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Alyssa slowly embraced Ophelia.

She realized what she was trying to say.

Put on noble clothes and stand in front of people so that no one can ignore Alyssa anymore.

Ophelia whispered.

“Wear the king’s color, Alyssa.”

Alyssa’s heart pounded.

King’s color.

“I will forever support Alyssa’s choice.

Whatever you choose.”

Ophelia said quietly.

“I’ve prepared a gorgeous purple dress.

The dress is gilded with gold leaf.”

Purple was the color that only the king could wear.

Among them, the noble purple, like Alyssa’s eyes, was chosen as the best.

Alyssa clenched her teeth.

“I prepared it in a hurry, so it might be lax.

But Dania and I…”

“Thank you.”

Alyssa said as if she didn’t have to say any more.

“That’s enough, Ophelia.”

Ophelia buried her head in Alyssa’s shoulder.

It’s her wedding, and she doesn’t know why she was crying so much.

Ophelia sniffed her nose.

“I will always be by Alyssa’s side.

So call me whenever you need me.



“Because I’ll be behind Alyssa…”

Alyssa nodded her head.

The wedding gift was supposed to be from Alyssa, but she accepted it.

Alyssa wears purple at official events and also in temples.

People will recognize Alyssa’s will.

It is the temple, not another place.

Ophelia decided to support Alyssa most effectively.

The main character of the wedding will be reversed.

Very naturally.


Alyssa took a deep breath.

Ophelia patted Alyssa on the back.

“I’ll get off first.”

The carriage door opened.

All morning and all day, the outfit shone.

The delicate jewels on Ophelia’s dress glistened in the sunlight.

Kaihan escorted Ophelia.

People burst into exclamations when they saw Ophelia in a white dress and Kaihan in a black tuxedo.


Alyssa stepped with her shoe.

It was a shoe in the shape of a golden peacock.

It was covered with fluttering purple silk.


A burst of exclamation broke out.

Alyssa was escorted by Seidrick and got off the carriage.

People were looking at Alyssa as if they had forgotten the main character of the day, who had just gotten off the carriage.

Alyssa took a deep breath.

Her white-blonde hair was raised high and adorned with a tiara.

A dark amethyst pendant hung from her necklace, which was tightly studded with diamonds.

Alyssa, adorned in purple, said to be used only by the king, shone like an amethyst.

“Princess Alyssa has finally made a decision…!”

“A new wind will blow in the kingdom.”

“The princess will save the kingdom.”

Alyssa walked among the people who looked up to her.

The girl who had been very miserable and sad was now walking in the clothes of a king.

The crying girl disappeared behind Alyssa.

A girl who was turned away from the world and curled up and cried alone.

Alyssa tightened her grip on Seidrick.

Here too, the queen’s spies will be hiding.

They’ll be talking to the queen about the clothes she’s wearing today.

Still, she wasn’t afraid at all.

Just like she kicked out Vanessa a few days ago, she can drive out the queen too.

The Principality of Seraphina will protect the queen, but this was the Avery Kingdom.

They will stop their intrusion and protect the intact Avery.

If she wants to do this, she has to do it right.

Alyssa smiled coldly.

Five years.

Alyssa intended to get the kingdom back on track within that time.

The heat of the wedding hall did not cool down until Alyssa sat down.




Alyssa turned her head to Seidrick, who blurred his words.

His sky-like eyes were trembling.

The tip of his lips trembles as he thinks.

After that happened yesterday, she thought she would not see his face because it was awkward, but now she is pushed by the situation.

Alyssa turned her head to the sudden thought of yesterday.

Her forehead seems to be burning again.

In Alyssa’s ears, Seidrick’s low voice fell.

“Don’t go too far.”


Alyssa turned her head back to the incomprehensible words.

In the sunlight, Seidrick’s innocent face looks hazy.

The only clear thing was the blue eyes.

Alyssa was inside it.

Seidrick said again.

“Don’t go too far… Alyssa.

Stay within my reach.”


“I’m leaving soon.

You’ll be high up there when I come back, right”

Seidrick contorted the corners of his eyes.


At least once…”

Alyssa took Seidrick’s hands, who couldn’t finish his words.

“Have a safe trip, Seidrick.”

She smiled brightly.

“I’ll be waiting.”

That was all.


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