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Kallit had sent a letter to Columbia, Belgium, on behalf of Seidrick, and it appears that the hospital director received it safely.

They didn’t even tell Avery of Seidrick’s condition, so they thought there might have been rumors, but that wasn’t the case.

Even in Belgium, as Seidrick wanted, his condition was being treated as top-secret.

The military was informed that Seidrick was supposed to be visiting for business.

Seidrick quickly noticed what they wanted of him.

They may propose selling commercial ships or adding Belgium to the trade routes.

He only said that he wished for a speedy recovery now.

Anyway, thanks to that, Seidrick’s treatment was very good.

When Seidrick coughed, the nurse came running.

However, apart from that, Seidrick’s mood was gradually drawing a downward curve.

“I didn’t get a letter today as well”

At Seidrick’s question, Pauline shrugged her shoulders.

Unlike Seidrick, who sends a letter every day, Alyssa hadn’t sent a single letter.

Alyssa shouldn’t have any problems, given that Ophelia and Juliana are sending letters.

Seidrick walked through his room with a droopy face.

He had been waiting for Alyssa’s letter all day.

After all, there was only one thing that Seidrick could do here.

He reads a book or goes for a walk.

The Belgium doctor took the work from Seidrick.

The reason was that its stress could make Seidrick’s condition worse.

With Seidrick’s surgery date set, he should avoid it.

However, Pauline felt that Alyssa’s absence from writing a letter seemed to have a negative effect on Seidrick.

However, according to Juliana and Ophelia, Alyssa didn’t seem to have enough time to sleep in a day.

They have already delivered the news that the thin person is getting thinner.

They couldn’t urge such a person to write a letter.

Pauline clicked her tongue and turned her head.

Fortunately, that afternoon, after a week, the letter from Alyssa arrived.

Pauline grinned as she watched Seidrick’s expression brighten noticeably.

Was it that good

Seidrick opened the letter to whatever Pauline said.


It’s Alyssa.

[In the meantime, I’ve been doing well.

It’s the first time I’ve been so busy, so it’s awkward.

Fortunately, it is tolerable.

No, I’d say it’s much better than before My mind is definitely more comfortable than when I’m just thinking.]

Thank God.

Alyssa tended to worry about things that weren’t her share.

In fact, Seidrick had guessed that Alyssa would accept the absurd demands of the Revolutionary Corps and the Temple.

She was the kind of person who would rather have an uncomfortable body than an uncomfortable mind.

But even so, if Alyssa really wanted to run away from the situation, he was willing to help out wholeheartedly.

It was nice to feel at ease now.

Seidrick smiled faintly.

Not knowing that Pauline was sticking her tongue out looking at it.

[There is no problem here.

Oh, except for the royal family.

As always.

It’s going as we planned.

The king and queen began to feud.

The queen turned her back on the king.

I think we can talk about this in more detail later.

And your business is cruising.

The balance in Cambridge is getting bigger and bigger.

I think the route could be a little longer.]

Fortunately, everything seems to be going well as Alyssa had planned.

Seidrick was relieved.

Alyssa, who had decided to become king, made a meticulous plan.

Isn’t Alyssa the one who knows the royal family’s wealth better than anyone The royal family was left unarmed.


[I’m fine.

I’m still here.]

Seidrick covered his face with his palms.

Still here.

It’s not Seidrick who doesn’t know what those words mean.

Alyssa indirectly revealed that she was still waiting for him.

Seidrick, a month ago, had thought that Alyssa would be the same after he left.

Even though he knows she’s not the one to do it to Cambridge, who lost its head.

At that time, he was in a very extreme situation.

He couldn’t sleep every night for fear that Alyssa would disappear.

Alyssa still doesn’t say she won’t leave.

She doesn’t even say she’s leaving.

That was a little comfort for Seidrick.

Besides, it’s such a sweet letter.

Weak anticipation rose.

Although he knew it was harsh hope torture for Seidrick, Seidrick was willing.

Seidrick folded the letter neatly and put it in the drawer.

Inside was a pile of unused letter paper.

He couldn’t help but say the words he couldn’t write that lingered on the tip of his tongue.

I love you.

And I want to see you.

Those were the words he really wanted to convey.

Seidrick smiled bitterly.

No one can guess the end.

However, Seidrick was willing to bet with even the slightest hope.


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