really wanted it to hurt.

Come to think of it, there were no stories of pain every time they did it.

“I think Brother is right.”

As Aris felt, Evan’s words were very convincing.

Because her brother is a gifted person who graduated from the Academy with the highest grades, and he was already smart enough to become an entourage to the emperor at a young age.

Aris’ belief in him was almost religious.

So she believed she wouldn’t get hurt and wanted to try it again.

She felt good when her brother or Leon did it with his fingers, but it felt even better if her brother’s thing didn’t hurt.

“Then I want to try one more time…….”

Hearing her words, Evan smiled brightly.

She felt that she had become a very special person when she saw his smile that other people said was difficult to see only when she was alone with him.

“To call a gigolo…… I think it is absurd.”

“I’m glad you and I have the same thoughts.”

Aris almost got goosebumps when she saw Evan, who was smiling brightly, suddenly turned expressionless, so she changed her words.

He had a calm face, but he didn’t think it would be strange if he killed a single person.


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