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During the discussion meeting for the food stall, Shiro-san’s voice echoed in my head…… and I knew a very bad situation would arrive.

This is quite obvious, but if Shiro-san gets involved in something, all heck will break loose.

Needless to say, it would be a catastrophe if she were to join us in setting up a stall…… Heck, even if she were to just join as one of the customers, her appearance at the Founding Festival would turn it into a worldwide event in itself.

And so, I should somehow persuade her……but how can I convince Shiro-san……

(Don’t worry, Kaito-san.

I also don’t intend to be a bother to Kaito-san.

This time, I have prepared a certain proposal…… deal.)

……Deal This is somehow turning out different from what I imagined…… but what’s that deal

(I was thinking of being involved in the opening of the stall by providing the ingredients for Kaito-san’s baby castellas.

In return…… I would like you to give me “the first baby castella Kaito-san made”.)

Fumu…… Arehh That’s more reasonable than I thought…… It would be quite helpful to have the ingredients ready, and the exchange for it was surprisingly light.

I mean, are you sure you really want to do it on those terms

(I don’t mind, but I have another condition.

I promise not to visit Kaito-san’s store during the Founding Festival.

In exchange, after the Founding Festival is over, please bring baby castellas to the Sanctuary, Kaito-san.

Of course, these are different from the baby castella we traded for earlier.

Just baby castellas you made at the stall for the Founding Festival.)

……This is really a pretty good deal.

At least, this prevents the fuss of Shiro-san showing up, and the terms aren’t difficult at all.

It would turn out to be a big deal if people knew that the ingredients were created by Shiro-san…… but if I don’t say those things to others, it’s not like the people would know about it, so that’s not a problem.

……Shiro-san, I understand.

Well then, I would like to ask for those conditions.


Then, please let me know when you decide what ingredients you need.)

The part that could unexpectedly be called the biggest problem was solved.

Thereupon, Tre-san and the others looked at me with curious expressions on their faces.

[Kaito What’s the matter, staring blankly into empty air like that]

[Ahh, I was talking to Shiro-san just now…… It seems that Shiro-san is going to provide the ingredients for our baby castella stall.]

[ [ ! ] ]

[Ohh~~ That’s amazing, getting Shallow Vernal-sama’s sponsorship would always be welcomed~~ As expected of Kaito, it looks like we can make delicious baby castellas with this!]

At my words, Tre-san gave me a thumbs-up with a bright smile, while Cento-san and Cien-san looked astonished.

[……Cento…… J- Just now, I feel like I heard something about Shallow Vernal-sama providing the ingredients……]

[U- Unnn…… Eh We will be cooking with the ingredients prepared by Shallow Vernal-sama Awawa…… T- This is quite awe-inspiring.]

Meanwhile, the twins seemed to be whispering about something, but I couldn’t hear them from where I was sitting.

Well, anyhow, it was decided that Shiro-san would provide the ingredients for us, but there are still some other ingredients I would like to use.

I would have to check to see if it would be okay in terms of quantity, but I was wondering if we could use the chocolates made by Nebula.

I thought of preparing two kinds of baby castellas, ones with regular maple and ones with chocolate in it, but I didn’t want to burden Nebula, so I decided to discuss this with her later and just continue with the meeting with Tre-san and the others.

After Tre-san and the others left, I told Lilia-san and the others that I was thinking of opening a stall at the Founding Festival.

[That sounds like a lot of fun.

I’d even like to join myself but…… I have to attend the ceremony and Founding Festival party……]

[Milady is a noble, so there’s no way around that.]

Lilia-san and Luna-san said with a wry smile, while Sieg-san only smiled with the same look on her face.

Well, Lilia-san is now a very well-known noble within the Symphonia Kingdom, so she will certainly have to attend the Founding Festival ceremony and party.

[Luna and I will be available, while Lili is at that ceremony and party, so if you want, we can go help out.]

[The two of us do check out stalls every year after all.]


However, at the words Sieg-san and Luna-san said afterwards as if it were a matter of course, the smile on Lilia-san’s face disappeared.

[……I’ve never heard of this before.

Luna and Sieg participate in the festival every year]

[Eh Yes, Sieg and I aren’t participating in the ceremony, and since we can’t enter the party hall, we would have nothing to do until after the Founding Festival party.]

[We have time until we return to meet up with you, so we just look at a few of the stalls around the royal castle…… the two of us go around like that every year.

I’ve already managed to buy a Teleportation Magic Tool this year, so I don’t have to worry about returning distance, so I thought we could help out in Kaito-san’s stall……]

[……Is that so…… Isn’t that unfair…… Even though I wasn’t able to participate in one of these at all……]

[No, of course, you can’t, Milady…… Lili is a noble and you’re the King’s little sister……]

It seems like she wasn’t pleased that Luna-san and Sieg-san were enjoying the festival without her, as Lilia-san looked like she was sulking a bit.

[……You two were enjoying yourselves alone while keeping it a secret from me……]

[I thought Lili would be tired after the Founding Festival parties, so we just went right back after each year’s festival was over…… Errr, Lili Then, why don’t we have a little look around after the Founding Festival party There are some open stalls even a little later in the day……]

[ ! Really That’s a promise, okay!]

When Sieg-san made that suggestion, Lilia-san vigorously responded.

Seeing Lilia-san’s reaction, which gives a slightly childish impression, Luna-san also let out a charming smile…… How should I say this…… Feeling how the three of them get along really well, I couldn’t help but smile as well.


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