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Time of the Day He Does Not Know (2)

“Do you want me to stop”

Evan only asked her intention, but she had no intention of stopping.

The biggest reason was that she didn’t know when she would get an opportunity like this again, and then Leon’s actions were unusual.

There was no reason to throw Leon away for nothing.

‘Besides, the two of us went downtown together.’

That wasn’t a very good sign.


That’s not it.”

Aris, who was holding Evan’s waist, released her hand and hugged Evan’s back.

And she said, burying her face in his chest.

“Keep going.”

Evan thought he was really lucky that Aris wasn’t seeing his face.

If it wasn’t for that, his face, which had always been hardened, would have loosened and she would have found herself smiling.


Evan buried his lips in the nape of her neck and pulled the knot tied at her back.

How much he had imagined this would happen.

Of course, what he had imagined was to do it in the Duchess’s room on a dark night…… But What about during the day and what about at night It’s important to be with Aris.



“…… Your heart beats so fast.”


Aris smiled a little.

Evan was acting leisurely, as if he had a lot of experience, with an innocent face.

But in his chest, where she had placed her ear, his heart was beating at an incredibly fast rate.

As Aris pointed it out, Evan’s heart began to pound as if it was about to explode.

“Are you nervous”

“…… Yes.”

“Me too.”

When she realized that she wasn’t the only one nervous, Aris was relieved.

‘Yes, come to think of it, as far as I know, it’s Brother’s first time.’

After thinking about it, that was another problem.

‘Brother has no experience just like me, who is doing this for the first time in my life.

Can two people who don’t know anything do it right’

“Brother, I have a question for you.”

“Tell me.”

“It’s Brother’s first time and mine too, can we do well”

Evan was worried when he heard her say that.

He was worried that she might push him away even now and go to Leon, who has an unusually large amount of experience.

“Just because you’ve never done it doesn’t mean you don’t know anything, right”

“…… do you know”

However, the words Aris said now were subtly touching his self-esteem.


He can’t list every single thing he’s done to her in his head and in his dreams for all these long years.

Even if he listed just a few things, he was worried that the way she looked at him would change.

‘Even now, I’m trying to hold in what I want to do to her and try to suit her.’

There were too many plans for Aris and one the other hand it was her first time.

‘Still, this is unexpected…….’

“It’s okay! Even if my brother isn’t good at it, I won’t know it!”

“…… You won’t even know if I’m good at it.”



Is that good or not good Still, it was quite okay that she was the standard.

Her eyes were a little worried, but they weren’t not satisfied.

“Don’t think I don’t know anything.”

“Yes, I thought it would be true.

Brother, the night before…… What you do with your hands…… You could not have done that if you didn’t know anything.”

Evan’s mood fluctuated because of Aris, who constantly lifted him up and dragging him down.

Still, she praised him, so it was his job to live up to her expectations.

As he pulled down the shoulder of the dress Aris was wearing, it fell effortlessly to the floor.

Then he grabbed her and laid her down on the bed.

“I’m glad you said that.”

Evan unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

The well-positioned abs were revealed through the gaps in the shirt.

When Aris saw his figure, she had no choice but to swallow her saliva.

‘I thought he didn’t have abs because he was doing paperwork every day, but it’s amazing.’

He tossed his shirt on the floor, unfastened his leather belt, and his trousers landed at his feet.

‘Oh, right…… Leon was on the left.

Brother is on the right.’

Realizing that she was staring too closely, Aris hurriedly turned her gaze away.

She did the same with Leon, and she blamed herself for not making any real progress.

“Why are you turning your head after seeing everything you want to see”

“…… I got caught.”

“How can’t I not tell when you’re staring like that.”

Evan laughed playfully and climbed on the bed.

Then he put his hand inside the slip she was wearing, took it off, and unhooked the hook of her bra, and as her coveted breasts escaped the pressure and returned to its place.

Unlike before, Aris only blushed her face, she didn’t panic and she waited for his action.


Evan called her name close to Aris’s face.

Seeing his gaze focused on her lips, Aris wrapped her arms around his neck.


As a signal of that, Evan’s lips touched Aris’s, and no matter who came first, they indulged in each other’s tongues.

The wet sound filled the room, and Evan, already unsatisfied to this extent, lightly rubbed her chest and rubbed the raised nipples.

Aris shrugged her shoulders at the unfamiliar feeling.

Evan soon untied the laces in her underwear that were covering her secret area.

And as his fingers went through the bush with the petals open, he noticed that she had already started getting a little wet underneath.

“Lewd Aris, spread your legs a little more.”

As Evan pushed Aris’ pale thighs, her legs spread helplessly.

He tried to caress her clitoris with his fingertips with the love juice flowing down between her legs, but he felt like it was going to hurt Aris because she still didn’t have enough love juice.

Without a second thought, Evan took a seat between her legs and buried his face.


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