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Sasha’s footsteps were heard running from behind, calling her.

She puts on a thick cloth over Alyssa’s body, which is as dry as an old tree.

Because her chest was stuffy, she walked as far as her feet touched, but it seemed like she was outside.

“I just wanted to feel the wind.”

“I’m sure you said you were fine… What is wrong with you I’m dying, madam.”

Sasha hugged Alyssa, muttering with a trembling sound.

Her master, who was seen from a distance, seemed to fall through the sunlight, so her tears rained and flowed down.


Alyssa snapped her lips.

A new hot breath flowed out of the white lips.


She thought it would be okay to have a break with the sunlight like this.

Alyssa patted Sasha on the back of her hand.


I just wanted to breathe cool air after a long time.

Let’s go in, Sasha.”

Sasha quickly nodded her head.

“Yes, yes.

Go in.

I’ll give you the egg porridge you like, and I’ll give you a lot of delicious things.

When you are full, sleep well in a warm place.

After that, you will get even better.”

Will that change the hell she lives in

However, Alyssa nodded her head.

Not now.

This was a time when even Alyssa’s death could be a nuisance to Cambridge.

The royal family would blame Cambridge if anything went wrong with Alyssa.

Until her death, she could not be a nuisance to others.

Alyssa’s purple eyes shone so darkly.

‘The royal family should disappear.’

For this country and its people.

The royal family, who’s rotten to the roots, had no more salvation.

A king who is only eager to increase his life, and a queen who only pursues greed.

And the incompetent successors.

There’s no hope, is there

And although the royals don’t understand, Alyssa knew the power of the pen.

Such a force that can shake public opinion and move even the temple.

Even if the initial start was weak, it could shake the country.


I have to write.”


What do you want to do.”

What she was going to write this time is not a bittersweet autobiographical novel.

Alyssa was trying to write this time that started with a piece of paper and will permeate this country like rainwater seeping into the rock.

It is the royal family that raised Alyssa in this way.

It is also the royal family that gave her this power.

Now the royal family was about to pay the price for all the mistakes they had made.

The wave that Alyssa will bring to this country was just beginning.

* * *

After Kendrick’s death, he succeeded in solidifying the foundation of the swaying Cambridge.

She knew nothing about Seidrick, but she could only be sure that he’s not a weak person.

He is a person who will somehow achieve what he has decided on.

After Alyssa read the magazine articles, she covered the magazines.

Blinking her stiff eyes, she exhaled a long sigh.

When will she be able to meet Seidrick He’s been avoiding her.

He stayed in the same mansion, and she couldn’t even see an inch of his hair.

Alyssa raised her body slowly.

The garden, which was now wholly colored by spring, was shining brightly as if it had been painted, unlike Alyssa’s heart, which is becoming increasingly lonely.

After countless times of hope and despair, she felt like her soul had been bleached.

“Would you like to go for a walk Can I get you ready”

Sasha asked, instead of arranging Alyssa’s desk.


Alyssa shook her head quietly.

Today was a good day just by looking at it from a distance.

The flower pots on the window of Alyssa’s office seem to shake like the leaves of a baby palm tree.

These were the pots that Seidrick sent from the south.

Alyssa carefully touched the leaves.

It felt as if their warm energy penetrated deeply into Alyssa.


Alyssa held her breath without an answer.

The flower, which had begun to bloom early, was dropping one or two petals that had been in full bloom.

It’s like Alyssa.

Living her own time away from others.


Shall we dry the flower tea after picking the petals this spring So we can drink it in the fall.”


Let’s do it, madam.”

Alyssa smiled softly.


It was a static answer.

Sasha’s heart shrunk thanks to Alyssa, who looks like a still life.

It was a figure that felt cool.

For whatever reason, Alyssa was changing little by little.

But it wasn’t just happiness.

Somehow, like a person preparing for the end.

It was reflected in Alyssa’s figure.


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