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The sunlight is dazzling.”

Alyssa quickly turned around and moved her hand, which had stopped.

This is Alyssa’s secret.

She can’t tell anyone.

Alyssa handed it to Seidrick with a better result than before.


You can grill this and eat it.

Oh, I think we can fry the fish next time.”

“Is it fried in oil”

Alyssa picked up a new fish.

Now it seemed that the fishy smell of her fingertips had been cut off.

However, she couldn’t give up seeing the improvement little by little because it didn’t seem like there was no hope.


The person I know is the chef, and he said that.

The fried ones in oil would taste delicious.”


Alyssa nodded vigorously with her head.

The distance to the gardener seemed to be getting closer.

Did he think they’ve become close friends

So, her heart tickles.

The first friend in Alyssa’s eyes.

She overlooked Seidrick’s strangely weird actions.

He constantly emptied the garden; it was not clear where he lived or his aristocratic actions.

Maybe she knows but pretends not to know.

If she noticed the secrets that Sid was hiding, she would likely lose her one and only friend.

Again, Alyssa began to move his hand, ignoring the subtleties of the gardener.

Scales bounced around and shimmered like a halo of lights.

“It’s better than the first.

Oh, that’s good.”

Seidrick watched the scene for a long time.

* * *

As Seidrick predicted, Cruno thought insolently of his rejection but did not give up.

He sent another telegram.

It means to come to the hunting ground for even a short time tomorrow.

Next to him, a nobleman raised a question.

“Isn’t it better not to come”

“This guy doesn’t know anything.”

Cruno pulled his lips up.

There was a reason for this attempt to attract Seidrick to the hunting grounds.

That’s why he was planning today’s hunt from the beginning.

He hurriedly opened the hunting ground when he heard that Seidrick was in the capital.

“It is said that Cambridge’s youngest boy has been neglecting to practice swordsmanship because he has been fond of going outside.

He must be embarrassed.”

Cruno tilted his glass while listening to his friends’ conversation.

Is that all that

In the hunting ground, any accidents are nothing strange.

Even if his inexperienced hunting skills hurt Seidrick, no one will be able to say anything.

With excitement, Cruno emptied the large wine glass at once.

‘While we’re at it, let’s press him down’

That way, when he ascends to the king’s position, he will be a little less tired.

Cruno will finish what the king couldn’t.

As the king is aiming for the business of Cambridge, this will surely serve as an opportunity to expand his position.

It seems he feels better when he imagines Seidrick lying on his feet and begging for life.

He is taller than Cruno, and every time Seidrick looks down at himself.

How dirty it was.

He will pay for all that disgrace.

Oh, of course, he didn’t like the smooth face either.

Cruno’s fiancee, Sarah Eunivert, would also praise Seidrick’s appearance.

He would often have a terrible sense of inferiority when Sarah compares Cruno and Seidrick.

‘Lord Seidrick is tall, so he looks good with any outfit.

But… no.

I’m sure there will be clothes that go well with Your Highness the Prince.’

‘Lord Seidrick has a really wide shoulder.

He has white skin, and there’s a reason women love it.’

She used to say things that made people feel bad like that.

However, he couldn’t blame Sarah.

Interestingly, from a long time ago, Cruno has been carrying Sarah in his heart.

She is the famous daughter of Count Eunivert, she is well educated, and she knows how to laugh elegantly.

The perfect candidate to become a queen.

Fortunately, the royal family and Eunivert agreed to marry the two, but he doesn’t know when Sarah will change her mind.

Happiness won’t last long even if he gets married with his heart.

‘It’s all because of the cheeky Cambridge stuff.’

So when Seidrick was going to marry Alyssa, he was delighted.

‘The lowly things have to get along with each other.’

Sarah seems to have to realize that, but she doesn’t know it yet.

However, as she enters the royal family and lives, she will learn how useless Seidrick is.

If you have white skin, it means you haven’t been able to go out in the sun, and it must mean that he’s never caught a sword before.

Sarah should look when he’s struggling on the hunting ground.

It’s a shame that she doesn’t even take her steps in places like this.

Still, if Seidrick is hurt and Cruno is fine, wouldn’t it look a little different

Cruno smacked his lips.


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