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She pretended to be sleeping, so she couldn’t see her older brother’s, but Leon’s was so visible under the sunlight that it could barely fit into one hand.

So she moved her hand to try to hold it with one hand somehow.

Leon moved away as she grabbed it tight, when the tip of her own thumb barely touched the tip of her clenched middle finger, and moved away again.

When her fingertip touched it back and felt like it was all in her hand, she moved again several times.

She glanced at his face if Leon wanted her to keep still.


“Don’t stop unless you’re trying to kill me.”

Leon said it really seriously.

But Aris thought he couldn’t die so casually.

“Sister, hold your hand a little tighter.

Not at your fingertips, but as a whole.”

“Like this”

“Ha, really…….


Like that.”

Leon, drunk with pleasure, tightened his hand holding Aris’s leg, and her waist lifted higher than before.

Then her clitoris came into contact with his cock, and while Leon moved his waist in that state, the touched part rubbed and pleasure rushed in her.

“Ah, Leon, wait a minute.”


Because Aris, who had already reached her climax several times, quickly fell into pleasure again.

As she tensed up and tightened her hand, the penis in her hand swelled even tighter.

“Uhh, hua, more, do more.”

“Really, you told me to wait, you told me to do more.”

Leon’s hand, which was holding her waist, flicked her nipples, and moved his back quickly.

At his gesture, Aris’ hand that was holding the bed sheet trembled, her head bent back, and her voice went out.

It was her climax.

Leon also looked at her and shot a long, thin cloud of liquid from his cock.

He smiled contentedly as he saw his own cum wrapped around her chest and stomach.

“Wait, I’ll clean it for you.”

Leon took his clothes and went outside to bring a wet towel.

Aris lay still in the bed, waiting for him to wipe the traces of himself all over her body.

If she moved, the milky liquid would wet the sheets.

Leon, who had meticulously cleaned her breasts, stomach, and even her secret place, looked at Aris and opened his mouth.


Do you have any plans for today”

“I’m going to lay down in bed and roll around.”

“Then do you want to go to lunch together”


Although Aris did not have sex, she climaxed several times, making her body drowsy and sleepy.

However, if she only rolled around after doing her business, she felt like she would become trash.

‘If it was a real gigolo, I would have just paid money and said goodbye.’

It will never happen, even if she gives money to Leon, it will be meaningless because Leon will have more money from her.

Leon was the knight’s commander when she was one who lived on the money given to her by her brother at home.


I’ll get ready soon.”

Leon knew that he couldn’t win Aris’s heart just by mixing their bodies once.

Because a love for a body is just love for the body, and he couldn’t win a woman’s heart if he didn’t pour his love and sincerity into her.

So he had to go out and have a date like this.

“I’ll go quickly and get ready.

You can get ready slowly.”


Leon went to his room and took out his knights’ uniform.

He usually didn’t like wearing it because of the uncomfortable movement, but he wanted to show off to Aris.

He must have remembered what some courtesans had once said.

‘Lord Leonhard looks really cool when he wears a uniform.

Of course, the coolest thing is the face.’

Leon, knowing that normal women take a long time to prepare, waited patiently.

But soon after, he heard a knock on his room.

“Leon, are you ready yet”


As Aris in front of his door wasn’t disappearing, he ran at high speed and opened the door.

“Are you dressed up today Did you have an appointment”

“…… no.”

Leon felt sweat dripping from his eyes.

Compared to his well-dressed herself, Aris’s clothes were really…… It was comfortable clothes with the meaning of ‘going out’.

No, of course, no matter how comfortable it was, it was comfortable by the standards of nobles, and Aris was pretty no matter what she wore, but compared to himself who cared so much…… He really didn’t know he could put out so much without getting conscious of himself.

But he couldn’t help it.

There were many who coveted his sister even if it wasn’t him.

“Then let’s go.

I want to see some clothes while I’m there.”

“You don’t have clothes to wear”

So is that why she was wearing comfortable clothes

“No, it’s not like that, shouldn’t it be nice to dress up for tea time this week”

Then why are you going on a date with me….

“What are you doing Let’s go.

It takes a long time to choose clothes.”


He had no choice but to be content with going on a date with Aris under the guise of shopping.

The two went shopping together, ate lunch, ate dessert, and then went shopping again.

By the time they returned home, it was already a dusky evening.

Following Leon’s instructions, the servants in perfect harmony moved the numerous items they had bought that day to Aris’ room.

And when she arrived after being escorted by Leon to the dining room, Evan was already seated.

“You went out together today.

That’s special.”

“It was nice to go with Leon after a long time!”

“Did you like it What did you like best”

“It was nice that he carried all my things.

I should have gone with you soon.”

“Ah…… that.”

Leon, who was eating a delicious dinner as he was exhausted from the arduous shopping that was like a march, stopped his spoon.

The chef’s cooking skills are as good as ever, but somehow the soup seemed to have a bitter taste that he had never tasted before.

“And Leon bought me some clothes too.

It’s good to have a younger brother who also makes good money.”

As Aris pointed to her clothes and smiled, Leon and Evan’s joys and sorrows were mixed.

“Do you not have enough money”

“No, that’s not it.

Still, it’s nice to receive a present.”

“…… Let’s buy some jewelry that goes with your clothes tomorrow.”

“Brother will buy me!”

Evan smiled and nodded his head, and Aris’s face brightened.

Leon rushed in when his own hard work was about to go to waste less than a day later.

“I’ll go too!”


Isn’t today your day off and tomorrow is the day you enter the palace”

“…… Yes.

What about Brother”

“I am on vacation from tomorrow.

And since His Majesty is looking for you, go to His Majesty as soon as you enter the palace.”

Leon swallowed a curse inside.

It was strange no matter how he thought about it.

Even though he was the commander of the Imperial Knights, how can the Emperor immediately look for him as soon as he touched his sister

It was not so common for the emperor to look for him.


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