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Leons opened his mouth, after confirming to some extent that Seidricks body temperature had returned to normal.

“Did you go to see Kendrick”


He would be trembling with loneliness alone.

It looked so cold that I couldnt not come.”

“Kendrick has been lonely since the past.”


“Kendrick has always loved spending time with his brothers.”

“I dont have the right to say Im his younger brother.

I sent such a person alone.”

Seidrick muttered to himself.

The back of his kind and reliable brother was ringing in front of his eyes.

His affectionate voice when Ophelia persuaded him not to go, was also clear.

‘Ill be back soon, Ophelia, Im going to get married after all.

‘Everyone says this is their way to death! There is a lot of talk about the Avery royal family trying to kill the Duke of Cambridge! Please, brother!

‘Its not like that.

Ophelia, dont trust other people, trust me.

Seidrick, Ophelia and mother…

‘Okay, so come back on time.

Even with the blunt words, he returned it with a bright smile.

He was a generous and good person.

His loyalty to the Avery royal family and the kingdom was also high.

What price did Avery give to him

Even though he returned dead, even that death was being exploited.

It was then that he remembered a bride whom he had never made proper eye contact at the wedding.

“……What about Princess Alyssa”

It was the title that he chose as the next best option because he couldnt speak the words “wife”.

Anger rose in Leons eyes, who had paused for a moment.

Averys royal family, the king that forced his master to marry after the death of the former Duke, and the princess then came to Cambridge excitedly.

When he thought of them, he was on the verge of getting sick.

Leons replied briefly.

“She is in the room.”

Seidrick is keenly aware of the anger and hatred Leons have toward the princess.

Is that all It was obvious that no one living in this mansion would welcome the princess.

Nevertheless, he turned away from it.

Seidrick himself could not welcome Alyssa.

A woman who almost became his sister-in-law, and then became his wife.

A woman born of royal blood.

So Seidrick decided to put Alyssa on the edge of his mind.

But its hard to get his mind together now, so later.

Seidrick nodded briefly.

“Leons will do well.”

With the answer, he erased anything about Princess Alyssa, all of the tense faces that were shivering thinly through the bright platinum hair.

Leons changed the subject.

“When can Madam Juliana and Ophelia visit the cemetery”


Seidrick slowly raised his body.

Water droplets flowing down his hard body shattered like jewels on the water.

Seidrick, who had been sitting still for a while, said quietly.

“Is it up to me”

Unlike Seidrick, who married Princess Alyssa and became a royal family, Mrs.

Julianna and Ophelia were just nobles.

They are not allowed to enter the royal cemetery without permission from the royal family.

‘There is no way that the king will give permission.

It will depend on what Seidrick owes the royal family.

Or, move Kendrick as he pledged.

However, to bring Kendrick to Cambridge, there must be a good reason.  Eventually, he would have it set from the Avery royal family….

‘You son of a… 

He was getting sick of this situation as if the front and back were tightly blocked.

Seidrick sighed again.

“What do you mean by that”

“I do not know either.”

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Leons shut his mouth at Seidricks words.

His shoulders seemingly heavy and his tired expression hurt the old butlers heart.

“Im going down to the south soon.

I need to finish the iron ore business that my brother was trying to do.”

Money is essential when the royal family has something to ask for,

The royal family was full of vanity.

They valued what others saw, and every day expensive ingredients and alcohol went into the castle.

Even the table was made magnificent and full of pretentiousness on the delegation coming day.

The same was true of the Empresss jewelry box, which changes every day.  As a result, money was the best way to deal with the royal family.


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