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“I think it spreads that the madam told to pay the remaining money to the employees.”

Sasha whispered to Alyssa.

She was now looking into the hall where the banquet would be held and checking her shortcomings.

“Huh Why is that”

Alyssa tilted her head.

She had a higher education than anyone else in the royal family.

Is that all She studied all cultures and customs not only in this country but also in the continent.

The royal library became like her own house as no one visited.

As a result, Alyssa often showed a way of thinking that was more awakened than others.

Like now.

She was more self-aware of what other nobles and royalty would not think of.

Perhaps because they take it for granted.

“Im sure its because theyre grateful.”


Alyssa replied without meaning and nodded her head.

As if she had no idea that the gaze of the employees who saw Alyssa had changed.

Sasha put her back straight with a smiling face.

She was proud of the fact that this is the kind of person she was serving.

However, that peace did not last long.


Alyssa turned her head at the voice calling her urgently.

These days, the strangely kind maid was running towards Alyssa.

She wasnt the one who would run around in the mansion for the prestige, but it seemed a bit urgent.

Alyssa covered the file.

“What happened”


“Exhale slowly.”

Alyssa smiled lightly.

She had a lot of face-to-face affairs, so it was a virtue that the maids face was familiar.

She looked at the surroundings and took a breath.

Then she whispered a little so Alyssa could hear it.

“…The queen is looking for the Madam.

A message just came from the palace.”

Is this what it feels like to have blood drained out Why would she be looking for Alyssa She handed the file to Sasha with her face still silent.

Worst of all, the royal family is vicious.

And worst of all, the one who expresses the viciousness has the highest power, and Alyssa has no power.

Alyssa did not have the authority to deny the royal order.

There would be no feelings of pity for bringing Alyssa in such a rude manner.

She just needs to move like a royal doll.

“Please prepare a carriage.

She told me to come in right now, right”


The maid replied with an unpleasant look.

Right now.

It was the first time she heard such a rude request.

She felt as if she had confirmed firsthand that the royal family didnt welcome Princess Alyssa, who was born as an illegitimate child.

However, as if Alyssa was familiar with it, she reacted insignificantly.

“Ill get ready and go down right away.”

If Alyssa did not respond to the call, she couldnt even get a grasp of how the most powerful royal family would move.

For nothing, she fiddled with her sweating back neck.

Even if she feels the anger as if her blood is swelling, she often gives up in the situation that repeats every time…

As a result, she came to the point of no longer expressing anger and hurt.


Meanwhile, Seidrick also received news that Alyssa had been called by the royal family.

He was just getting ready to leave.

He never visited the garden after he told the princess that he would not see her for a while.

He succeeded in erasing Alyssa from his eyes.

However, he was told that Alyssa called the carriage first.

Seidrick asked, frowning at his forehead.

“To the royal family What is it for”

“I dont know, sir.”

Pauline shook her head.

It was happening in the mansion, so she thought that Seidrick should know it, but he didnt even think about finding out more.

At Paulines sorry reaction, Seidrick swept his head.

There was some irritation on the seemingly leisurely touch.

‘She will refuse.

Of course, she cant force Alyssa to do what Seidrick cant do.

He sighed and asked.

“Did the knight go after her”

“Since the protection has been reinforced as commanded, plain-clothed knights are secretly following.”

“Thats a relief.”

“You need to go now.

Its already been delayed for more than a week.”

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“I know.

Well also prepare and leave.”

Seidrick nodded his head and glanced at the carriage moving away.

He didnt want to care for what Alyssa was doing, but he couldnt help it.

Pauline laughed strangely as she looked at Seidrick, who was giving his stern attention, with a puzzled expression.

Little by little, his feelings toward the princess seemed to have changed.



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