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Alyssa looked up and stared at the colorful chandelier.

Sasha was the only one who welcomed her among the many people living in this large, ornate mansion.

The little hopes she had while marrying Cambridge were shattered and scattered.

She thought she could have a real family.

Even in the royal family, she was wandering like a floating island without ever belonging somewhere.

It was the same here.

Whenever she blinked, light poured in.

She couldnt hear Sashas voice calling her from the side.

‘No one welcomes me…

In the royal family, or Cambridge.

Unbearable sadness swallowed Alyssa.


Alyssa shed a bleak laugh.

Her favor became a dagger, digging into the chests of Juliana and Ophelia.

If she wants to feel a little better, she has to take ten steps back.

In the darkness where there is no way forward, Alyssa reaches out eagerly, wandering aimlessly.

Hoping someone can hold her hand.

Someone wants to be her family.

What she wanted was such a trivial thing…

A husband who can laugh and discuss things with his family while eating together… And sometimes, they take a walk together and drink tea with his brother-in-law and mother-in-law… Such trivial things.

The kind that ordinary people enjoy…

Alyssas body slowly collapsed.


Its horrible, really.

Seidrick, who had gone outside, was forced to return to the mansion because his schedule was tangled up in a mess.

Like a habit, he walked into the gate from the garden.

He roughly rubbed the messy shoes off the porch.

‘So it looks like they said they would go to the cemetery today.

Seidrick brushed off the lint from his clothes and stepped onto the porch.

Originally, he should be in the south by now, but he was on his way back because he couldnt cross the bridge that was flooded by the autumn rain.

He heard that he wont be able to cross the bridge for a week.

Thanks to that, his clothes are damp and his hair seems to smell too.

Seidrick swept his head.

‘Did Kendrick have a good time…

However, the atmosphere of the mansion was slower than usual.

He turned his head and looked at the mansion.

Strangely, those who caught Seidricks eyes are busy coming and going.

Ophelia wanders around the lobby with restlessness there.

“Whats happening.


Seidrick asked, handing his jacket over to the landlord.

Ophelia, who found him, ran and hugged him.

“Whats with you, Brother I thought you went South..”

“It rained and the bridge to the south was locked and I couldnt help it, so I came back.

But why do you look like that”


Ophelia hesitated and looked at Seidricks eyes.

“…Princess Alyssa has collapsed.”


Seidrick frowned.

Alyssas face, who seemed excited about going out today, came to his mind.

It shouldnt have been such a problem…

Rather, wasnt it something that would relax the hearts of Ophelia and Juliana

Seidrick rubbed his chin with his hand, creating fine lines on his forehead.

Ophelia followed him as he strides to the second floor.

“Thats… when I got out of there, there was Prince Norfe.

Mother must have been angry because the prince said something strange to me.”


Seidrick swept his head with a grim face.

The situation seemed to be drawn in front of his eyes even if he did not listen closely to what was going on.

The social world knew how unscrupulous Prince Norfe liked women.

He was also familiar with it, and it was obvious without needing to see what he would say in front of Ophelia.

His mother, who couldnt stand it, was angry, and that anger must have turned to Alyssa, who inherited Averys blood…

If the usual rational and sensible mother was so angry, it was worth knowing how unprecedented Norfe was.

Seidrick clenched his teeth.

It is the royal family that makes even fine people unable to be fine.

The anger and hatred toward Avery deepened.

Besides, if she could blow her fist on the face of her madman, who said she was accusing Ophelia…

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“Are you all right”

“I dont know…”

Ophelia replied with hesitation.

Truthfully, Alyssa did nothing wrong in the situation, which is why she felt guilty.

Seidrick pulled her hem and stroked his sisters hair.

Shes not a bad kid.

Just a pitiful child who lost her beloved brother.


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