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Caradella left the capital.

She didn’t say anything to the Revolutionary Corps, nor did she say goodbye to Dania.

She just did everything she had to do and disappeared like a person with nothing to see anymore.

They didn’t know where she was, but they didn’t even bother to look for her.

The Revolutionary Crops were absorbed into the royal family after Dania’s persuasion.

Most wanted to join the Knights Order.

Rather, it was a good thing.

Since the disintegration of the Knights Order, Avery’s central force was absurdly weakened.

Of course, that didn’t solve all of Alyssa’s problems.

She still had some homework to do.

—the huge homework of the temple.

Alyssa invited the high priests and the elder who presided over them.

“Ah, I can do well, right”

“Of course, Your Majesty.

As always.”

Dania said firmly.

Alyssa was doing fine, as if this was her vocation.

Plus, she took care of Cambridge’s work while she was busy.

Alyssa had a lot of work to do, but she was still young.

Ophelia was helping her partly, and Juliana was weak.

Alyssa couldn’t ignore them.

Dania gave Alyssa a massage on her shoulder.

“You can do it!”

“Yes, I can do it…”


Alyssa nodded her head and got her body up.

To negotiate with the people of the temple, she could say that she has significant power.

By the time Alyssa struggled with reality, Seidrick was also doing what he had to do.

As Pauline said it was an occupational disease, he was planning to operate a medical ship to transport people by sea, based on his great interest in the medical business.

The hospital director of the Kingdom of Belgium expressed his infinite gratitude for Pauline and Seidrick’s proposal.

“This has allowed our hospital to grow even further…!”

The hospital director said with a shocked expression on his face.

The medical ship departing from Avery received additional applications and was contracted on a route to the Kingdom of Belgium, stopping by other countries to pick up patients.

Of course, Seidrick wasn’t a philanthropist.

He had no reason to do this without profit, and the hospital offered him 5 percent of the future revenue.

It was an unconventional offer.

That is why the expectations of the hospital are high.


I’m happy to be able to contribute to society.”

Seidrick chuckled.

It was the smile of one who had regained his health.

He resumed his training while undergoing chemotherapy.

While the attending physician marveled at Seidrick’s monstrous resilience, he took care of his training so that he didn’t overdo it.

Thanks to that, his condition improved significantly.

The hospital director and Seidrick shook hands.

Pauline looks preciously at the contract signed by the two of them.

This was also one of the businesses that would become Cambridge’s income source.

No country has made such a medical advance as the Kingdom of Belgium, and Seidrick will earn more money through contracts with other countries.

Wouldn’t the royal family bear the cost of anchoring the ship and allowing patients to ride In Pauline’s eyes, the contract looked like a lump of money.

It was only after Seidrick had a small chat with the hospital director that he could get out of it.

“Is this over”

“You wish.”

Pauline said firmly.

“The King and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are waiting.

Your Excellency has recovered, and they have been waiting to meet you.”

“…they are tenacious.”

“It must be because Belgium is still underdeveloped commercially.

We will definitely offer good conditions.”

“…Yes, yes.

It should be, but… When can we enter the country”

“We will take measures so you can enter the country soon.”

Said Pauline, sticking her tongue out.

She knew he was looking forward to the day he could return to Avery.

Of course, she knows why.

“Will the king run away if we were a little late”

“No, he just wants to see you.”

Seidrick said as if he didn’t know that.

“……You look happy.”

Seidrick rubbed his cheek and nodded his head.

Alyssa did not leave.

She promised him a chance.

And Alyssa… She is opening her heart to him.

All of these were the factors that made Seidrick happy.

And he wanted to see Alyssa.

Transparent platinum hair and brightly sparkling jewel-like eyes; When Seidrick looked into those eyes, he felt like he had become perfect.

When he met Alyssa’s straight eyes, all his worries would be forgotten.

Seidrick’s pace grew faster and faster.

He quickly wanted to return to Avery.


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