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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (3)

“Huhk, Bro, Brother Evan, Uhk!”

Every time his tongue licked up her clitoris, a watery voice rang out.

As Aris’ voice rose and struggled, Evan grabbed her by the ankle and folded her legs so that her thighs and calves were touching.

Aris was embarrassed of her body as her own waist was lifted and her secret place revealed under the sunshine.

“I am ashamed of this position…….”

“But you’re struggling so much there’s nothing you can do about it, isn’t it”

As Evan licked up her clitoris again with satisfaction, her love juices welled up.

“Ahhk, ah…… uhk, Bro, brother.”

“Yes, Aris.”

“Go, good.”

Evan smiled deeply and brought Aris’s hand, which was holding the sheet, to her ankles.

“Then hold on tight.

Don’t ever let go.”

Aris grabbed her ankles with both her hands to keep her legs from moving, just like Evan did.

Evan saw Aris waiting for him with her legs spread out in front of him, cooper fluid gushing out of his cock.

The first time will be painful.

So he had to not rush and let her loose as much as possible.

Aris was supposed to be held in his own arms today anyway.

Evan’s tongue entered Aris’ small hole and dug through the entrance.

Enough of the slimy liquid flowed out.

Aris felt more sensitive when Evan licked her clitoris than when he licked her inside.

Unaware of this, Evan licked her clitoris again.

The pitifully pouting hole accepted his fingers effortlessly.

Evan soon slid one more finger in her and crossed the two fingers.

With each movement of the fingers, there was a squeaking sound, which gradually grew louder.

“Huht, heuuht!”

Soon, a coquettish voice came out of Aris, Evan’s heart pounded as he saw his sister, who knew nothing, was drenched in pleasure.

As he scraped her vaginal walls, alternating between the two fingers, as if stroking a cat’s back, Aris, engulfed in pleasure, let go of her ankle she was holding on to.

“Aris, didn’t Brother tell you to hold it”

“But, but…….”

In Aris’ big eyes, there were tears from pleasure.

With wide-eyed eyes, she looked pitifully, pleading with her brother, but to the contrary.

The word sadistic was engraved in the heart of her brother, who has always been kind and affectionate.

Evan folded Aris’ legs and this time had her arms tucked inside her knees.

“It was wet enough, so I think I can add another one.”

“What It doesn’t go in like that!”

Evan ignored her words, shoving his fingers in and moving it back and forth.

“What do you mean not going in”

Rather, she squeezed his hand tight and she was driving him crazy.

Based on the previous experience, Evan concentrated and pressed the part where Aris’s voice rose.

Then Aris shook her head as if she couldn’t stand it, and shook her back unknowingly.

“Ahht, brother, huuh.”


“Hahk, its, it’s good there.”

“Yes, here.”

As Evan pocked one part, the other hand pressed against her clitoris in a circular motion.

“Ahhk, uhhk, no no, heuk!”

“What do you mean no”

An opaque love juice was already flowing from below Aris.

He couldn’t be fooled if she said no while feeling this way.

Aris begged him to stop several times, but Evan knew that her ‘stop’ didn’t really mean ‘stop’.

If he stopped at this point, he shouldn’t have even started.

“Ahhk! Uh!”

Not long after, Aris’s back was bent enough to rise off the bed, and she reached the climax.

Evan, who watched her with satisfaction, took Aris’s hand from her leg and kissed her on the back of her hand.


Aris knows enough that she’s pretty, and it’s not the first time she’s ever heard that praise, yet her heart pounded.

Is it because of the afterglow that she has reached her climax once, or is it because of her older brother whom she has admired since she was a child Aris was holding her breath under Evan’s kiss.

She seemed exhausted and wanted to rest for a while after reaching her climax.

She looked at her brother and let go of her hand that was holding her leg.

Her brother was sitting right in front of her, so she had to lay her legs apart with him between them.

Then, inevitably, her legs ran past Evan’s thighs.

Evan, who had only touched her for a moment, had no limit, and immediately got on top of Aris.

A shadow fell over her.

Evan hurriedly kissed her like a madman.

And as if foretelling the future, he attached his thing to Aris’s abdomen and moved his waist little by little.

She wasn’t stupid enough to not figure out what his brother meant.

When the long kiss was over, Aris looked up at her brother, and said.

“…… I heard it hurts a lot.”

“You don’t want it”

Aris glanced at the ring on her left hand, and as if she had gathered her heart, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“…… no.

it’s okay.”


I was worried about what to do if you didn’t want it.”


Her brother, whom Aris knew, did not do anything she disliked in the slightest.

She followed her brother even more because he only showed what she liked.

“Even if you didn’t want it, it seemed like I couldn’t stand it.”

He has been patient for years now, but he could have waited a little longer if Aris really doesn’t want it.

He had already seen with his own eyes Aris weeping for pleasure, and he didn’t want to endure it anymore.

Evan rubbed his own cock into the liquid that flowed between Aris’ legs.

It was so satisfying to see Aris flinching and bouncing her waist every time that happened.

He was just wondering what it would be like to add to this reaction.

“Then I’ll put it in, so relax.”



“Do, do it so it doesn’t…… hurt.”

“I’ll try.”

At the end of his words, Evan shoved his glans into the narrow hole.

Even though he only went in a little, there were a lot of wrinkles on Aris’s beautiful forehead.

“Aris, relax.”

“Uhh…… hurts so much.”

A few tears welled up in the corners of Aris’s eyes.

It wasn’t something that happened because of the pleasure.

He caressed her so painstakingly so as not to do this.

Evan leaned over and kissed Aris’s lips.

Even though his cock entered and hurt, Aris opened her mouth as if responding to Evan.

In the midst of frantically coveting each other’s saliva, Evan diligently pushed himself in.


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