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A summons order was issued to Alyssa.

This is the expected ending.

The king will plunder money from the queen, and the queen, who can’t afford it, will summon Alyssa.

However, the royal family no longer had the power to force her.

Alyssa threw the summons into the fireplace.

The seal of the royal family disappears in the blazing fire.

Alyssa watched it with a calm expression.

If they think Alyssa is still scared, she’ll be like the little girl who cries and follows.

She laughed at their stupidity.

“It’s still there, the royal family.”

Dania said and handed Alyssa the following letter:

“This is… an emergency report from Belgium.”

It was worth more than a summons from the royal family.

Alyssa quickly opened the letter.


It was Seidrick’s handwriting.

Fortunately, it seems to have arrived safely.

Kallit expressed concern about the long boat ride.

Alyssa rented an express ship for Seidrick and the others.

It was a ship that could reduce a month’s journey to a single day with the power of magic.

However, in the case of express ships, the cost of boarding one person was high.

It took a commoner class worker to work five years to earn money to carry one person.

This was because express ships had to be rented unconditionally.

Alyssa rented an express ship for Pauline, Kallit, and Seidrick.

It was a pretty big expense, but it was well worth it.

Seidrick arrived in Belgium unharmed.

Alyssa sighed in relief.

[I have arrived well.

Thanks for your consideration.

Belgium has a warm climate.

Besides, it seems to be true that the medical facilities are much more advanced than Avery’s.

Pauline says the hospital here is better than her home.

If Alyssa is worried about me, I think it’s okay to put it down.]

Alyssa quickly moved to the next page.

[Fortunately, Belgium’s doctor agreed to collaborate with Sir Kallit.

Since I am an Avery, he said that some of the medicines used in Belgium might not fit.

You don’t know how lucky I am that Sir Kalit accompanies me.

When I return, I plan to raise Sir Kallit’s salary.]

That’s understandable.

Alyssa agreed.

Wasn’t he the one who went to Belgium with the determination to take full responsibility for the patient he was taking care of

And that was the last page.

[Alyssa, are you okay It’s only been two days, but I’m curious about how you’re doing.]

And at the very end, it was written in blurry letters.

[Are you still waiting for me]

Underneath it was a signature written in Seidrick’s cursive handwriting.

Alyssa smiled softly.

How long has it been since Seidrick has been gone He seemed to be worried about all sorts of things, but Seidrick’s impatience wasn’t too bad.

It even felt sweet at first glance.

Seidrick was doing his best for Alyssa in every moment.

He wants to change her mind.

Alyssa was still fighting twelve times a day.

However, can this decision be deferred to a later date

After Seidrick returns.

She will not run away cowardly.

She will see Seidrick fairly and make a decision with him.

Alyssa folded the letter neatly and put it in her drawer.

“Aren’t you going to reply”

“Not today.”

Alyssa shook her head.


It’s not the gentle Alissa”

Alyssa shrugged her shoulders.

The reason that Alyssa was playing hard to get like Dania would expect.

Alyssa was just thinking about what she would write in her letter to Seidrick.

For now, she’s doing fine; she’s waiting for him.

There’s nothing else she can write.

It was not polite to send such a disrespectful reply after receiving a three-page letter.


As soon as it arrives, her heart seems to melt because of Seidrick, who wrote Alyssa a letter.

It was the only comfort in this difficult time.


Seidrick went to and fro in the hospital room.

Belgium gave him special treatment.

The head of the Columbia Hospital in Belgium and the military authorities stood in front of the port where Seidrick entered.

Avery’s Seidrick Cambridge was famous in many ways.

Rumors that Seidrick had succeeded in developing a commercial ship made waves around the world.

And all kinds of information about Seidrick was floating around the sea.

Also, the fact that Seidrick was a famous navy at sea.


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