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It was a fact that Pauline, who volunteered to take care of Seidrick and stayed by his side, knew better.

Seidrick wanted to love Alyssa so much that everyone else would notice.

She wanted to send him back to Alyssa’s side.

The doctor, who looked at Seidrick for a while, gently shook Seidrick’s shoulder.

“Are you okay now”

“… Did the surgery go well”

“You seem to be okay.

The operation went well.

Fortunately, the cancer cells have been completely removed, and now you only have to recover and go back.”

Seidrick slowly closed his eyes.


To go back to her.

What’s more rejoicing than the fact that his body isn’t ill is probably the anticipation that Seidrick will finally be able to see what he’s been dreaming of all along.

He seemed happy to see Alyssa from a distance.

She is such a precious person that he cannot even dare to reach her.

Tears streamed down Seidrick’s long eyes.

God was not always on Seidrick’s side, but God seemed to be on his side this time.

He wanted to thank the bloody sky for the first time.

‘I miss you.’

“I miss you, Alyssa…”


Alyssa realizes once again that her life is always cruel, but there is also good luck in its midst.

Because of Seidrick.

He recovered.

The news came that he was getting better day by day.

In a little while, Seidrick will board the ship to Avery.

Alyssa also rented an expensive magic ship for Seidrick’s party.

Rumors spread in social circles that he would return home after a successful job.

And Alyssa was also laying down an end to what she started.

A cup of hot steaming coffee was placed on her desk.


“Do it while drinking coffee.”

Dania smiled and stood in front of Alyssa.

Alyssa didn’t even think about hiding the manuscript from her out of embarrassment.

She hadn’t tried to keep it a secret from the beginning, but she was accustomed to it being a secret so far.

“Is it going to be over soon”

However, Danis spoke to her quite naturally, as she knew.

Alyssa’s eyes turned wide.

“You, you…”

“Is there anyone else who knows”

“Of course.

I know, Ophelia knows, and… Seidrick knows.”

Alyssa pursed her lips.

What she was trying to say, Dania noticed it first.

“I have no choice but to know.

We care so much about you that you can’t even imagine.”

Dania shrugged her shoulders.

“I wanted to know about you as much as I loved you, and after watching you, I found out.

The fact that you are that famous writer, Criminal.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you knew”

“You didn’t tell me first.

But it’s coming to an end… my mouth is itchy.”


Alyssa glanced down at the manuscript.

Alyssa never hid it from her.

Even when she was in the royal palace, no one noticed.

Even the handmaidens who worked closely with Alysa did not know she was writing novels.

Except for Sasha.

She knows why.

It wasn’t that they weren’t paying attention or that Alyssa was hiding it well.

They were simply not interested in Alyssa.

However, now it was different.

So she was found out.

It was pretty encouraging.

Someone cares about her and cares enough to know about her.

Besides, she pretended she didn’t realize because Alyssa didn’t tell her first.

It was obviously a consideration for Alyssa.

Realizing it was a feeling that warmed to her fingertips as if swimming in a mother’s amniotic fluid.

Alyssa is different from Clemore.

Alyssa’s fingertips traced the manuscript.

As Dania said, it was soon to be over.

She was putting an end to the novel, which started with Alyssa’s first thought to change the country.

As if she had put an end to the Avery royal family.

However, the novel and reality were so different that their conclusions were also different.

Clemore’s rest was in her death.

She had no one to hold her hand, and it was a series of situations that forced her to die.

That didn’t change even after Clemore took the side of Congress.

Clemore knew it would only stop after her death.

However, Alyssa’s rest was elsewhere.

Alyssa gained strength from Dania’s support and felt a sense of security through interaction with her family.

She felt serenity through Seidrick’s well-being.

A better value was created for her, Alyssa.

“Is it finished”

Dania asked.


“What do you think”

“I’m satisfied.”

Alyssa smiled brightly.

With the face who had all the burdens of her heart laid down.

Rest came to her too.


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