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“Thats why the queen sent a summons yesterday, and the Duke refused.”

Sasha said to Alyssa, who looked strangely happy.

Alyssa nodded her head.

Seidrick forcibly cut the string that she could not break because she was afraid or regretful.

‘Hes still my husband…

Alyssa bit her lips.

As her mind gradually returned, she realized that this was not something she would be pleased with.

Before she went to the garden, she apparently had scoured Seidricks office and messed it up.

Moreover, the card the queen was holding was for Alyssas mother…

Her face turned white.

Her feeble fear rose.

Maybe, very likely.

What if Seidrick learned that Alyssa was scouring his office and was angry and barred her from going out What if it wasnt meant to protect her but to punish her

Alyssas raised head bowed down.

Her little heart began beating with fear as a person who had never been protected.

It was hell, then it was heaven, and it was hell again.

Her mind shook endlessly, and even her head was all over the place.

Sasha also looked at Alyssa, who suddenly became pale, and Sasha became white too.

“…Did… did the Duke have any other words”

“Ah! There was.”


“There was a message saying that if you have anything you need, please tell us anytime, and I hope that you will take care of your heart and restore your health.”

Alyssas body ran out of power.

She thought she knew for some reason.

Seidrick covered everything he knew.

She seemed to know that he was putting Alyssa under Cambridges protection and pretending not to know what she was trying to do.

Seidrick knows that the royal family is aiming for Cambridge.

It seems that her head is clearing now.

She had a hazy head when she heard the queens story.

Alyssa bit her mouth and thought Seidrick Cambridge is not an idiot.

He was a smart man, even if she put together the things she had heard through the rumors.

He must be careful and be careful again, as he will never be beaten by the royal family again.


This is Alyssas guess, but he may have planted a man in the royal family.

Its an arrogant royal family.

Besides, it was likely that the king would have put pressure on Seidrick as he pressured her.

Alyssa concluded.

Seidrick knows everything.

‘…Why are you kind to me, Seidrick.

He is kind even in a strange corner, anytime he goes around avoiding herself.

He made her a wife who doesnt even know her husbands face.

It is the first time that the world felt warm to her.

However, she still thought that way.

The idea that she shouldnt bother Cambridge anymore.

The idea that she shouldnt let those good people carry her burden.

“What do you think Do you think the Duke has crossed the line”

Sasha asked very carefully.

Alyssa is a princess, no matter how.

It deserves to be displeasing enough for someone to impose sanctions on Alyssas actions.


Rather I appreciate it.

Thanks to Sasha, its better not to go than to go to the royal family and stand up like a sack of barley.”

“If so… then thats fortunate.”

Sasha bowed her head.

Seeing Alyssas smiling face made her feel relieved.


Itd probably be better.”

But she wasnt just happy.

What did Seidrick give to steal her away It is Cambridge, which the royal family has already hated.

He must have paid some price to get Alyssa out of the queens grasp.

‘Somehow, because of me…

Could he have given up the iron ore business


Her mind got complicated.

But Seidrick, who can answer the questions from Alyssa, will not meet her.

As it always has been.


“I have to meet him…”

Alyssa jumped up.

She will ask and hear what the hell he offered.

If hes not, shell ask his secretary.

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It was a long week.

It doesnt seem like he has been to the castle as often as now.

Instead of preventing the queen from doing evil to Alyssa, the king demanded a stake in the iron ore business and the shipbuilding business.

Where did they hear the introduction of the new concept of investor

Indeed, people scattered all over the place would be the ears and mouths of the royal family.


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