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Ophelia opened the door of Seidricks office.

As expected, her second brother returned and was sitting down in a hazed look.

“Ophelia, its been a long time.”


Seidrick, did you go to the garden as soon as you came”

Ophelia smiled and sat on the sofa.

“Hmm… I went to see Gilbert.”

“What did you bring there”

“I caught a fish.

After fishing for a long time, I felt good.

Why dont you go there often too Mona also wants to see you.”


But did you bring just that”

Seidrick glanced at Ophelia and sighed.

“I heard that you are with Princess Alyssa.”

“What happened today”


“Nothing to say”


“Shes not a bad person.

Alyssa, she has never been a bad person.

She is working hard for us.”

“I know.”

“But why are you avoiding her so much”

“…You said she was a good person, and I dont want to hurt her.”

Ophelia bit her mouth.

She thought she knew what Seidrick was saying.

Cambridge knows that Alyssa isnt a bad person.

But many people still blame her.

They needed someone to do that, but…

“Looking at Princess Alyssa, I cant help but think of Kendrick.”

Yes, its probably because of that.

Kendricks shadow comes to mind when looking at Alyssa.

No one in Cambridge can think of Alyssa and Kendrick apart.

And it led to the coldness towards her.

Even Ophelia often sees Alyssa and thinks of Kendrick, but how would she tell Seidrick not to do that

Ophelia lowered her head.

“…But… she is a nice person.

I cant believe her to be a member of the Avery royal family.”

Seidrick rolled his eyes to his sister.

She stubbornly hated Alyssa, but now she is like that.


Alyssa was frugal, caring for others, and knew how to think about other people.

Seidrick was also receiving reports of the good deeds Alyssa was doing.

“…I know.”

Seidrick replied briefly.

It just takes time.

Time to strip Kendrick from Alyssa.


Alyssa didnt think this birthday would be a bad memory because her first birthday in Cambridge was warmer than any of her birthdays.

These small and insignificant hints of warmth gathered, giving Alyssa the strength to endure.

That doesnt mean she threw away the idea that she had to leave Cambridge.

The concept that Alyssa should leave this warm place remains unchanged.

Alyssa brought the handkerchief embroidered by Alyssa herself.

She remembered that Mona liked this before, and it was the handkerchief she had made in her spare time.

She thought she would bring it back for the pancakes yesterday.

Obviously, because of her chronic anorexia, it wasnt easy to eat properly so she didnt empty all of yesterdays food.

It must have been thanks to Monas heart in it.

Fortunately, today she can go out to the garden while she has time.

Of course, Alyssa had few expectations as well.

Maybe she can see Sid.

“I will be back.”


Sasha believed that the garden has magical powers now.

So Sasha sent Alyssa with a very light heart.

The weather was getting better these days, so her clothes became more lightweight, so she thought it would be okay to stay a little longer.

As long as Alyssa smiles as she returns from there.

Sasha waved vigorously at her.


Alyssa went out to the garden, being sent off by Sasha.

First, shell stop by the hut and meet Mona…

If she strolls through the garden, she may meet Sid.

He didnt promise when he would be back, but…

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Sasha told her that Seidrick also returned to the mansion after a long time.

If so, she doesnt think hell ever meet Alyssa.

She wasnt an idiot.

It was enough to know that Seidrick was trying his best to avoid her.

She can guess why, so she doesnt want to blame Seidrick.

‘…I can see him when I get divorced.

Because they have to stamp it with mutual consent.

Alyssa slowly moved her steps into the hut.

Every time she takes a deep breath, her lungs seem to fill with the scent of spring.

Even seeing the sprouts with their heads out and the flowering trees that have just formed buds made her smile.


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