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“Ah, it doesnt work… Ah! Its out!”

Alyssa sucked the inside egg flowing down the broken part.

She thought it would be fishy,

but its savory and hot.

Alyssa blinked her eyes and smiled brightly.

“Its delicious!”

This place was like a treasure trove to Alyssa.

Early winter, when the pretty flowers fell off, there were many things to fill the emptiness within her.

The lights on the cold lake and the fallen leaves on the flickering garden.

In addition, even breathless lives endure the hot summer and face the cold winter.

And at the center of it was Sid.

A person who always seems to be the comfort of Alyssa at this place.

He just became precious without any meaning.

Alyssa gave the other egg to Seidrick.

“You can eat this, Sid.”

“I am fine.”


We have to share it.”

Alyssas eyes were shining like a light.

He couldnt help but accept the appearance of her giving the egg to Seidrick as if it were super fun.

Whats so fun about it

Seidrick sighed and took the egg to match Alyssas beat.

Seidrick swallowed the raw egg as Alyssa wished and swept his mouth.

The sweet and savory flavor filled his mouth.

“You ate it right away, Sid Wow.

We just shared food.”

Alyssa turned to Seidrick.

Perhaps because of her illness, her cheeks were smaller.

Since he was so close, everything was visible.

Alyssa was one step closer to him due to the excitement, and he avoided the approaching Alyssa.


Alyssa was hesitant about what she wanted to say and kept her lips rolling.

She has something to say, but she breathes out as if she cant because shes excited.

“Were friends arent we”


Seidrick once again swept his mouth.

It was a bitter word.


Its not anyone else, Averys Alyssa and Cambridges Seidrick.

He bit his lips.

No one in this Cambridge has a grudge against Avery as much as Seidrick.

After Kendrick died, he fell in front of the king, begging and begging for the return of his brothers remains.

What did the king do to him

‘He is a hero who has died of royal orders.

How could I treat him carelessly It is fitting to be buried in the royal cemetery and to honor him.

Even though he died without completing his mission.

Because I am merciful.

Mocking Seidrick.

‘Now, look.


Now, you inherited the Dukes seat It wont be all that bad.

Because you were pushed by your eldest brother and took a place you never dreamed of.

Insulting Seidrick.

‘It is time for Cambridge to face a new era.

Actually, Kendrick is a little out of his prime.

Its time to need a new tune.

Laughing at Cambridge.



Listen carefully.

This is not an easy problem.

Didnt Kendrick take the royal knights and fail his mission and die altogether Kendrick could be sold as a traitor rather than a hero.

Then what will happen to the other Cambridges

Threatening Seidrick.

Citing his poor family.

He hated the ones that had the name Avery to the point itll shake his teeth.

Nevertheless, the reason he felt sorry for Alyssa was that he saw the sadness and loneliness in her eyes.

Isnt she Princess Alyssa, who is called the royal devil

She said she was good and she didnt have trouble in Cambridge.

He sympathizes with her, knowing that she was also sold to Seidrick.

However, Alyssa is Avery.

She is Avery, a natural enemy of Cambridge.

‘Damn it.

Seidrick swept his mouth with his fingertips.

He couldnt turn away from Alyssa, who looked at him with watery eyes and desperately hoped for him to be a small friend.

Her face looked like him begging in front of the king.

Seidricks hand trembled.

At that time, how did he feel as he fell in front of the king and begged like a dog

‘I wanted to die.

I begged countless times to rather die than Kendrick, but it couldnt be me.

Are Alyssas feelings similar now

Seidrick nodded his head.

If someone had just held a hand to him at that time…

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He couldnt bear to turn a blind eye.

Although he cant really hold her.

“Yes, friend, all right.”

Alyssa smiled brightly.

With a face that is as bright as the sunlight.

Although Seidrick never noticed that it gave her the strength to live for a while.



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